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3GPP Partners propose IMT-Advanced radio technology
Press Release - 8th October 2009

The 3GPP Partners, which unite more than 370 leading mobile technology companies, made a formal submission to the ITU yesterday, proposing that LTE Release 10 & beyond (LTE-Advanced) be evaluated as a candidate for IMT-Advanced.

The ITU had set a deadline of 7 October for proposals to be received and 3GPP responded by submitting a comprehensive description of LTE-Advanced, an evolution of the LTE technology which has received considerable support from the world’s leading mobile operators. The submission was made jointly in the name of the 3GPP Organizational Partners: ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TTA and TTC, which represent the North American, European and Asian regions and make 3GPP a truly global initiative.

Adrian Scrase, Head of the 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre, speaking in Geneva at the ITU Telecom 2009 Forum, stressed the evolutionary aspects of the LTE-Advanced proposal, commenting: “More than 30 operators have already announced their intention to deploy the LTE technology, and the evolution possibilities of LTE Release 10 & beyond provides security for their investments for many years to come.”

Full details of the proposal can be downloaded from the 3GPP website at:

RP-090736 (Cover sheet)

RP-090939 (3GPP Submission Package for IMT-Advanced) [->]

The 3GPP RAN Chairmans' presentation to the ITU-R WP 5D Third Workshop on IMT-Advanced gives the best introduction to the 3GPP proposal...(See pdf file).

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3GPP brings together six standards organizations from Asia, North America and Europe to publish mobile standards. 3GPP has recently completed the functionality for LTE by Freezing Release 8 of the Standard, an achievement that will allow operators to realize early deployment plans. In 2009, 3GPP Release 9 will expand the functionality of Release 8 as well as laying solid foundations for LTE-Advanced, 3GPP's response to the ITU's call for 4th generation systems (IMT-Advanced). 3GPP has a website ( containing all specifications and latest drafts free-of-charge.

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