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RAN 5 and GCF ensure LTE interoperability

The Global Certification Forum has approved the first LTE mobile devices, using 3GPP test cases, as a part of a process that ensures that tested equipment will interoperate successfully.

“The first device certifications for LTE, as for any new mobile technology, are a significant milestone.” said Adriana Nugter, Operations Manager of GCF.

A Global Certification Forum (GCF) press release - this week - emphasises the importance of standards, recognising the contribution they have made as “...some 400 different 3GPP mobile phones, wireless modems and connected devices achieved GCF Certification in 2010.”

New LTE Spectrum is key to success

New mobile spectrum, including 700, 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz, is now being considered for LTE usage around the world, according to the GSA’s March “Evolution to LTE” Report. The Global mobile Suppliers Association also identifies, in the report, an important new opportunity that has arisen by considering the timely re-use of the GSM band at 1800 MHz, making it the obvious candidate to become the LTE core band.

The report states that “...with improved coverage being a key driver – twice the coverage area can be achieved using 1800 MHz compared to 2.6 GHz. Shorter time to market is another key benefit. Recent announcements by leading operators committing to LTE1800 deployments will help to establish 1800 MHz as a core band for LTE.”

3GPP Leads the Way in the Americas

The latest news from 4G Americas charts the fantastic success of HSPA networks, which now account for 116 Million subscribers in the Americas alone.

The news release dated 14th March, using data from Informa telecoms and Media, shows that North, Central and South America had 77 HSPA mobile broadband networks in 29 countries by the end of 2010.

HSPA seems set for another great year, 4G Americas & Informa forecast that there will be over 1 billion HSPA subscriptions worldwide by the end of 2011.

3GPP a boost for personal health devices

9 February 2011

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) and Continua Health Alliance are co-operating to develop an effective certification process for wirelessly-connected personal health devices. In the mobile and many other industries, standards-based certification schemes have been proven to promote market development and growth.

...“3GPP wireless connectivity has the potential to add significant value to personal health devices,” said Adriana Nugter, Operations Manager of GCF. “As a certification scheme trusted by mobile operators serving billions of people worldwide, GCF can help expand the market for this potentially life-enhancing new product category.”

4G Evolution for Mobile Operators

A new White paper from 4G Americas focuses on 4G Mobile Broadband Evolution, providing an excellent study of the progress that 3GPP is making on Release 10 and looking forward to Release 11 of the standard.

There is also detailed information on the status of the ITU IMT-Advanced work and how 3GPP Release 10 brings LTE up to that bench mark. In this free White paper, 4G Americas also study the impact and enhancements to the HSPA specifications and future prospects.

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