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LTE Networks go live
TeliaSonera has launched two LTE™ networks in Stockholm and Oslo, becoming the first operator to commercially deploy this new technology.

The two networks are fully 3GPP compliant, being built to 3GPP Release 8 specifications, completed by the Technical Specification Groups (TSGs) exactly one year ago.

Stephen Hayes, the 3GPP Service and System Aspects TSG Chairman commented:

“This launch is the culmination of years of hard work by 3GPP. It is gratifying to see the promise of LTE turn into reality. I look forward to seeing LTE fulfill its potential of doing for multimedia what GSM did for voice.”

At a Press conference in Stockholm on the 14th December, Åsa Torstensson, Swedish Minister for Communications plugged-in the first TeliaSonera LTE dongle and after a few moments an LTE data session was underway. The Swedish Minister added perspective on the potential of the technology, stating that;

“Everyone should be able to take advantage of the information society, everywhere and anytime.”

During the Press Conference, TeliaSonera acknowledged the ‘early adopter’ status of its first LTE customers and openly said that being first to market will teach them a lot. In a question and answer session, Kenneth Karlberg, President and Head of Mobility Services, TeliaSonera told journalists that their first customers will not be data capped and that they plan to have backward compatible 3G/LTE dongles by 2nd Quarter 2010 with LTE handsets following later, some time in 2011.

Notes for Editors

Details from TeliaSonera’s launch of their LTE Networks are available at; http://www.teliasonera.com/press/pressreleases/item.page?prs.itemId=463244

3GPP Press Contact information :

Kevin Flynn
Marketing and Communications Officer, 3GPP
Tel: +33 4 9294 4258
Email: kevin.flynn@3gpp.org
URL: http://www.3gpp.org

About 3GPP
3GPP brings together six standards organizations from Asia, North America and Europe to publish mobile standards. 3GPP has recently completed the functionality for LTE by Freezing Release 8 of the Standard, an achievement that will allow operators to realize early deployment plans. In 2009, 3GPP Release 9 will expand the functionality of Release 8 as well as laying solid foundations for LTE-Advanced, 3GPP’s response to the ITU’s call for 4th generation systems (IMT-Advanced). 3GPP has a website (www.3gpp.org) containing all specifications and latest drafts free-of-charge.

™ The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has registered "LTE" as a trademark for the benefit of the 3GPP Partners.

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