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Cell-to-cell interference between femtocells and the macro network not a barrier

A femtocell radio study, conducted by the Femtoforum, found that femtocells have the potential to deliver an order of magnitude more capacity than the macro network alone when used in dense deployments, even when occupying the same radio channel as the macrocells.

ETSI tests Network-to-Network Interface

The principal aims of this event were to evaluate Interoperability of IMS networks and to assess the quality of 3GPP™ and ETSI TISPAN IMS specifications.

GSMA to govts: Give us spectrum, beat the financial crisis

The GSM Association has used the looming global recession to call for the issue of more low-frequency spectrum to the mobile industry.

300 million UMTS subscribers:

6th October 2008, Mobile broadband industry association the UMTS Forum has confirmed today that 3G subscriptions to UMTS networks based on WCDMA technology have exceeded 300 million.

Industry Giants Unite to Deliver Mobile Broadband Future

30th September 2008, London, UK: Today, 16 of the world’s best known IT and mobile companies have united behind a GSMA-led initiative to create a new category of always-connected Mobile Broadband devices, delivering a compelling alternative to WiFi.

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