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A new look for our website

Updated Sept 25, 2022

During Tuesday this week (Sept 27) we will launch a new look 3GPP website. We have transfered the content and tested all functionality, On Monday we will set up the URL transfers and make some final additions and edits.

The new site is designed to allow newcomers to gain easier access to the information they need. New pages and sections are provided to get new experts, and the more casual visitor, to the information that they need.

While making that step, we have also tried to not fix what isn’t broken, so we have kept all of the data rich ‘dynareport’ content and the quick links to much used resources under ‘3GPP Groups’, ‘Specifications and Technologies’ and a new ‘Delegate’s corner’.

Bob Love celebrated by RAN1 and 3GPP leaders

August 24, 2022

A 3GPP Working Group RAN1 veteran with over 20 years in the group has been presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, during the RAN1#110 meeting this week.

Robert Love has made significant contributions to RAN1 standardization notably as the editor of the LTE technical specification TS36.213 - Physical layer procedures, ensuring the production of high-quality versions from 3GPP Release 8 onwards.

The maintenance of TS36.213 requires a deep understanding of all the related RAN1 agreements, while necessitating considerable re-writes to them. This workload has became increasingly demanding as the standardization has evolved, particularly in terms of the number of new projects contained within - each with its own scope.

Recent News

Not everyone RAN

August 24, 2022

After work on day two of the 3GPP Working Group RAN1 meeting in Toulouse, South-West France, delegates joined a group from a local Association, to run, walk or ride their way around a local park – raising awareness of an important topic and bringing our 3GPP experts an enjoyable evening break from technical discussions.

Many participants wore a limited edition 5G branded t-shirt as they ran through the Jardin Compans-Caffarelli, adjacent to the meeting venue, creating a feast for the eyes of standards lovers.

As the evening light faded the final whistle sounded for the fun run, serving as a call for everyone to join together at a social event provided by the European Friends of 3GPP and Thales Alenia Space, who are headquartered in Toulouse.

A 20 strong group of runners and supporters from the Simon de Cyrène charity added enormously to the occasion.

3GPP Release 17 and UAV Applications

July 22, 2022

New report by 3GPP Partner - ATIS

ATIS today published its 3GPP Release 17 – Building Blocks for UAV Applications report, describing how mobile networks supporting 3GPP Release 17 specifications can enable uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. It also shows how the 3GPP system can be used to enhance the safe use of UAVs for commercial and leisure applications.

Today's ATIS news release identifies how UAVs are heavily dependent on wireless communications in areas such as command & control, location-finding, collision avoidance and remote identification.

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