1 Opening of the meeting
2 Approval of the agenda
2.1 Handling of Postponed Work
2.2 IPR Call Reminder
3 Meeting reports
4 General issues and Incoming LSs
4.1 Review of SMURF/iFIRE see S3-121239
5 Release 7 and earlier
6 Release 8, 9 and 10 Essential Corrections
6.0 Non-IMS parallel sessions report
6.1 SAE: 23.401, 23.060; CSFB & SMSoSGs - 23.272; TEI10: Essential corrections to 23.401 and 23.060 in release 9 and 10, HENB, LIPA_SIPTO, NIMTC
6.1.1 As 6.1, Without Terminal Impacts
6.1.2 As 6.1, With Terminal Impacts
6.2 SAE: QoS and PCC aspects; PEST, eVocoder, policy related aspects of other WIs, etc.
6.3 SAE: 23.402 (including eANDSF, MUPSAP, MAPCON, FlowMob, SMOG)
6.4 Other + IMS Related (e.g. Emergency, eMBMS, eMPS, SRVCC etc.)
7 Release 11 Maintenance
7.1 3GPP Packet Access + SIMTC + FULL_MOCN-GERAN/GWCN-GERAN Maintenance
7.1.1 3GPP Packet Access: VPLMN Autonomous CSG Roaming (VCSG), System Improvements for Machine-Type Communications (SIMTC), including M2M dual priority, Rel-11 LCS Enhancement Alignment
7.1.2 SA WG2 Part of GERAN Network Sharing (FULL_MOCN-GERAN); SA WG2 Part of GERAN Gateway Core Network Sharing for GERAN (GWCN_GERAN)
7.2 PCC/QoS Aspects and SIRIG
7.3 Non-3GPP Packet Access Maintenance
7.4 IMS-Related Maintenance
8 Release 12
8.1 Release 12 Maintenance
8.2 Machine Type Communications Enhancements for Rel-12 (MTCe)
8.2.1 (BB1): Small Data and Device Triggering Enhancements (MTCe-SDDTE)
8.2.2 (BB3): UE Power Consumption Optimizations (MTCe-UEPCOP)
8.3 WID for Policy and Charging Control for supporting fixed broadband Access networks (P4C)
8.3.1 (BB1): WID for BB for Policy and Charging Control for supporting traffic from fixed terminals and NSWO traffic from 3GPP Ues traffic (P4C-F)
8.3.2 (BB2): Policy and Charging Control for 3GPP UE terminals connected to Broadband Forum access network as Trusted network in Interworking scenario (P4C-TI)
8.4 Proximity Services (ProSe)
8.5 LIPA Mobility and SIPTO at the Local Network (LIMONET)
8.6 Operator Policies for IP Interface Selection (OPIIS)
8.7 WLAN Network Selection for 3GPP Terminals (WLAN_NS)
8.7.1 Enhancement/Modification of ANDSF and Network Selection to include consideration of Hotspot 2.0 policies and address shortcomings of WLAN PLMN selection [Key issue 1, 5]
8.7.2 Harmonization of Hotspot 2.0 Policies and 3GPP Policies and management information (delivered by ANDSF, configured, etc.) [Key issue 2]
8.7.3 Other ANDSF and network selection enhancements [Key issue 3]
8.7.4 Implications of specific parameters obtained via 802.11u (ANQP) [Key issue 4, 7, 8]
8.7.5 Roaming Scenarios and ANDSF [Key issue 6]
8.8 User Plane Congestion Management (UPCON)
8.9 Usage Monitoring Control enhancement - SA WG2 Part (UMONC)
8.10 Study on Core Network Overload solutions (FS_CNO)
8.11 Study on S2a Mobility based On GTP and WLAN access to EPC (FS_SaMOG)
8.12 Study on Usage Monitoring Control enhancement - SA2 Part (FS_UMONC)
8.13 Study on Application Based Charging (FS_ABC)
8.14 Study on Optimizing Offloading to WLAN in 3GPP RAT mobility (FS_WORM)
8.15 Technical Enhancements and Improvements (TEI12)
8.16 Minor Corrections and Clean Up (TEI12)
JM1 Topics for Action between SA WG1 and SA WG2
JM1.1 Time Accuracy Requirements for ULI Reporting when ISR Active
JM1.2 Multiple M2M service enablement frameworks
JM2 Topics for Discussion between SA WG1 and SA WG2
JM2.1 ProSe Service Requirements and Functionality
JM2.2 UPCON Service Requirements and Functionality (S1-124417, etc.)
JM2.3 Any other topics (questions) that arise before Tuesday lunch.
9 IMS Parallel Stream
9.1 Incoming LSs
9.2 CRs on Release 10 and earlier
9.3 CRs on Release 11 Work Items
9.4 Release 12 Work Items
9.4.1 Business Trunking for IP-PBX in static mode of operation (BusTI)
9.4.2 IMS registration control (IMS_RegCon)
9.5 Study Items
9.6 Any Other Business
9.6.1 Reports
10 Project Planning and Management
10.1 New and Revised Work Items
10.2 Review of the Work Plan
10.3 Planning future meetings
11 AOB
12 Close of the Meeting