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E Executive Summary: Erik
1 Opening of the Meeting Erik
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3 IPR and Antitrust Reminder Erik
4 Reports from Previous Meetings Erik
4.1 Report from TSG SA#80 Erik
4.2 Reports from TSG SA ad-hoc meetings and workshops (Reports related to features will be covered under the feature related agenda item) Erik
5 Items for early consideration (Please contact the chairman in advance.) Erik
5.1 Challenges to working agreements (Must have been previously requested) Erik
5.2 Prioritization of Work for Release 16 Erik
6 General Incoming Liaisons (Liaisons related to specific features will be covered under the feature related agenda item) Erik
7 Reports from TSG SA Working Groups, other TSGs, and Others Erik
7.1 SA WG1 Report and Questions for Advice Erik
7.2 SA WG2 Report and Questions for Advice Erik
7.3 SA WG3 Report and Questions for Advice Erik
7.4 SA WG4 Report and Questions for Advice Erik
7.5 SA WG5 Report and Questions for Advice Erik
7.6 SA WG6 Report and Questions for Advice Erik
7.7 TSG RAN report and Questions for Advice and RAN ITU-R Ad Hoc Matters Erik
7.8 TSG CT report and Questions for Advice Erik
7.9 Other Reports Erik
8 Rel-8 CRs (Need to be very well justified!) Erik
9 Rel-9 CRs (Need to be very well justified!) Erik
10 Rel-10 CRs (Need to be very well justified!) Erik
11 Rel-11 CRs (Need to be very well justified!) Erik
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13 Rel-13 CRs (Need to be very well justified!) Erik
14 Documents related to Release 14 Features Erik
15 Documents related to Release 15 Features Erik
15A SA WG1-related Work Items Erik
15B SA WG2-related Work Items Erik
15C SA WG3-related Work Items Erik
15C.1 (5GS_Ph1-SEC) - Security aspects of 5G System - Phase 1 Erik
15C.2 (EDCE5) - SA WG3 aspects of EDCE5 Erik
15C.3 (BEST_MTC_Sec) - Battery Efficient Security for very low Throughput MTC Devices Erik
15C.4 (SCAS_eNB) - Security Assurance Specification for eNB network product class Erik
15C.5 (SCAS_PGW) - Security Assurance Specification for PGW network product class Erik
15C.6 (eMCSec) - Mission Critical Security Enhancements Erik
15C.7 (NAPS-Sec) - Security aspects of NAPS Erik
15C.8 (CAPIF-Sec) - Security aspects of CAPIF Erik
15C.9 (MONASTERY_SEC) - Security Architecture for Monastery Erik
15C.10 (SEC15) - Security Enhancements and Improvements for Rel-15 Erik
15C.11 (LI15) - Normative work on Lawful Interception Rel-15 Erik
15D SA WG4-related Work Items Erik
15D.1 (SAND) - Server and Network Assisted DASH for 3GPP Multimedia Services Erik
15D.2 (FLUS) - Framework for Live Uplink Streaming Erik
15D.3 (EQoE_MTSI) - Enhanced QoE Reporting for MCSI Erik
15D.4 (LiQuImAS) - Test Methodologies for the Evaluation of Perceived Listening Quality in Immersive Audio Systems Erik
15D.5 (HDR) - Addition of HDR to TV Video Profiles Erik
15D.6 (VRStream) - Virtual Reality Profiles for Streaming Media Erik
15D.7 (SAND4M) - SAND for MBMS Erik
15D.8 (RAOT) - Receive acoustic output test in the presence of background noise Erik
15D.9 (SPAN) - Speech quality in the presence of ambient noise for super-wideband and fullband modes Erik
15D.10 (FRASE) - FEC and ROHC Activation for GCSE over MBMS Erik
15D.11 (5G_MTSI_Codecs) - Media Handling Aspects of 5G Conversational Services Erik
15E SA WG5-related Work Items Erik
15E.1 (EDCE5-CH) - Data Charging aspects of EDCE5: PS Charging enhancements to support 5G New Radio via Dual Connectivity Erik
15E.2 (NAPS-CH) - Charging aspects of NAPS Erik
15E.3 (eFMSS-CH) - Charging Enhancement for eFMSS Erik
15E.4 (5GS_Ph1-SBI_CH) - Service Based Interface for 5G Charging Erik
15E.5 (5GS_Ph1-DCH) - Data Charging in 5G System Architecture Phase 1 Erik
15E.6 (5GS_Ph1-IMSCH) - Charging for IMS over 5G Security Architecture Phase 1 Erik
15E.7 (ProSe_WLAN_DD-CH) - Charging of ProSe_WLAN_DD Erik
15E.8 (DOCME_CH) - Diameter Overload Control Mechanisms for Charging Erik
15E.9 (WAEPC_CH) - Charging aspects of WLAN access in EPC Erik
15E.10 (FWCDA) - Forward compatibility for 3GPP Diameter Charging Applications Erik
15E.11 (ME_CUPS) - Management Enhancement for EPC CUPS Erik
15E.12 (NETSLICE) - Management and orchestration of 5G networks and network slicing Erik
15E.13 (PEE_CMON) - Control and monitoring of Power, Energy and Environmental (PEE) parameters in Radio Access Networks (RAN) Erik
15E.14 (REST_SS) - REST Solution Sets (normative work) Erik
15E.15 (OAM_SON_AAS) - Self-Organizing Networks (SON) for Active Antenna System (AAS) deployment management Erik
15F SA WG6-related Work Items Erik
15G Other Work Items and Documents Erik
15G.1 (TEI15) - TEI Rel-15 Erik
15G.2 Any other Rel-15 Documents Erik
16 Documents related to Release 16 Features Erik
16A SA WG1-related Work Items Erik
16A.1 (MONASTERY2) - Mobile Communication System for Railways 2 Erik
16A.2 (ePWS) - Enhancements of Public Warning System Erik
16A.3 (5GVSC) - 5G Voice Service Continuity Erik
16A.4 (PARLOS) - Stage 1 for PARLOS Erik
16A.5 (SMARTER_Ph2) - New Services and Markets Technology Enablers - Phase 2 Erik
16A.6 (enIMS) - Enhancements to IMS for new real time communication services Erik
16A.7 (QoS_MON) - QoS Monitoring Erik
16A.8 (MARCOM) - Stage 1 of MARCOM Erik
16A.9 (cyberCAV) - Service requirements for cyber-physical control applications in vertical domains Erik
16A.10 (5GSAT) - Stage 1 of 5GSAT Erik
16A.11 (5G_HYPOS) - Stage 1 of 5G_HYPOS Erik
16A.12 (eLSTR) - Enhancement of LTE for Efficient delivery of Streaming Service Erik
16A.13 (UIA) - Stage 1 of User Identities and Authentication Erik
16A.14 (MuD) - Multi-device and multi-identity Erik
16A.15 Void Erik
16A.16 (MOBRT) - Inter-RAT Mobility requirements for real time service Erik
16A.17 (PDBDT) - Policy delivery to UE for background data transfer Erik
16A.18 (5GLAN) - Stage 1 of 5GLAN Erik
16B SA WG2-related Work Items Erik
16B.1 (xBDT) - 5GS Transfer of Policies for Background Data Transfer Erik
16C SA WG3- and SA WG3 LI-related Work Items Erik
16C.1 (SCAS_5G) - Security Assurance Specification for 5G Erik
16C.2 (MCXSec) - Mission Critical Services Security Enhancements Erik
16D SA WG4-related Work Items Erik
16D.1 (IVAS_Codec) - EVS Codec Extension for Immersive Voice and Audio Services Erik
16D.2 (CAPIF4xmB) - Usage of CAPIF for xMB API Erik
16D.3 (SerInter) - Service Interactivity Erik
16D.4 (E-FLUS) - Enhancements to Framework for Live Uplink Streaming Erik
16D.5 (HLG_HDR) - Addition of HLG HDR to TV Video Profiles Erik
16D.6 (Alt_FX_EVS) - Alternative EVS implementation using updated fixed-point basic operators Erik
16E SA WG5-related Work Items Erik
16E.1 (QOED) - Management of QoE measurement collection Erik
16F SA WG6-related Work Items Erik
16F.1 (eCAPIF) - Enhancements for Common API Framework for 3GPP Northbound APIs Erik
16F.2 (enh2MCPTT) - Enhanced Mission Critical Push-to-talk architecture phase 2 Erik
16F.3 (eMCData2) - Enhancements to Functional architecture and information flows for Mission Critical Data Erik
16F.4 (MBMSAPI_MCS) - MBMS APIs for Mission Critical Services Erik
16F.5 (eMCSMI) - Enhanced Mission Critical System Migration and Interconnection Erik
16F.6 (eMCCI) - Enhanced Mission Critical Communication Interworking with Land Mobile Radio Systems Erik
16G Other Work Items and Documents Erik
16G.1 (TEI16) - TEI Rel-16 Erik
16G.2 Any other Rel-16 Documents Erik
17 Documents related to Study Items Erik
17A SA WG1 Studies Erik
17A.1 (FS_NCIS) - Study on Network Controlled Interactive Service in 5GS Erik
17A.2 (FS_AVPROD) - Study on Audio-Visual Service Production Erik
17A.3 (FS_FRMCS2) - Study on Future Railway Mobile Communication System2 Erik
17A.4 (FS_MARCOM) - Study on Maritime Communication Services over 3GPP system Erik
17A.5 (FS_5GSAT) - Study on using Satellite Access in 5G Erik
17A.6 (FS_5GMSG) - Study on 5G message service for MioT Erik
17A.7 (FS_5GHYPOS) - Study on positioning use cases Erik
17A.8 (FS_BMNS) - Study on Business Role Models for Network Slicing Erik
17A.9 (FS_LUCIA) - Study on a Layer for User Centric Identifiers and Authentication Erik
17A.10 (FS_MPS2) - Study on Multimedia Priority Service (MPS) Phase 2 Erik
17A.11 (FS_ID_UAS) - Study on Remote Identification of Unmanned Aerial Systems Erik
17A.12 (FS_V2XIMP) - Study on Improvement of V2X Service Handling Erik
17B SA WG2 Studies Erik
17B.1 (FS_ESTUN) - Study on Enhancing Topology of SMF and UPF in 5G Networks Erik
17B.2 (FS_5WWC) - Study on the Wireless and Wireline Convergence for the 5G system architecture Erik
17B.3 (FS_eNA) - Study of enablers for Network Automation for 5G Erik
17B.4 (FS_ATSSS) - Study on Access Traffic Steering, Switch and Splitting support in the 5G system architecture Erik
17B.5 (FS_PARLOS_SA2) - Study on System enhancements for Provision of Access to Restricted Local Operator Services by Unauthenticated UEs Erik
17B.6 (FS_eV2XARC) - Study on architecture enhancements for 3GPP support of advanced V2X services Erik
17B.7 (FS_CIoT_5G) - Study on Cellular IoT support and evolution for the 5G System Erik
17B.8 (FS_eLCS) - Study on Enhancement to the 5GC Location Services Erik
17B.9 (FS_UDICOM) - Study on User Data Interworking, Coexistence and Migration Erik
17B.10 (FS_RACS) - Study on optimisations on UE radio capability signaling Erik
17B.11 (FS_5G-SRVCC) - Study Erik
17B.12 (FS_5GSAT_ARCH) - Study on architecture aspects for using satellite access in 5G Erik
17B.13 (FS_eSBA) - Study Erik
17B.14 (FS_Vertical_LAN) - Study on 5GS Enhanced support of Vertical and LAN Services Erik
17B.15 (FS_5G_URLLC) - Study on enhancement of URLLC supporting in 5GC Erik
17B.16 (FS_eNS) - Study on Enhancement of Network Slicing Erik
17B.17 (FS_eIMS5G) - Study on Enhanced IMS to 5GC Integration Erik
17B.18 (FS_ENTRADE) - Study on encrypted traffic detection and verification Erik
17B.19 (FS_LLC_Mob) - Study on EPC support for Mobility with Low Latency Communication Erik
17B.20 (FS_NG_RTC) - Study on system architecture for next generation real time communication services Erik
17B.21 (FS_FLADN) - Study on supporting Flexible Local Area Data Network Erik
17B.22 (FS_AAI_LTE_NR) - Study on Application Awareness Interworking between LTE and NR Erik
17B.23 (FS_EPS_URACE) - Study on enhancement of systems using EPS for Ultra Reliability and Availability using commodity equipment Erik
17C SA WG3 and SA WG3 LI Studies Erik
17C.1 (FS_LTKUP) - Study on Long Term Key Update Procedures Erik
17C.2 (FS_V2XLTE_ARC) - Study on security aspects for LTE support of V2X services Erik
17C.3 (FS_CIoT_sec_5G) - Study on evolution of Cellular IoT security for the 5G System Erik
17C.4 (FS_PARLOS_Sec) - Study on Security Aspects of PARLOS Erik
17C.5 (FS_256_Algo) - Study on supporting 256-bit algorithms for 5G Erik
17C.6 (FS_15LIS) - Study on R15 Lawful Interception Service Erik
17C.7 (FS_SBA_Sec) - Study on Security Aspects of the 5G Service Based Architecture Erik
17C.8 (FS_5G_UTRAN_SE) - Study on security aspects of single radio voice continuity from 5G to UTRAN Erik
17C.9 (FS_5WWC_SEC) - Study on the security of the Wireless and Wireline Convergence for the 5G system architecture Erik
17C.10 (FS_AKMA) - Study on authentication and key management for applications based on 3GPP credential in 5G Erik
17D SA WG4 Studies Erik
17D.1 (FS_E2E_DELAY) - Study on Media Handling Aspects of RAN Delay Budget Reporting in MTSI Erik
17D.2 (FS_mV2X) - Study on V2X Media Handling and Interaction Erik
17D.3 (FS_5Gmedia_Distribution) - Study on 5G enhanced Mobile Broadband Media Distribution Erik
17D.4 (FS_5G_MEDIA_MTSI) - Study on Media Handling Aspects of Conversational Services in 5G Systems Erik
17D.5 (FS_MBMS_IoT) - Study on MBMS User Services for IoT Erik
17D.6 (FS_QoE_VR) - Study on QoE metrics for VR Erik
17D.7 (FS_EVS_FCNBE) - Study on EVS Float Conformance Non Bit-Exact Erik
17E SA WG5 Studies Erik
17E.1 (FS_ONAPDCAE) - Study on integration of ONAP DCAE and 3GPP management architecture Erik
17E.2 (FS_ONAPCINT) - Study on integration of ONAP and 3GPP configuration management services for 5G networks Erik
17E.3 (FS_PROTIMP) - Study on protocol enhancement for real time communication Erik
17E.4 (FS_MAN_EC) - Study on management aspects of edge computing Erik
17E.5 (FS_EE_5G) - Study on system and functional aspects of Energy Efficiency in 5G networks Erik
17F SA WG6 Studies Erik
17F.1 (FS_V2XAPP) - Study on application layer support for V2X services Erik
17F.2 (FS_MCOver5GS) - Study on Mission Critical services support over 5G System Erik
17F.3 (FS_FRMCS2) - Study on application architecture of MONASTERY2 Erik
17F.4 (FS_MCSAA) - Study on MC services access aspects Erik
17F.5 (FS_MCLOG) - Study into discreet listening and logging for mission critical services Erik
17G Other Studies Erik
17G.1 Other Ongoing or Completed Study Items, or documents related to study items Erik
18 Proposed New WIDs (not part of an existing feature) Erik
19 Proposed New Study Items (SI WIDs) Erik
20 Project Management Erik
20.1 Review of the work plan Erik
20.2 Release contents and planning discussions Erik
20.3 Specification Status Erik
20.4 Work Item Summaries Erik
21 Project Support Erik
21.1 Improvements to working methods Erik
21.2 MCC Status Report Erik
22 Future meeting schedule Erik
23 Any Other Business Erik
24 Close of Meeting Erik