0 All Agenda Items S2-152E
1.1 Opening of the meeting Puneet
2 Agenda Puneet
2.1 IPR Call and Antitrust Reminder Puneet
3 SA2#152E Meeting report Puneet
4 General Puneet
4.1 Common issues and Incoming LSs Puneet
4.2 P-CRs/CRs related to use of inclusive language in 3GPP Puneet
5 Pre-Rel-17 Maintenance (excluding all 5G topics) Puneet
5.1 3GPP Packet Access Maintenance Puneet
5.2 QoS and PCC Maintenance Puneet
5.3 Non-3GPP Access Maintenance Puneet
5.4 IMS and IMS-Related Maintenance Puneet
6 Rel-15/Rel-16 Maintenance for 5G (only related to 5GS_Ph1 Work Item) Puneet
6.1 General aspects, concepts and reference models Puneet
6.2 Common Access Control, RM and CM functions and procedure flows Puneet
6.3 Session management and continuity functions and flows Puneet
6.4 Security related functions and flows Puneet
6.5 QoS concept and functionality Puneet
6.6 Policy and charging control Puneet
6.7 3GPP access specific functionality and flows Puneet
6.8 Specific services support Puneet
6.9 Interworking and Migration Puneet
6.10 Non-3GPP access specific functionality and flows Puneet
6.11 Framework functions Puneet
7 Rel-16 Maintenance for 5G (excluding 5GS_Ph1) Puneet
7.1 Architecture enhancements for 3GPP support of advanced V2X services (eV2XARC) Puneet
7.2 Wireless and Wireline Convergence for the 5G system architecture (5WWC) Puneet
7.3 Access Traffic Steering, Switch and Splitting support in the 5G system architecture (ATSSS) Puneet
7.4 Cellular IoT support and evolution for the 5G System (5G_CIoT) Puneet
7.5 Enablers for Network Automation for 5G (eNA) Puneet
7.6 Enhancement to the 5GC Location Services (5G_eLCS) Puneet
7.7 5GS Enhanced support of Vertical and LAN Services (Vertical_LAN) Puneet
7.8 Enhancements to the Service-Based 5G System Architecture (5G_eSBA) Puneet
7.9 Architecture enhancements for the support of Integrated access and backhaul (IABARC) Puneet
7.10 Enhancement of URLLC supporting in 5GC (5G_URLLC) Puneet
7.11 Enhancement of Network Slicing (eNS) Puneet
7.12 Optimisations on UE radio capability signalling (RACS) Puneet
7.13 Enhanced IMS to 5GC Integration (eIMS5G_SBA) Puneet
7.14 User Data Interworking and Coexistence (UDICoM) Puneet
7.15 Enhancing Topology of SMF and UPF in 5G Networks (ETSUN) Puneet
7.16 5GS Transfer of Policies for Background Data Transfer (xBDT) Puneet
7.17 Single radio voice continuity from 5GS to 3G (5G_SRVCC) Puneet
8 Rel-17 WIDs Puneet
8.1 Enablers for Network Automation for 5G - phase 2 (eNA_Ph2) Puneet
8.2 Enhanced support of Non-Public Networks (eNPN) Puneet
8.3 Enhancement of support for Edge Computing in 5GC (eEDGE_5GC) Puneet
8.4 Enhancement of Network Slicing Phase 2 (eNS_Ph2) Puneet
8.5 Enhanced support of Industrial IoT - TSC/URLLC enhancements (IIoT) Puneet
8.6 Access Traffic Steering, Switch and Splitting support in the 5G system architecture Phase 2 (ATSSS_Ph2) Puneet
8.7 Support of Aerial Systems Connectivity, Identification, and Tracking (ID_UAS) Puneet
8.8 System enhancement for Proximity based Services in 5GS (5G_ProSe) Puneet
8.9 Architectural enhancements for 5G multicast-broadcast services (5MBS) Puneet
8.10 System enablers for multi-USIM devices (MUSIM) Puneet
8.11 Architecture aspects for using satellite access in 5G (5GSAT_ARCH) Puneet
8.12 Architecture enhancements for 3GPP support of advanced V2X services - Phase 2 (eV2XARC_Ph2) Puneet
8.13 5G System Enhancement for Advanced Interactive Services (5G_AIS) Puneet
8.14 Enhancement to the 5GC LoCation Services-Phase 2 (5G_eLCS_Ph2) Puneet
8.15 Multimedia Priority Service (MPS) Phase 2 (MPS2) Puneet
8.16 Dynamic management of group-based event monitoring (TEI17_GEM) Puneet
8.17 N7/N40 Interfaces Enhancements to Support GERAN and UTRAN (TEI17_NIESGU) Puneet
8.18 System enhancement for Redundant PDU Session (TEI17_SE_RPS) Puneet
8.19 IMS Optimization for HSS Group ID in an SBA environment (TEI17_IMSGID) Puneet
8.20 Support for Signed Attestation for Priority and Emergency Sessions (TEI17_SAPES) Puneet
8.21 Dynamically Changing AM Policies in the 5GC (TEI17_DCAMP) Puneet
8.22 IP address pool information from UDM (TEI17_IPU) Puneet
8.23 Same PCF selection for AMF and SMF (TEI17-SPSFAS) Puneet
8.24 Support of different slices over different Non-3GPP access (TEI17_N3SLICE) Puneet
8.25 Minimization of Service Interruption (MINT) Puneet
8.26 Architecture Enhancement for NR Reduced Capability Devices (ARCH_NR_REDCAP) Puneet
8.27 Architecture support for NB-IoT/eMTC Non-Terrestrial Networks in EPS (IoT_SAT_ARCH_EPS) Puneet
8.28 Rel-17 CAT B/C alignment CR(s) due to the work led by other 3GPP Working Groups Puneet
9 Rel-18 SIDs Puneet
9.1 Study on System Enabler for Service Function Chaining (FS_SFC) Puneet
9.2 Study on Generic group management, exposure and communication enhancements (FS_GMEC) Puneet
9.3 Study on Access Traffic Steering, Switching and Splitting support in the 5GS; Phase 3 (FS_ATSSS_Ph3) Puneet
9.4 Study on enhanced support of Non-Public Networks phase 2 (FS_eNPN_Ph2) Puneet
9.5 Study on Phase 2 for UAS, UAV and UAM (FS_UAS_Ph2) Puneet
9.6 Study on Extensions to the TSC Framework to support DetNet (FS_DetNet) Puneet
9.7 Study on 5G Timing Resiliency and TSC & URLLC enhancements (FS_5TRS_URLLC) Puneet
9.8 Study on RedCap Phase 2 (FS_RedCAP_Ph2) Puneet
9.9 Study on Vehicle Mounted Relays (FS_VMR) Puneet
9.10 Study on 5GC LoCation Services Phase 3 (FS_eLCS_Ph3) Puneet
9.11 Study on Edge Computing Phase 2 (FS_EDGE_Ph2) Puneet
9.12 Study on 5G System with Satellite Backhaul (FS_5GSATB) Puneet
9.13 Study on the support for 5WWC Phase 3 (FS_5WWC_Ph3) Puneet
9.14 Study on Network Slicing Phase 3 (FS_eNS_Ph3) Puneet
9.15 Study on 5G AM Policy (FS_AMP) Puneet
9.16 Study on Personal IoT Networks (5G_PIN) Puneet
9.17 Study on evolution of IMS multimedia telephony service (FS_NG_RTC) Puneet
9.18 Study on 5G multicast-broadcast services Phase 2 (FS_5MBS_Ph2) Puneet
9.19 Study on XR (Extended Reality) and media services (FS_XRM) Puneet
9.20 Study on Ranging based services and sidelink positioning (FS_Ranging_SL) Puneet
9.21 Study on System Support for AI/ML-based Services (FS_AIMLsys) Puneet
9.22 Study on Enhancement of 5G UE Policy (FS_eUEPO) Puneet
9.23 Study on Enablers for Network Automation for 5G - Phase 3 (FS_eNA_Ph3) Puneet
9.24 Study on satellite access Phase 2 (FS_5GSAT_Ph2) Puneet
9.25 Study on UPF enhancement for Exposure And SBA (FS_UPEAS) Puneet
9.26 Study on Proximity-based Services in 5GS Phase 2 (FS_5G_ProSe_Ph2) Puneet
9.27 Study on Seamless UE context recovery (FS_SUECR) _Not_On_Agenda
10 Project Planning and Management Puneet
10.1 Revised Rel-18 Study Items Puneet
10.2 TS/TR Cover sheets Puneet
10.3 New Rel-18 Work Items Puneet
10.4 TEI18 WID proposals Puneet
10.5 Rel-18 SID/WID Status Reports Puneet
10.6 Review of the Work Plan Puneet
10.7 Planning future meetings Puneet
11 Close of e-meeting Puneet
99 Withdrawn and Reserved documents Puneet