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TSG SA WG2#121 election results - 15 May 2017

Elections for the position of a Chairman and 2 Vice Chairmen of TSG SA WG2 (Architecture) were held during SA2#121 in Hangzhou on Monday 15 May 2017.

Dr. Frank Mademann (HuaWei Technologies/CCSA) was re-elected Chairman and Mr. Krisztian Kiss (Apple (UK) Limited/ETSI) and Mr. Puneet Jain (Intel/ATIS) were re-elected as SA WG2 Vice Chairmen.


Name Company / Partner
Dr. Frank Mademann HuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd / CCSA

Vice Chairmanship

Name Company / Partner
Mr. Puneet Jain Intel / ATIS
Mr. Krisztian Kiss Apple (UK) Limited / ETSI
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