1 Opening of the Meeting
2 Approval of Agenda
3 IPR and Antitrust Reminder
4 Reports from Previous Meetings
4.1 Report from SA#67
4.2 Reports from TSG SA ad-hoc meetings and workshops (Reports related to features will be covered under the feature related agenda item)
5 Items for early consideration (Please contact chairman in advance)
5.1 Challenges to working agreements (Must have been previously requested)
6 General Incoming Liaisons (Liaisons related to specific features will be covered under the feature related agenda item)
7 Reports from SA Working Groups and other TSGs
7.1 SA WG1 Report and Questions for Advice
7.2 SA WG2 Report and Questions for Advice
7.3 SA WG3 Report and Questions for Advice
7.4 SA WG4 Report and Questions for Advice
7.5 SA WG5 Report and Questions for Advice
7.6 SA WG6 Report and Questions for Advice
7.7 TSG RAN report and Questions for Advice
7.8 TSG CT report and Questions for Advice
7.9 TSG GERAN report and Questions for Advice
8 Documents related to Rel-8 or Earlier Features
8.1 Rel-4 CRs (Need to be very well justified!)
8.2 Rel-5 CRs (Need to be very well justified!)
8.3 Rel-6 CRs (Need to be very well justified!)
8.4 Rel-7 CRs (Need to be very well justified!)
8.5 Rel-8 CRs (Need to be very well justified!)
9 Rel-9 CRs (Need to be very well justified!)
10 Rel-10 CRs (Need to be very well justified!)
11 Rel-11 CRs
12 Documents Related to Rel-12 Features
12.1 (SEQ_FA) - Sequential Flexible Alerting
12.2 (IMS_WebRTC) - Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) Access to IMS
12.3 (LangInfo) - Language and Modality Information for communications
12.4 (EVS_codec) - Codec for Enhanced Voice Services
12.5 (IMS_TELEP) - IMS-based Telepresence
12.6 (SMURFs and FS_SMURFs) - Service and Media Reachability for Users over Restrictive Firewalls
12.7 (MOSAP) - Interworking between Mobile Operators using the Evolved Packet System and Data Application Providers
12.8 (IPXSNAT) - IPXS for national interconnect
12.9 (INIPUI) - IMS Network-Independent Public User Identities (including FS_INIPUI)
12.10 (ECTB) - ECT Blind service interactions
12.11 (PMOC) - Prevention of mobile-originating signalling and/or data traffic of UE in connected mode
12.12 (ESID) - Emergency Session Identification
12.13 (IMS_Corp2) - Transfer of ETSI business trunking specifications
12.14 (ProSe, FS_ProSe) - Proximity based Services
12.15 (GCSE_LTE) - Group Communication System Enablers for LTE
12.16 (IMSSat) - IMS access via Digital Video Broadcast - Return Channel via Satellite
12.17 (IMS_RegCon) - IMS Registration Control
12.18 (SIPTO_SC, LIMONET) - SIPTO Service Continuity, LIPA Mobility and SIPTO at the Local Network
12.19 (OPIIS) - Operator Policies for IP Interface Selection
12.20 (P4C) - Policy and Charging Control for supporting fixed broadband access networks (including all building blocks in all WGs)
12.21 (SMSMI) - SMS submit and delivery without MSISDN in IMS
12.22 (MTCe, FS_MTCe) - Machine-Type and other mobile data applications Communications Enhancements
12.23 (WLAN_NS) - WLAN Network Selection for 3GPP Terminals
12.24 (LTE_HRPD_SON) - LTE-HRPD (High Rate Packet Data in 3GPP2) inter-RAT SON
12.25 (CNO_ULI) - User Location Information reporting improvements
12.26 (eSaMOG, FS_SaMOG) - S2a Mobility Based on Trusted WLAN access to EPC
12.27 (WORM, FS_WORM) - Optimized offloading to WLAN in 3GPP RAT mobility
12.28 (UTRA_LTE_WLAN_interw) - SA WG2 aspects of WLAN/3GPP Radio Interworking
12.29 (NETLOC_TWAN) - Network Provided Location Information for IMS (TWAN case)
12.30 (UMONC) - Usage Monitoring Control PCC Enhancement
12.31 (ABC, FS_ABC) - Application Based Charging
12.32 (BusTI) - IMS Business Trunking for IP-PBX in Static Mode of Operation
12.33 (PWS_Sec) - Public Warning System Security
12.34 (eMEDIASEC) - IMS media plane security extensions (including FS_eMEDIASEC)
12.35 (SSO_Int, FS_SSO_Int) - Service requirements for integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) frameworks with 3GPP networks
12.36 (Web_GBA) - Security enhancements for usage of GBA from the browser
12.37 (SECAS) - Security Assurance Specification for 3GPP Network Products
12.38 (STAS) - Specification of the TUAK algorithm set
12.39 (TURAN) - Tunnelling of UE Services over Restrictive Access Networks
12.40 (CVO) - Co-ordination of Video Orientation
12.41 (HEVC) - High Efficiency Video Coding
12.42 (IMS_SDE) - IMS-based Streaming and Download Delivery Enhancements
12.43 (M3DV_Ext) - Mobile stereoscopic 3D services extensions
12.44 (ART_LTE) - Acoustic Requirements and Test methods for IMS-based conversational speech services over LTE
12.45 (MI) - MBMS Improvements
12.46 (VTRI) - Video Telephony Robustness Improvements
12.47 (VCEIMP) - Video Coding Enhancements in IMS Messaging and Presence
12.48 (LI12) - Lawful Interception in Rel-12
12.49 (CH12) - Charging Management Rel-12 (including all building blocks and work tasks)
12.50 (OAM12) - OAM&P Rel-12 (including all building blocks and work tasks)
12.51 (SEC12) - Small Security Enhancements for Rel-12
12.52 (TEI12) - TEI Rel-12
12.53 Any other Release 12 documents
13 Documents Related to Rel-13 Features
13.1 (MCPTT) - Mission Critical Push-to-Talk over LTE
13.2 (IOPS, FS_IOPS, FS_IOPS_St2) - Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety (including FS phase)
13.3 (MEPRO) MBMS Extensions and Profiling
13.4 (SEES) - Service Exposure and Enablement Support
13.5 (SRMMTC) - Service Requirements Maintenance for Machine-Type Communications
13.6 (SRM_GCSE_LTE) - Service Requirements Maintenance for Group Communication System Enablers for LTE
13.7 (ACDC, FS_ACDC) - Application specific Congestion control for Data Communication (including FS phase)
13.8 (ECIP, FS_ECIP) - Enhanced Calling Information Presentation
13.9 (FMSS, FS_FMSS) - Flexible Mobile Service Steering
13.10 (GUSH, FS_GUSH) - RAN Sharing Enhancements on GERAN and UTRAN
13.11 (UPCON, FS_UPCON) - User Plane Congestion Management
13.12 (IMS_TELEP_S4) - Media Handling Aspects of IMS-based Telepresence
13.13 (RSE, FS_RSE) - RAN Sharing Enhancements
13.14 (eWebRTCi) - Enhancements to WebRTC interoperability
13.15 (CSPS_coord) - Improvements to CS/PS coordination in UTRAN/GERAN Shared Networks
13.16 (ePROSE, PROSE_EXT) - Enhancements to Proximity-based Services
13.17 (VoE-UTRAN_PPD) - Voice over E-UTRAN Paging Policy Differentiation
13.18 (DECOR) - Dedicated Core Networks
13.19 (NBIFOM) - IP Flow Mobility support for S2a and S2b Interfaces
13.20 (AESE) - Architecture Enhancements for Service Capability Exposure
13.21 (MONTE) - Monitoring Enhancements
13.22 (GROUPE) - Group based Enhancements
13.23 (DRuMS) - Double Resource Reuse for Multiple Media Sessions
13.24 (SCAS) - Security Assurance Specification for 3GPP network products
13.25 (ROI) - Video Enhancements by Region-of-Interest Information Signalling
13.26 (TVProf) - TV video profile
13.27 (E_LTE_UED) - Enhanced LTE UE delay test methods and requirements
13.28 (HTML5) - HTML5 Presentation Layer
13.29 (EVSoCS) - Support of EVS in 3G Circuit-Switched Networks
13.30 (eDASH) - Enhanced DASH
13.31 (QOSE2EMTSI) - QoS End-to-end Multimedia Telephony Service for IMS (MTSI) extensions (Stage 3)
13.32 (MMCMH) - MTSI Extension on Multi-stream Multiparty Conferencing Media Handling
13.33 (VTRI_EXT) - Video Telephony Robustness Improvements Extensions
13.34 (ATeMPO_SPINE) - Acoustic Test methods and Performance Objectives for Speakerphone Performance in Noisy Environments
13.35 (eUMONC, FS_UMONC_sas) - Usage Monitoring Control PCC Extension
13.36 (CHeISC) Charging on enhancements for IMS Service Continuity
13.37 (CSIPTO and FS_CSIPTO) - Co-ordinated P-GW change for SIPTO (including FS phase)
13.38 (eCSFB) - Enhanced CSFB
13.39 (SETA) - SRVCC Enhancements for Transcoding Avoidance
13.40 (OAM13) - OAM&P Rel-13 (including all building blocks and work tasks)
13.41 (LI13) - Lawful Interception in Rel-13
13.42 (CH13) - Charging Management Rel-13 (including all building blocks and work tasks)
13.43 (SEC13) - Small Security Enhancements for Rel-13
13.44 (TEI13) - TEI Rel-13
13.45 Any other Release 13 documents
14 Documents related to Release 14 Features
14.1 (PWDIMS) Password based service activation for IMS Multimedia Telephony service
14.2 (MPS_Mods) Multimedia Priority Service Modifications
14.3 (ELIOT) Enhancing Location Capabilities for Indoor and Outdoor Emergency Communications
14.4 (eDSVCC) Enhancements to Domain Selection between VoLTE and CDMA CS
14.5 Any other Rel-14 Documents
15 Documents related to Current Study Items
15.1 Completed Study Items (Rel-12 through Rel-14, where not mentioned elsewhere)
15.1.1 (FS_MBSP) - Multimedia Broadcast Supplement for PWS
15.1.2 (FS_UC_SPOOF) - Service aspects for dealing with User Control over spoofed calls
15.1.3 (FS_eICBD) - Study on Enhancements for infrastructure based data communication between devices
15.1.4 (FS_CNO) - Study on Core Network Overload solutions
15.1.5 (FS_SEEE) - Study on System Enhancements for Energy Efficiency
15.1.6 (FS_SPOOF) - Study on Security on spoofed call detection and prevention
15.1.7 (FS_SECAM) - Security Assurance Methodology for 3GPP Network Elements
15.1.8 (FS_IS_DASH) - Study on Improved Support for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
15.1.9 (FS_HTML5) - Study on HTML5 for a New Presentation Layer in 3GPP Services
15.1.10 (FS_OAM_VH) - Study on version handling
15.1.11 (FS_OAM_HetNet) - Study on management of Heterogeneous Networks
15.1.12 (FS_OAM_SHARE) - Study on OAM aspects of Network Sharing
15.1.13 (FS_SON_NM_CCO) - Study on Enhanced Network Management (NM) centralized Coverage and Capacity Optimization
15.1.14 (FS_WLAN_OAM) - Study on WLAN management
15.1.15 (FS_OAM_AM) - Study on Alarm Management
15.1.16 (FS_AMTC) - Study on Alternatives to E.164 for Machine-Type Communications
15.1.17 (FS_CSN) - Study on Continuity of Data Sessions to Local Networks
15.1.18 (FS_MODAI) - Study on non-MTC Mobile Data Applications Impacts
15.1.19 (FS_IMS_P2P_CDS) - Study on IMS based Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution Services (Stage 2)
15.2 Ongoing Studies
15.2.1 (FS_eDRX) - Feasibility study on Extended DRX cycle for Power Consumption Optimization
15.2.2 (FS_AE_CIoT) - Study on architecture enhancements of cellular systems for ultra low complexity and low throughput Internet of Things
15.2.3 (FS_BEST_MTC_Sec) - Study on Battery Efficient Security for very low Throughput Machine Type Communication Devices
15.2.4 (FS_HLcom) - Study on Optimizations to Support High Latency Communications
15.2.5 (FS_SSO_Int_Sec) - Study on Security aspects of Integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) frameworks with 3GPP networks
15.2.6 (FS_ProSe_Sec) - Study on Security for Proximity-based Services
15.2.7 (FS_SPI) - Study on Subscriber Privacy Impact in 3GPP
15.2.8 (FS_LISE) - Study on Lawful Interception Service Evolution
15.2.9 (FS_ESCAPADES) - Study on IMS enhanced spoofed call prevention and detection
15.2.10 (FS_SEATS) - Study on Enhanced Acoustic Test Specifications
15.2.11 (FS_OAM_NGMN_NGCOR) Study on Compliance of 3GPP SA5 specifications to the NGMN NGCOR
15.2.12 (FS_D_MLB_SON_OAM) - Study on Enhancements of OAM aspects of Distributed Mobility Load Balancing (MLB) SON function
15.2.13 (FS_OAM_AP_Itf-N) - Study on Application and Partitioning of Itf-N
15.2.14 (FS_OAM_VIRNET) - Study on Network Management of Virtualized Networks
15.2.15 (FS_OAM_KQISE) - Study on KQI for Service Experience
15.2.16 (FS_VE_3MS) - Study on Video Enhancements in 3GPP Multimedia Services
15.2.17 (FS_IS3) - Study on Interactivity Support for 3GPP-based Streaming and Download Services
15.2.18 (FS_DCCHII) - Study on Determination of Completeness of Charging Information in IMS
15.2.19 (FS_OAM_LSA) - Study on OAM support for Licensed Shared Access (LSA)
15.2.20 (FS_SEW) - Study on the Support of Emergency services over WLAN
15.2.21 (FS_EASE_IoT) - Study on EGPRS Access Security Enhancements with relation to cellular IoT
15.2.22 (FS_MBMS_enh) - Study on MBMS Enhancements
15.2.23 (FS_REVOLTE_IMS_CH) - Charging aspects on Roaming End-to-end scenarios with VoLTE IMS and interconnecting networks
15.2.24 (FS_SMARTER) Study on New Services and Markets Technology Enablers
15.2.25 (FS_MAPN) - Study on Need for multiple APNs
15.2.27 (FS_eULRS) - Study on Enhancements to User Location Reporting Support
15.2.28 (FS_CATS) - Study on Control of Applications when Third party Servers encounter difficulties
15.2.29 (FS_MCVideo) - Study on Mission Critical Video over LTE
15.2.30 (FS_MCDATA) - Study on Mission Critical Data Communications
15.2.31 (FS_V2XLTE) - Study on LTE support for V2X services
15.2.32 (FS_EnTV) - Study on 3GPP Enhancement for TV Video service
15.2.33 (FS_PPEPO_LTE) - Study on Paging Policy Enhancements and Procedure Optimizations in LTE
16 Proposed New WIDs (not part of an existing feature)
17 Proposed New Study Items (SIDs)
18 Project Management
18.1 Review of the work plan
18.2 Release contents and planning discussions
18.3 Specification Status
19 Project Support
19.1 Improvements to working methods
19.2 MCC Status Report
20 Future meeting schedule
21 Any Other Business
22 Close of Meeting