1 Opening of the meeting Erik
2 Approval of the agenda Erik
2.1 Handling of Postponed Work Erik
2.2 IPR Call Reminder Erik
2A Elections for Chairman and one Vice Chairman Erik
3 Meeting reports Erik
4 General issues and Incoming LSs Erik
5 Pre-Release 12 Essential Corrections (No TEI CRs) Erik
5.2 SAE: QoS and PCC aspects; PEST, eVocoder, policy related aspects of other WIs, etc. Rel-11 PCC/QoS: SAPP; QoS_SSL; SIRIG Ivano
5.3 SAE: 23.402 (including eANDSF, MUPSAP, MAPCON, FlowMob, SMOG); DIDA; LOBSTER; SaMOG_WLAN; BBAI I, II Ivano
5.4 Other + IMS Related: 23.216, 23.237, 23.167, 23.228 (e.g. Emergency, eMBMS, eMPS, SRVCC etc.); rSRVCC; NOVES-IMSESOM; NetLoc; RAVEL; vSRVCC; eMPS_SRVCC Tom
6 TEI Maintenance S2-96
6.1 3GPP Packet Access, TEI9, TEI10 or TEI11 Cat F * Frank
6.2 PCC/QoS Aspects and SIRIG, TEI9, TEI10, TEI11 Cat F * Ivano
6.3 Non-3GPP Packet Access Maintenance, TEI11 Cat F * Ivano
6.4 IMS-Related Maintenance, TEI9, TEI10, TEI11 Cat F * Tom
7 Release 12 S2-96
7.1 Release 12 Maintenance S2-96
7.1.1 3GPP Packet Access: LIPA Mobility and SIPTO at the Local Network (LIMONET) Frank
7.1.2 PCC/QoS Aspects: Usage Monitoring Control enhancement - SA WG2 Part (UMONC) Ivano
7.1.3 Non-3GPP Packet Access Maintenance: Operator Policies for IP Interface Selection (OPIIS) Ivano
7.1.4 IMS-Related Maintenance, (SMSMI) Tom
7.2 Machine Type Communications Enhancements for Rel-12 (MTCe) S2-96
7.2.1 (BB1): Small Data and Device Triggering Enhancements (MTCe-SDDTE) Erik
7.2.2 (BB3): UE Power Consumption Optimizations (MTCe-UEPCOP) _Not On Agenda
7.3 WID for Policy and Charging Control for supporting fixed broadband Access networks (P4C) S2-96
7.3.1 (BB1): WID for BB for Policy and Charging Control for supporting traffic from fixed terminals and NSWO traffic from 3GPP UEs traffic (P4C-F) Ivano
7.3.2 (BB2): Policy and Charging Control for 3GPP UE terminals connected to Broadband Forum access network as Trusted network in Interworking scenario (P4C-TI) Ivano
7.4 Proximity Services (ProSe) Erik
7.5 (GCSE_LTE) Erik
7.6 User Plane Congestion Management (UPCON) Erik
7.7 WLAN Network Selection for 3GPP Terminals (WLAN_NS) S2-96
7.7.1 Enhancement/Modification of ANDSF and Network Selection to include consideration of Hotspot 2.0 policies and address shortcomings of WLAN PLMN selection [Key issue 1, 5] Erik
7.7.2 Harmonization of HotSpot 2.0 Policies and 3GPP Policies and management information (delivered by ANDSF, configured, etc.) [Key issue 2] Erik
7.7.3 Other ANDSF and network selection enhancements [Key issue 3] _Not On Agenda
7.7.4 Implications of specific parameters obtained via 802.11u (ANQP) [Key issue 4, 7, 8] Erik
7.7.5 Roaming Scenarios and ANDSF [Key issue 6] Erik
7.8 Application Based Charging (ABC) Ivano
7.9 3GPP Packet Access: LIPA Mobility and SIPTO at the Local Network (LIMONET) Frank
7.10 Study on Core Network Overload solutions (FS_CNO) Erik
7.11 Study on S2a Mobility based On GTP and WLAN access to EPC (FS_SaMOG) Ivano
7.12 Study on Optimizing Offloading to WLAN in 3GPP RAT mobility (FS_WORM) Ivano
7.13 Technical Enhancements and Improvements (TEI12) _Not On Agenda
7.14 Minor Corrections and Clean Up (TEI12) _Not On Agenda
JM1 With CT WG1 Erik
JM1.1 Mandating the UE to attempt voice call on a ePLMN via GERAN/UTRAN when rejected with #15 or #25 (C1-130900) Erik
JM1.2 Returning to the former PLMN for LTE after CSFB Erik
JM1.3 Mandating the UE to (re-)use the NAS signalling connection when rejected with #9, #10 and #40 which is in most cases force the UE to re-attach (LS to SA WG2 in C1-130917) Erik
JM1.4 Allowing voice centric devices to disable EUTRAN capability when backed off from PS domain (CT WG1's LS to SA WG2 C1-124999) Erik
JM1.5 Lack of EPS subscription', 'lack of EPS roaming agreement' and avoid ping-pong due to 'pre-redirect' scenario. Erik
JM2 With SA WG1 to discuss questions and clarifications related to GCSE_LTE. ProSe questions arising during agenda 7.4 may be added to the JM2 agenda. Mona
8 IMS Parallel Stream Topics S2-96
8.1 Incoming LSs Tom
8.2 CRs on Release 10 and earlier * Tom
8.3 CRs on Release 11 Work Items * Tom
8.4 Release 12 Work Items * Tom
8.4.1 Business Trunking for IP-PBX in static mode of operation (BusTI) Tom
8.4.2 IMS registration control (IMS_RegCon) Tom
8.5 Study Items Tom
8.6 Any Other Business Tom
8.6.1 IMS WID Consideration and subsequent initial work organization if WID is approved Tom
8.6.2 Reports Tom
9 Project Planning and Management S2-96
9.1 New and Revised Work Items Erik
9.2 Review of the Work Plan _Not On Agenda
9.3 Planning future meetings Erik
10 AOB Erik
11 Close of the Meeting Erik