0 All Agenda Items S2-139E
1.1 Opening of the meeting - Phase 1 Puneet_Ph1
2 Agenda Puneet_Ph1
3 SA2#138E Meeting report Puneet_Ph1
4 General Puneet_Ph1
4.1 Common issues and Incoming LSs - Phase 1 Andy_Ph1
8 Rel-17 SIDs Puneet_Ph1
8.1 Study on Enablers for Network Automation for 5G - phase 2 (FS_eNA_Ph2) Tao_Ph1
8.2 Study on enhanced support of Non-Public Networks (FS_eNPN) Puneet_Ph1
8.3 Study on enhancement of support for Edge Computing in 5GC (FS_enh_EC) Puneet_Ph1
8.4 Study on Enhancement of Network Slicing Phase 2 (FS_eNS_Ph2) Tao_Ph1
9 Project Planning and Management Puneet_Ph1
9.1 New and Revised Work Items, Cover sheets for completed work items Puneet_Ph1
9.2 Review of the Work Plan Puneet_Ph1
9.3 Planning future meetings Puneet_Ph1
CC#1 SA2#139E_CC#1 Puneet_Ph1
CC#2 SA2#139E_CC#2 Puneet_Ph1
11.1 Close of Phase 1 of the meeting Puneet_Ph1
1.2 Start of the meeting - Phase 2 Puneet_Ph2
4.2 Common issues and Incoming LSs - Phase 2 Andy_Ph2
8.5 Study on enhanced support of Industrial IoT - TSC/URLLC enhancements (FS_IIoT) Puneet_Ph2
8.6 Study Extended Access Traffic Steering, Switch and Splitting support in the 5G system architecture (FS_eATSSS) Puneet_Ph2
8.7 Study on supporting UAS Connectivity, Identification, and Tracking (FS_ID_UAS-SA2) Puneet_Ph2
8.8 Study on system enhancement for Proximity based Services in 5GS (FS_5G_ProSe) Tao_Ph2
8.9 Study on architectural enhancements for 5G multicast-broadcast services (FS_5MBS) Andy_Ph2
8.10 Study on system enablers for multi-USIM devices (FS_MUSIM) Andy_Ph2
8.11 Study on architecture aspects for using satellite access in 5G (FS_5GSAT_ARCH) Puneet_Ph2
8.12 Study on architecture enhancements for 3GPP support of advanced V2X services - Phase 2 (FS_eV2XARC_Ph2) Tao_Ph2
CC#3 SA2#139E_CC#3 (Cancelled) Puneet_Ph2
CC#4 SA2#139E_CC#4 Puneet_Ph2
11.2 Close of Phase 2 of the meeting Puneet_Ph2
99 Withdrawn and reserved documents Withdrawn