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May 24, 2016

3GPP Partner - GSA - have published a new report “The Central Role of Telecoms in The Smart City”.

The report focuses on the relationship between city authorities and the ICT industry as both address the potential of ‘big data’ and the internet of things (IoT), looking in particular at the impact that they will have on procurement processes.

“The Central Role of Telecoms in The Smart City” also studies the reasons why cities adopt a smart approach - for transportation needs, to make power savings, for water and waste services, to achieve environmental & political goals, etc. - Identifying the emergence of new technologies, including many being studied in 3GPP, that can make smart city infrastructure both desirable and affordable.
The publication of the paper is timely, as a contribution to the discussion on how 3GPP needs to meet the needs of big data, as more sectors - from intelligent transport to energy efficiency, from existing cityscapes to green field planning - will want a slice of what 5G and LTE-Advanced Pro can deliver.

The report includes chapters on:

  • New Drivers of Smart City Investment
  • Smart City Use Cases
  • Understanding the Layers of a Smart City
  • Where the Money Comes From … And Where it Goes

The report aims to give communication service providers and technology suppliers a clearer idea how to engage with towns and cities on smart projects.

Alan Hadden, VP of Research, GSA says that “network operators are better able than before to tailor services to the multiple specific requirements of different smart city applications, including high-availability connections for critical applications. But it is likely, given that cities often consider building their own infrastructure, that vendors and operators will need to be flexible in the business models they suggest.”

“The Central Role of Telecoms in The Smart City” report from GSA is free to download by registered site users from www.gsacom.com

Further reading:

Also, see the 3GPP work plan - for Studies in Release 14 - that address various sector requirements.  

Contact for this article: Kevin FLYNN, Marketing and Communications Officer, 3GPP
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