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SA Election completes 3GPP line-up
3GPP has a new Technical Specification Group Service and System Aspects (TSG-SA) Chairman, with the election of Balazs Bertenyi, of Nokia Siemens Networks, to the top position of this key group in the Partnership.

This result brings an end to a week long process of elections at the 51st Plenary of 3GPP, in Kansas City, a series of meetings that will also achieve the completion of the feature set for 3GPP Release 10, as it is functionally frozen.

Mr. Bertenyi is vastly experienced as a rapporteur, head of delegation and most recently as Chairman of SA2 Working Group - for the past four years. He succeeds Stephen Hayes of Ericsson Inc. as SA Chairman, as he steps down at the end of his 3rd term of office. Mr. Hayes has led the group with distinction since 2005, a highly productive time for 3GPP, navigating the Plenary of 3GPP successfully through a period of great growth in participation and output.

The role of TSG SA is to be responsible for the overall architecture and service capabilities of 3GPP systems and, as such, taking responsibility for cross group co-ordination. The SA plenary is always the last of the three (RAN, CT and SA) plenary meetings to be held during the quarterly meeting cycle, as it is in SA that specifications are formally approved.

Elections for Chairman and 3 Vice Chairmen of TSG SA

SA#51 in Kansas City, (US), 22nd March 2011.

Vice Chairmanship
Name Company / Partner
Mr Balazs BERTENYI Nokia Siemens Networks / ETSI
Vice Chairmanship

  • ----------------------------
Name Company / Partner
Mr Akishige NODA Fujitsu Limited / TTC
Dr Sungho CHOI Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd / TTA
Mr Gary JONES T-Mobile USA Inc. / ATIS
You can see all of the recent 3GPP election results at http://www.3gpp.org/-Elections-You can see all of the recent 3GPP election results at http://www.3gpp.org/-Elections-

*All Election results are subject to 3GPP Project Coordination Group approval at their next meeting (PCG#26).

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