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5G DNA in the 3GPP family

October 22, 2020

The 5G Deterministic Networking Alliance (5GDNA) has requested and has been granted MRP status in 3GPP.

Their Market Representative Partner (MRP) request was presented during the recent 3GPP Organizational Partners meeting (OP#44), by Daijisheng, President of 5GDNA.

Daijisheng told the 3GPP leadership that “5GDNA has over one hundred members, including leading vertical companies from the big 5 vertical groups of energy, media, manufacture, healthcare and transport.”

5gDNA image01He focused on how the Alliance will contribute work that will help tune 3GPP technologies into more diverse industry needs, with a focus on horizontal (scenario-based solutions) and vertical (slicing/MEC) business models.

The 3GPP OP#44 meeting of September 29 initiated the approval of the 5GDNA MRP application by correspondence, a process that was duly completed on October 16, 2020.

The full list of 3GPP Partners is online at https://www.3gpp.org/about-3gpp/partners

Further reading

  • The 5GDNA Overview and 3GPP MRP application (OP44_13).
  • The ‘3GPP Agreement’  (Section 4: Undertakings of the Market Representation Partner)


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