From: Stephen Hayes (TX/EUS) [stephen.hayes@ERICSSON.COM]
Sent: 17 June 2004 15:00
Subject: TSG Reorg proposal

Dear Colleagues,

Prompted by discussions at TSG#24, the TSG chairs and vice-chairs have been considering how to cope with the MCC departures expected over the next year.  Reviewing the TSG structure and advising changes to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness is a task delegated to us by the PCG.  Please find attached a proposal for a 3GPP re-org which will allow more efficient allocation of MCC resources and also allow companies to get by with fewer delegates to TSG meetings.

Please provide comments by Friday, June 25.  The goal is to present this proposal to the PCG for electronic approval once we get agreement on the TSG leaders list.

Regards, Stephen Hayes

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