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GCF Certification Scheme to boost LTE launches
On the 8th of January the Global Certification Forum announced that it is on course to deliver a complete LTE device certification scheme before the end of 2010.

The Forum is working closely with 3GPP RAN5 to ensure that there is the highest possible amount of synchronization between standards and certification, with the GCF selecting and prioritizing the hundreds of LTE conformance tests that are needed to ensure the international interoperability of LTE equipment across all regions.

The GCF press release advises that :

“…The prioritization and definition of conformance testing are now virtually complete for both FDD and TDD and the validation of agreed conformance tests is beginning to gather momentum. GCF is working very closely with RAN5, the 3GPP group responsible for developing mobile device conformance test standards, to ensure that the scheme remains aligned with the very latest developments in 3GPP...."

The full text of the press release is now on the GCF web site.

Notes for editors

See a short video interview shot at Mobile world Congress, with Colin Hamling, Director & GCF SG Chair.

Global Certification ForumGCF – is an active partnership between network operators, device manufacturers and the test industry. In the ten years since its inception in 1999, GCF has created an independent certification programme to help ensure global interoperability between mobile devices and networks. By providing the focal point for the world’s most experienced practitioners in conformance testing, field trials and certification, GCF establishes global best practice for the certification of mobile phones and the ever-expanding range of devices that incorporate wireless broadband connectivity. As its contribution to the smooth introduction of LTE, GCF started working on a global certification scheme for LTE devices in March 2008.

For more information contact:

Adriana Nugter
E: press@globalcertifcationforum.org
W: globalcertificationforum.org

†Status of GCF certification (end November 2009)

Not all the attributes of the LTE standard impact on a device’s interoperability to the same extent. The first stage in developing GCF Certification is to prioritise those parts of the standard that will have greatest impact on interoperability. To date:

  • Four priority groups have been selected for signalling tests

  • Two priority groups have been selected for RF tests

These lists are currently 98% stable.

Based on GCF’s prioritisation work, 3GPP RAN5 is developing the required test cases:

For the RF element of the FDD standard, 94 out of 101 tests are more than 80% completeFor the RF element of the TDD standard, 90 out of 94 tests are more than 80% complete230 out 472 signalling tests are 100% completeA further 81 signalling tests are at 80%-99% completeSTF 160, an ETSI task force that supports RAN5, has developed 191 test cases in the TTCN programming language used for testing communications protocols. Of these, 19 have been verified - a strong indicator of the readiness of commercially available test platforms. The first tranche of validated test cases will be presented for GCF approval in Jan 2010.

Full Release at: http://www.globalcertificationforum.org/WebSite/Public/LTE_Certification.aspx

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