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Marine e-Navigation over LTE

 October 4, 2017 (update)

22 819LTE and 5G systems will feature in a workshop dedicated to marine communication, with SA1’s Hyounhee Koo delivering an update on the status of TR 22.819 - the 3GPP study on Maritime Communication Services - due for publication in June 2018 and Erik Guttman, the SA Plenary Chairman presenting our broader vision on  future broadband communication via 3GPP systems.

The ETSI workshop, held in Sophia Antipolis (November 7-8, 2017), will specifically look at how capacity and data rates in maritime radio communication may be improved – to allow for ‘e-navigation’ solutions from 2019. There will also be discussion on how the Global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS), which uses satellite and terrestrial radio communications equipment to keep vessels in contact, could impact the ETSI and 3GPP standards work.

The two day event is free to attend. 

TCCA forms industry group with LTE and 5G focus

BIG inaugural meeting, September 1, 2017

The TCCA has just beefed up its work to ensure 3GPP-compliant products and services meet the evolving needs of all critical communication industries, including; public safety, transportation, utilities, and mining.

Their Broadband Industry Group (BIG) will be the place where vendors will meet “to accelerate the adoption of broadband critical communications based on latest 3GPP LTE standards”, according to the group’s Chairman - Philippe Agard of Nokia.

TCCA CEO retires amid plaudits for 3GPP role

July 21, 2017

Phil Kidner has announced his retirement after eleven years at the helm of the TETRA and Critical Communications Association. The TCCA is a Market Representation Partner in 3GPP.

TETRA became operational in the mid-90s being built on the ETSI standards and the TETRA Association’s expertise to bring it to market.

During Phil Kidner’s leadership the Association has been a major driver for the success of TETRA amongst Governments, Operators, Vendors and – vitally – the Users from the public safety and transport sectors.

LTE MCPTT testing

June 27, 2017
report mcptt3GPP Market Representation Partner TCCA has worked closely with ETSI to produce their first Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) test event, held last week in Sophia Antipolis, focusing on test sessions for mission-critical LTE equipment.
140 participants from 19 companies carried out over 1000 tests based on 3GPP, ETSI and IETF standards – with 47 of the test cases specifically developed for Release 13 MCPTT.

5GAA joins 3GPP

West Palm Beach, FL, April 26, 2017

“5G will be much more than mobile broadband connectivity, it will cover a variety of use-cases and industries” Dino Flore, DG 5GAA.

The 5G Automotive Association has today become a Market Representation Partner (MRP) in 3GPP, bringing in the influence and expertise of vehicle manufacturers and a variety of important companies from the automotive sector, to the 3GPP environment.

2017 04 5GAA 500px1Dino Flore, Director General of 5GAA, was present at the 3GPP Organizational Partner’s meeting in West Palm Beach today, to complete the signing of the Partnership Agreement.

The 5GAA application for 3GPP MRP status stated: “It is important to connect the telecom industry and vehicle manufacturers, to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services." Dino Flore told the 3GPP OP meeting: "The access part is vitally important and we will work on that with 3GPP. In addition to that, we will look at the other pieces required – including the work on upper layers (SDOs including ETSI-ITS, ISO, SAE and IEEE) and security aspects - to develop the system as a whole.”

A lot of the work is already happening in 3GPP, with an initial version of the V2X access specifications in Release 14 and active discussions to define next generation V2X capabilities on-going.

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