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3GPP Statement on LTE Advanced status

A public statement has been issued by 3GPP’s Project Coordination Group (PCG), approved during their meeting on April 3rd, 2013.

The 3GPP Statement:

3GPP defines the standards for LTE, with the latest work focusing on LTE-Advanced, which includes all work from 3GPP Release 10 onwards.

3GPP recognises that in the marketplace a number of differing terms related to LTE are appearing. 3GPP reaffirms that the naming for the technology family and its evolution continues to be covered by the term LTE-Advanced, which remains the correct description for specifications currently being defined – from Release 10 onwards, including 3GPP Release 12.

The Partnership Project is working with its members and in coordination with the ITU Working Party 5D to be able to provide future guidance on how 3GPP LTE will progress in future Releases.

Release 12 Prioritization

September 11, 2013

A new video features the Chairmen of 3GPP TSG SA and RAN, talking about the prioritization process in Release 12.
Balazs Bertenyi discusses the importance of Public Safety features and Dino Flore talks about the RAN improvements for more network capacity and better cell edge performance.

Public Safety

Updated: July 2013

Delivering Public Safety Communications with LTE

Today there are two separate technology families for providing wide-area wireless communications: commercial cellular networks and dedicated public safety systems.

To provide the best service to both communities there is now industry support for greater use of common technology. Work underway in Release 12 of 3GPP LTE standards will enhance LTE to meet public safety application requirements.

New Opportunities for 3GPP in Rel-12

An objective look at the next 18 months work for 3GPP TSG SA has identified priorities for Release 12 and started the decision making process for what can be achieved by its completion - scheduled for June 2014.

The amount of time available to 3GPP to get features specified is always limited, so it is inevitable that member companies need to make difficult decisions on whether to put their resources in to one work item or another.

A workshop was held during the 3GPP Service and System Aspects (SA) 58th plenary meeting, covering the non-radio aspects for prioritization. However, many of the delegates stressed that it was important to keep both the 3GPP RAN and the 3GPP SA priorities in mind.

3GPP eco-system, a major plus for road traffic

October 31, 2012, ETSI's 3rd workshop on M2M communications

In his presentation on road traffic assistance based on 3GPP cellular technology, Philippe Dobbelaere made a favourable comparison between 3G & LTE and other wireless access standards for vehicles.

Although the work on Wireless LANs in 802.11p is key to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), the growing reach of broadband mobile networks could be a game changer, offering mass coverage, roaming, handover capabilities and security that are already in place and ideal for road traffic assistance.

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