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Solving the Energy Challenges in Networks

3GPP founding partner ATIS have announced their latest live Webinar “Solving the Energy Challenges in Telecom Networks - Energy Efficiency IS Network Efficiency", which will go live on the 7th December 2010.

Good news on HSPA launches

A news release from the Global mobile Suppliers Association has confirmed the importance of High speed packet access (HSPA) networks to todays new generation of smart phones. The GSA reports that over 1000 new HSPA devices have been launched in the last year alone, creating a massive choice and an ever improving set of tools for users.

The GSA’s “HSPA Operator Commitments report “ gives details of these devices and of the expansion of HSPA to 370 networks in 151 countries.

LTE Compatible Commercial Mobile Alert System

October 15, 2010, Washington DC

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) has announced the recent completion of its standard for the broadcast of a Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) over LTE networks.

The ATIS Press release affirms that “LTE is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the communications ecosystem, particularly in the area of emergency communications...this recently developed standard – when fully implemented – will allow LTE-enabled devices to receive CMAS alerts during emergencies or natural disasters.”

The ATIS specification allows for the wider proliferation of CMAS’ 90 character text message emergency alerts and warnings and coexists with other ATIS CMAS standards, and those jointly developed between ATIS and TIA.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Attendees of the recent ETSI summit 'ICT – revolutionising the world of transport' heard how 3G and 4G networks will meet the needs of the transport sector.

Speaking at the conference, Takehiro Nakamura, NTT Docomo, 3GPP RAN Chairman, described how 3GPP Release 10 will include work on Machine Type Communications, which promise to be a major element in Intelligent Transport Systems.

He told delegates that the immediate priority for 3GPP is to provide early specifications for security, overload control, addressing, identification and subscription control.

Speaking on the same LTE Panel, Mike Short of Telefonica Europe O2 told the conference that telecommunication operators are looking closely at the opportunities in connected cars and connected street furniture, anticipating many applications for use in and by the car. The term "Internet on wheels" has been coined and goes part of the way to describe the possibilities.

Dr. Short called for ITS experts to be more present in 3GPP, so that ITS functionality is embodied in the communication standards as early as possible. He called for better co-ordination between standards, telecommunication operators and the transport sector.

4G focus for the Americas

3G Americas, a Market Representation Partner in 3GPP, has officially announced its name change to 4G Americas.

In their News Release "3G Americas Evolves to Next Generation" Chris Pearson, President of 4G Americas, emphasised the organisations' role as a voice to represent the 3GPP technology family.

“Even though 3G technologies will lead in the marketplace for years to come, the timing is right for the name change. 4G Americas will make great efforts for a mobile broadband community using the 3GPP family of technologies to transform communications for people, businesses and societies throughout the Americas,” he said.

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