0 All Agenda Items Georg
E Executive Summary: Georg
1 Opening of the Meeting Georg
1.1 Welcome Speech Georg
1.2 Introduction Georg
1.3 IPR & Antitrust reminders Georg
1.4 Approval of Agenda Georg
1.5 Report from previous SA meeting Georg
1.6 Reports from TSG SA ad-hoc meetings and workshops Georg
2 Liaisons Statements Georg
2.1 Incoming LS's - proposed to note Georg
2.2 Incoming & outgoing LS's - proposed to open Georg
3 Items for discussion and early consideration Georg
3.1 Challenges to working agreements Georg
3.2 Issues highlighted for early treatment Georg
3.3 Discussion papers on work in Rel-15 and earlier Georg
3.4 Discussion papers on work in Rel-16 Georg
3.5 Discussion papers on work in Rel-17 Georg
3.6 Discussion papers on work in Rel-18 and later Georg
4 Reporting from SA Working Groups, other TSGs, and Others Georg
4.1 SA WG1 reporting Georg
4.2 SA WG2 reporting Georg
4.3 SA WG3 reporting Georg
4.4 SA WG4 reporting Georg
4.5 SA WG5 reporting Georg
4.6 SA WG6 reporting Georg
4.7 TSG RAN reporting and RAN ITU-R Ad Hoc Matters Georg
4.8 TSG CT reporting Georg
4.9 Reports from external bodies Georg
4.10 Other reports Georg
5 Cross TSG Coordination Georg
5.1 General Cross TSG Coordination Georg
5.2 Rel-16 Focus Areas Status Reports and Issues Georg
5.3 Rel-17 Focus Areas Status Reports & Issues Georg
5.4 Input to Joint TSG RAN / TSG SA meeting Georg
6 Work Item Descriptions, Study Item Descriptions, Specifications Georg
6.1 New Release 16 and earlier Study Item Descriptions and Work Item Descriptions Georg
6.2 Revised Release 16 and earlier Study Item Descriptions and Work Item Descriptions Georg
6.3 New Release 17 Study Item Descriptions Georg
6.4 New Release 17 Work Item Descriptions Georg
6.5 Revised Release 17 Study Item and Work Item Descriptions Georg
6.6 New Release 18 Study Item Descriptions Georg
6.7 New Release 18 Work Item Descriptions Georg
6.8 Revised Release 18 Study Item Descriptions and Work Item Descriptions Georg
6.9 Specifications for Information Georg
6.10 Specifications for Approval / for Information and Approval Georg
7 Release Planning Georg
7.1 General Release Planning issues Georg
7.2 Issues related to Release 16 and earlier planning Georg
7.3 Release 17 Planning Georg
7.4 Release 18 Planning Georg
8 Rel-8 CRs Georg
9 Rel-9 CRs Georg
10 Rel-10 CRs Georg
11 Rel-11 CRs Georg
12 Rel-12 CRs Georg
13 Rel-13 CRs Georg
14 Rel-14 CRs Georg
15 Rel-15 CRs Georg
16 Rel-16 CRs Georg
16.1 SA WG1 Rel-16 CRs Georg
16.2 SA WG2 Rel-16 CRs Georg
16.3 SA WG3 and SA WG3 LI Rel-16 CRs Georg
16.4 SA WG4 Rel-16 CRs Georg
16.5 SA WG5 Rel-16 CRs Georg
16.6 SA WG6 Rel-16 CRs Georg
17 Rel-17 CRs Georg
17.1 SA WG1 Rel-17 CRs Georg
17.2 SA WG2 Rel-17 CRs Georg
17.3 SA WG3 and SA WG3 LI Rel-17 CRs Georg
17.4 SA WG4 Rel-17 CRs Georg
17.5 SA WG5 Rel-17 CRs Georg
17.6 SA WG6 Rel-17 CRs Georg
18 CR's related to Study Items Georg
19 Project Management and TSG SA owned specifications Georg
19.1 Review of the work plan Georg
19.2 Specification Status Georg
19.3 Work Item Summaries for TR 21.91x Georg
19.4 Improvements to working methods and CRs against TSG SA owned Specifications Georg
19.5 MCC Status Report Georg
19.6 Future Meeting schedule Georg
20 Any Other Business Georg
21 Close of Meeting Georg