Document number allocation for upcoming 3GPP TSG-T3 meetings.

3GPP T3 use an automated system for allocating document numbers (ADN). At the moment, the system requires that the user have a username and password for the ETSI server. All 3GPP and ETSI delegates may apply for such a username. See below if you do not yet have a username or you have forgotten your password. To register and input a document for a meeting, there are four steps:


To get information on the currently scheduled TSG-T3 meetings and to allocate document numbers, click here.


If you have a username but have forgotten the password, please contact the ETSI helpdesk ( or call +33 4 9294 4900

If you do not yet have a username and password, please send the following details to Friedhelm Rodermund, ( or Karen Hughes (

First Name:
Last Name: