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3G Mobile Delivers ICT Growth
The ITU has just released a set of statistics, that confirm the Global growth of 3G mobile is directly connected to an improved Global 'ICT Development Index' (IDI) that consistently measures progress on Access, Use and Skills related to ICT.

The ITU Report ‘Measuring the Information Society 2011’ says that mobile broadband is up 160% over the 2009 to 2010 time period, in developing countries, contributing to high gains in the ITU's IDI ‘ICT use’ sub-index - showing the infrastructure being taken-up by user communities.

‘Measuring the Information Society 2011’ strikes an optimistic tone;

...All countries included in the IDI improved their scores this year, underlining the increasing pervasiveness of ICTs in today’s global information society. “While the IDI leaders are all from the developed world, it is extremely encouraging to see that the most dynamic performers are developing countries,” said Dr Hamadoun Touré, ITU Secretary-General.

“The ‘mobile miracle’ is putting ICT services within reach of even the most disadvantaged people and communities. Our challenge now is to replicate that success in broadband.”

For more details...A press release entitled "ITU releases latest global ICT pricing and penetration data" is available on-line.

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