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4G Evolution for Mobile Operators

A new White paper from 4G Americas focuses on 4G Mobile Broadband Evolution, providing an excellent study of the progress that 3GPP is making on Release 10 and looking forward to Release 11 of the standard.

There is also detailed information on the status of the ITU IMT-Advanced work and how 3GPP Release 10 brings LTE up to that bench mark. In this free White paper, 4G Americas also study the impact and enhancements to the HSPA specifications and future prospects.

HSPA+ is now mainstream, says GSA

January 26, 2011

Newly updated reports published by the GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) confirm the continuing strong performance of mobile broadband services enabled by HSPA-based systems across the world.

Taken from the GSA News Release...

The introduction of evolved HSPA systems – HSPA Evolution, commonly referred to as HSPA+ was the major trend in 2010. HSPA+ networks supporting up to 42 Mbps peak downlink data speed are market reality, and some operators are already preparing to introduce the next evolutionary step of 84 Mbps.

A billion connected devices by 2016, predicts UMTS Forum

The UMTS Forum has today predicted that as many as one billion Consumer Electronics (CE) devices will be connected to mobile broadband networks by 2016.

In a study entitled "Two Worlds Connected: Consumer Electronics Meets Mobile Broadband” the forum explores relationships between the CE and cellular industries.

They argue that while the market for connected devices remains embryonic, Consumer Electronics device connectivity will outstrip overall wireless market growth in the next five years. This trend is signalled by a wave of device categories – from e-Book readers to satnav devices – that are already starting to demand access to cellular data networks.

Read the UMTS Press Release about the study

GCF Certification for LTE Devices

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) has circulated the following Press Release to announce that it has extended its mobile device certification scheme to encompass LTE;

From the 16th December 2010 the GCF Certification process can be applied to LTE devices designed to operate in either the 700 MHz band or the 800 MHz European Digital Dividend band.

The 700 MHz band is currently being rolled-out in the USA (The 700 MHz band, 3GPP Band 13, is also known in the US as upper SMH block C) while deployment of the 800 MHz has started in Germany.

Work to extend the scheme to other bands is already well advanced; further bands could be brought within the GCF Certification scheme as early as January 2011.

3GPP Partner Announces Chinese TD-LTE Testing Seminar

Source; TD-Forum Weekly News, 7 Dec. 2010

A seminar focusing on TD-LTE is set to prioritise the next steps for Chinese R&D for TD-LTE test technology and test instruments.

As TD-LTE technology reaches the production phase, discussions will also take place on the development of the TD-LTE industry.

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