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CEN TC 278 WG 15 recommended to make the necessary changes to overcome the problem described in the LS from CEN to ETSI MSG forwarded to SA1 and SA4, i.e. to change the eCall initiation sequence, so that eCall equipped PSAPs only emit a SEND MSD message (in-band tone) in response to a valid incoming eCall INITIATION message from a vehicle eCall terminal (i.e. push mode) - the "In-Vehicle System" (IVS). Accordingly SA1 produced three CRs to TS 22.101 to be submitted to SA Plenary #45 for approval to clarify the service requirement, conditional on SA4 agreeing to include push mode operation. The CRs in question are: S1-093004 22.101 CR314 eCall mode of operation (Release 8), S1-093289 22.101 CR317 rev 1 Minimise delay to emergency voice calls (Release 8), and the "mirror CR" in S1-093290 22.101 CR315 rev 1 Minimise delay to emergency voice calls (Release 9). However concerns were raised at SA1 and later at SA4 about potential impacts of the changes proposed in S1-093289 and S1-093290. Those impacts are related to the situation where the push mode is facing some waiting / welcome messages on 112 lines. 2009-08-24 S4-55 S4-090552 26.267 CR3r1 "Integration of IVS-initiated signalling option", S4-090473 26.268 CR7 "Integration of IVS-initiated signalling option" 2009-09-14 SP-45 WITHDRAWN

Challenged 2009-09-11 in SP-090558

Following discussion at SP-45 and approval of liaison SP09-0666 urging WGs S1, C1 and C4 to develop an end-to-end eCall signal, the challenge was withdrawn.

1 REQ-ANR-CON-003 Operator shall be able to set the default values for the constraints for allowing and prohibiting HOs for NRs newly created by the ANR function. REQ-ANR-CON-004 Operator shall be able to set the default behaviour for allowing and prohibiting X2 connection setup to eNBs parenting newly detected cell by the ANR function. 2008-10-17 S5-61 S5-081945 2008-11-09 S5-62 WITHDRAWN

Challenge in S5-081721.

Proposed solution in S5-082442 Source: Vodafone. Discussion: The Vodafone proposal was approved by the group. The working agreement in S5-081945 was agreed to be withdrawn.