1 Opening of the meeting Erik
2 Approval of the agenda Erik
2.1 Handling of Postponed Work Erik
2.2 IPR Call Reminder Erik
3 Meeting reports Erik
4 Common issues and Incoming LSs Erik
5 Essential Corrections (except Rel-12 features, these are AI 6) S2-106
5.1 SAE; CSFB & SMSoSGs; HENB, LIPA_SIPTO, NIMTC, VCSG, SIMTC, FULL_MOCN-GERAN; GWCN_GERAN, Maintenance of enhancement TEIx CRs, Alignment to past features (e.g. SAES), Alignment to diverse features specified by other working groups, etc. Puneet
5.2 SAE: QoS and PCC aspects; PEST, eVocoder, policy related aspects of other WIs, etc. Rel-11 PCC/QoS: SAPP, QoS_SSL, SIRIG , Maintenance of enhancement TEIx CRs, Alignment to past features (e.g. SAES), Gyuri
5.3 SAE: 23.402 (including eANDSF, MUPSAP, MAPCON, FlowMob, SMOG), DIDA, LOBSTER, SaMOG_WLAN, BBAI I, II, Maintenance of enhancement TEIx CRs, Alignment to past features (e.g. SAES), Alignment to diverse features specified by other working groups, etc. Krisztian
5.4 Other + IMS Related: (including Emergency, eMBMS, eMPS, SRVCC, etc.), rSRVCC, NOVES-IMSESOM, NetLoc, RAVEL, vSRVCC, eMPS_SRVCC, Maintenance of enhancement TEIx CRs, Frank
5.5 IMS: 23.228, 23.237, 23.292 (e.g. IMS, Service continuity, Centralized Services), Maintenance of enhancement TEIx CRs, Alignment to past features, Alignment to diverse features specified by other working groups, etc. Erik
6 Release 12 Maintenance, Alignment and Exceptions S2-106
6.1 Release 12 Feature Maintenance S2-106
6.1.1 3GPP Packet Access: LIMONET, MTCe-SDDTE and MTCe-UEPCOP, CNO, TEI12, LTE_SC_enh_dualC, Rel-12 ProSe, GCSE_LTE Erik
6.1.1X 3GPP Packet Access: Puneet Parallel Sessions Puneet
6.1.2 PCC/QoS Aspects: UMONC, ABC, CNO-ULI, P4C-F Gyuri
6.1.3 Non-3GPP Packet Access Maintenance: OPIIS, WLAN_NS, WORM, eSaMOG, NETLOC_TWAN, UTRA_LTE_WLAN_interw-SA WG2 Krisztian
6.1.4 IMS-Related Maintenance: SMSMI, BusTI, IMS_WebRTC Frank
7 Release 13 S2-106
7.1 Release 13 Maintenance S2-106
7.1.1 Rel-13 3GPP Pkt Access Maintenence: CSPS_Coord, voE_UTRAN_PPD, TEI13 (23.401CR2723R1) _Not On Agenda
7.1.2 Rel-13 PCC/QoS Maintenance: User Plane Congestion Management (UPCON) _Not On Agenda
7.1.3 Rel-13 Non-3GPP Access Maintenence: none yet _Not On Agenda
7.1.4 Rel-13 IMS-Related: DRuMS, voE_UTRAN_PPD, TEI13 (23.221CR0163R2, 23.292CR0213R2) Frank
7.2 User Plane Congestion Management (UPCON) Ivano
7.3 Improvements to CS/PS coordination in UTRAN/GERAN Shared Networks (CSPS_Coord) Frank
7.4 Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) Erik
7.4.1 MCPTT General Discussion Erik
7.4.2 MCPTT System Level Considerations Erik
7.4.3 MCPTT Application and IMS Considerations Erik
7.5 Resource Reuse for Multiple Media Sessions (DRuMS) Ivano
7.6 Dedicated Core Networks (DECOR) Erik
7.7 IP Flow Mobility support for S2a and S2b interfaces (NBIFOM) Frank
7.8 Architecture Enhancements for Service Exposure (AESE) Frank
7.9 Monitoring Enhancements (MONTE) Frank
7.10 Group based Enhancements (GROUPE) Ivano
7.11 Enhanced CSFB (eCSFB) Ivano
7.12 Enhancements to WEBRTC ineroperability (eWebRTCi) Ivano
7.13 Extended Proximity-based Services (eProSe-Ext) Erik
7.14 Usage Monitoring Control PCC Enhancement (FS_UMONC) _Not On Agenda
7.15 voice over E-UTRAN Paging Policy Differentiation (voE_UTRAN_PPD) Frank
7.16 SRVCC Enhancements for Transcoding Avoidance (SETA) Curt
7.17 Optimizations to Support High Latency Communications (FS_HLCom) Ivano
7.18 TEI13 Category F - Minor Corrections (Clean up, etc.), non-essential _Not On Agenda
7.19 TEI13 Category B/C - Enhancements and Improvements only Erik
7.19.1 TEI13 Category B/C for 3GPP Packet Access Frank
7.19.2 TEI13 Category B/C for PCC/QoS Erik
7.19.3 TEI13 Category B/C for Non-3GPP Access Erik
7.19.4 TEI13 Category B/C for IMS, IMS-Related, Emergency, Other. Frank
7.20 Usage Monitoring Control PCC Extension (eUMONC) _Not On Agenda
7.21 Flexible Mobile Service Steering (FMSS) Ivano
7.22 Service Domain Centralization (SeDoC) Ivano
7.23 MBMS Enhancements (MBMS_enh) _Not On Agenda
7.24 Feasibility study on Extended DRX cycle for Power Consumption Optimization (FS_eDRX) _Not On Agenda
7.25 Feasibility Study on Co-ordinated P-GW Change for SIPTO (FS_CSIPTO) _Not On Agenda
JM Joint Meetings S2-106
JM1 Joint Meeting with CT WG4, with some participants possibly from CT WG1 concerning questions on ProSe, including discussion of C4-142121/S2-143831 Erik
JM2 JM with CT WG1 on TR 23.772 eCSFB evaluation Erik
8 Project Planning and Management Erik
8.1 New and Revised Work Items, Cover sheets for completed work items Erik
8.2 Review of the Work Plan Erik
8.3 Planning future meetings Erik
9 AOB Erik
10 Close of the meeting Erik