0 All Agenda Items S2-119
1 Opening of the meeting Frank
2 Approval of the agenda Frank
2.1 IPR Call and Antitrust Reminder Frank
3 Meeting reports Frank
4 General Frank
4.1 Common issues and Incoming LSs Frank
5 Pre-Rel-15 Essential Corrections Frank
5.1 3GPP Packet Access Maintenance Puneet
5.2 QoS and PCC Maintenance Krisztian
5.3 Non-3GPP Access Maintenance Krisztian
5.4 IMS and IMS-Related Maintenance Krisztian
6 Release 15 and future releases Frank
6.1 Rel-15 3GPP Packet Access Maintenance – essential corrections Not_on_agenda
6.2 Rel-15 PCC/QoS Maintenance– essential corrections Not_on_agenda
6.3 Rel-15 Non-3GPP Access Maintenance– essential corrections Not_on_agenda
6.4 Rel-15 IMS-Related Maintenance– essential corrections Not_on_agenda
6.5 5G System Architecture Frank
6.5.1 General aspects, concepts and reference models Frank
6.5.2 Access Control, RM and CM functions and flows Frank
6.5.3 Session management and continuity functions and flows Frank
6.5.4 Security related functions and flows Frank
6.5.5 QoS concept and functionality Devaki
6.5.6 Policy and charging control Krisztian
6.5.7 3GPP access specific functionality and flows Puneet
6.5.8 Specific services support Krisztian
6.5.9 Interworking and Migration Frank
6.5.10 Non-3GPP access specific functionality and flows Krisztian
6.5.11 Framework functions Puneet
6.6 Study on Enhanced Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety (FS_IOPS_LB) Puneet
6.7 Study on Complementary Features for Voice services over WLAN (FS_VoWLAN) Krisztian
6.8 Study for enhanced VoLTE performance (FS_eVoLP) Frank
6.9 Study on unlicensed spectrum offloading system enhancements (FS_USOS) Krisztian
6.10 Study on architecture enhancements to ProSe UE-to-Network Relay (FS_REAR) Dario
6.11 Northbound APIs for SCEF – SCS/AS Interworking (NAPS) Puneet
6.12 Inclusion of WLAN direct discovery technologies as an alternative for ProSe direct discovery (ProSe_WLAN_DD_Stage2) Krisztian
7 Project Planning and Management Frank
7.1 New and Revised Work Items, Cover sheets for completed work items Frank
7.2 Review of the Work Plan Frank
7.3 Planning future meetings Frank
8 AOB Frank
9 Close of the Meeting Frank
99 Withdrawn and reserved documents Withdrawn