1 Opening of the meeting Erik
2 Approval of the agenda Erik
2.1 Handling of Postponed Work Erik
2.2 IPR Call Reminder Erik
3 Meeting reports Erik
4 General issues and Incoming LSs Erik
4 No Action for SA WG2, etc. Erik
4 No Action for SA WG2 can be taken Erik
4 Action for SA WG2 Erik
5 Essential Corrections for Pre-Release 12 items S2-101
5.2 SAE: QoS and PCC aspects; PEST, eVocoder, policy related aspects of other WIs, etc., SAPP, QoS_SSL, SIRIG Ivano
5.2 Handling of SAPP incoming LSs Ivano
5.2 Other incoming LSs Ivano
5.2 Packet filters Ivano
5.3 SAE: 23.402 (including eANDSF, MUPSAP, MAPCON, FlowMob, SMOG), DIDA, LOBSTER, SaMOG_WLAN, BBAI I, II Ivano
5.4 Other + IMS Related: 23.216, 23.237, 23.167, 23.228 (e.g. Emergency, eMBMS, eMPS, SRVCC etc.), rSRVCC, NOVES-IMSESOM, NetLoc, RAVEL, vSRVCC, eMPS_SRVCC Frank
5.5 IMS: 23.228, 23.237, 23.292 (e.g. IMS, Service continuity, Centralized Services) Frank
6 Release 12 S2-101
6.0 LS Handling for LS on interactions of oneM2M with Underlying Networks and LS on Small Cell Enhancement Frank
6.1 Release 12 Maintenance (for WIDs that complete before the conclusion of Release 12) S2-101
6.1.2 PCC/QoS Aspects: UMONC, ABC Ivano
6.1.2 Handling of ABC incoming LSs Ivano
6.1.2 PSS DASH Ivano
6.1.2 Gy for EPC roaming with LBO Ivano
6.1.2 Other ABC corrections Ivano
6.1.2 CNO_ULI corrections Ivano
6.1.2 TEI12 (if time) Ivano
6.1.3 Non-3GPP Packet Access Maintenance: OPIIS, P4C-F, WLAN_NS , WORM Ivano
6.1.3 Incoming LSs Ivano
6.1.3 WLAN_NS Ivano
6.1.3 WORM Ivano
6.1.3 Other ANDSF-related proposals Ivano
6.1.3 P4C-F Ivano
6.1.3 P4C-TI Ivano
6.1.3 TEI12 (if time) Ivano
6.1.4 IMS-Related Maintenance, SMSMI, BusTI Frank
6.2 Proximity Services (ProSe) Erik
6.2.0 General (Incoming LSs, TS skeleton, etc.) Erik
6.2.1 Direct 1:many Communication Erik
6.2.2 UE to NW Relay Erik
6.2.3 Roaming Considerations and Network Sharing Erik
6.2.4 Configuration and Capability Handling Erik
6.2.5 Charging Aspects Erik
6.2.6 ProSe Identities (for Communication and Discovery) Erik
6.2.7 ProSe Direct E-UTRA Discovery Erik
6.2.8 ProSe EPC-level Discovery Erik
6.2.9 EPC Support for WLAN Direct Communications _Not On Agenda
6.3 Group Communication System Enablers for LTE (GCSE_LTE) Erik
6.4 ProSe Group Communication, ProSe Relays and Group Communication System Enablers for LTE Common Aspects (ProSe/GCSE_LTE) Erik
6.5 Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) Access to IMS (IMS_WebRTC) Ivano
6.5 Incoming LSs Ivano
6.5 Network-based architecture and procedures Ivano
6.5 Scenario 3 Ivano
6.5 UE-based solution Ivano
6.6 User Location Information reporting improvements (CNO-ULI) Ivano
6.7 S2a Mobility based On GTP and WLAN access to EPC (eSaMOG) Ivano
6.7 WLCP transport Ivano
6.7 Corrections Ivano
6.8 Network provided Location information for IMS Trusted WLAN Access Network (TWAN) case (NETLOC_TWAN) Ivano
6.8 Nature of TWAN location Ivano
6.8 Corrections Ivano
6.9 Technical Enhancements and Improvements (TEI12) - Category B and C only, no corrections, alignments, clarifications, etc. _Not On Agenda
6.10 Minor Corrections and Clean Up (TEI12) - Category F only, no stage 3 impact. _Not On Agenda
JM1 JM-SA2-SA3-1 Detailed Agenda TBD Erik
JM2 JM-SA2-SA3-2 Detailed Agenda TBD Erik
7 Release 13 S2-101
8 Project Planning and Management S2-101
8.1 New and Revised Work Items, Cover sheets for completed work items Erik
8.2 Review of the Work Plan Erik
8.3 Planning future meetings Erik
9 AOB Erik
10 Close of the Meeting Erik