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LTE World Summit – 3GPP participation

[ Extract from the Informa Round-up from LTE WS. Read the full Informa day two round-up here…]

"Day Two of the LTE World Summit was introduced by Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO; Head of 3GPP MCC, who got everyone going with a run through of the work that 3GPP is currently doing on LTE standards. It was a useful update, and the stand out item was that 3GPP is indeed starting to work on standards for operating LTE in unlicensed spectrum bands at 5.8GHz. It is also beginning a study on the use of NFV in a mobile environment and expects that to finished by the beginning of 2016*.

As for 5G, Scrase seemed surprised by the background noise of 5G discussions and said that standardization work won’t even start until 2016, so wouldn’t expect that any live 5G services would be running before the end of the decade..."


RAN developments

Dino Flore, the 3GPP RAN Chairman also attended the World Summit, delivering a presentation on RAN evolution for new services, for making more spectrum available at the terminal and on technologies that will improve network capacity and cell-edge performance.

See Dino Flore’s slides from LTE World here…

Read his recent article “3GPP RAN: Rel-12 and beyond” here… 

* Note: 3GPP would like to make the following clarification:  The Informa blog/round-up is not strictly accurate, as both NFV and the use of LTE in Unlicensed spectrum are currently under discussion in 3GPP, but work on standards has not yet started.

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