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Meeting: TP-19 - 2003-03-12 to 2003-03-14, Birmingham

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TDoc Title Source Remarks
TP‑030001 - - -
TP‑030002 DRAFT Agenda (version 2) Sang-Keun PARK, TSG-T Chairman -
TP‑030003 TSG-SA#18 result summary for TSG-T TSG-T Secretary -
TP‑030004 - - -
TP‑030005 - - -
TP‑030006 - - -
TP‑030007 Third Form Factor work status and request for additional requirements EP SCP -
TP‑030008 LS on MMS Standards Status to 3GPP2 TSG-N 3GPP T2 -
TP‑030009 LS - T2 GUP Coordination Progress Report to SA2 T2 -
TP‑030010 LS on requirement to test non transmission of newly defined IEs in RRC protocol for Early UE handling TSG RAN -
TP‑030011 Verification of the L1 parameters of the RAB configuration used for RLC testing RAN WG1 -
TP‑030012 Reply to LS on requirement to test non-transmission of newly defined IEs in RRC protocol for Early UE handling T1/SIG -
TP‑030013 Response LS on proposed RAB configuration used for RLC testing T1 -
TP‑030014 Response to the OMA LS on common test specifications for applications and services 3GPP TSG T Working Group 1 (UE Conformance Testing) -
TP‑030015 Liaison Statement on UMTS end-to-end testing TSG T WG1 -
TP‑030016 - - -
TP‑030017 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 11.11 and TS 51.011: Specification of the SIM ME Interface -
TP‑030018 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 31.102: Characteristics of the USIM Application -
TP‑030019 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 31.103: Characteristics of the ISIM Application -
TP‑030020 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 11.14 and TS 51.014: -
TP‑030021 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 31.111: USIM Application toolkit (USAT) -
TP‑030022 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 31.113 USAT interpreter; stage 3; Byte Codes -
TP‑030023 Version-Current Title:CR to TS 31.131: ‘C’-language binding to (U)SIM API -
TP‑030024 Version-Current Title:CR to TS 43.019: SIM Application Programming Interface (API), Stage 2, (JavaTM) -
TP‑030025 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 23.048: SIM toolkit secure messaging (stage 2) -
TP‑030026 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 11.13: Test specification for the SIM API for Java CardTM -
TP‑030027 Version-Current Title:CR to TS 11.17: SIM conformance test specification -
TP‑030028 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 31.121: UICC-Terminal Interface; Application Test specification -
TP‑030029 Version-Current Title:CRs to TS 31.122: USIM Conformance test specification -
TP‑030030 Version-Current Title:CR to TR 31.900: SIM/USIM internal and external interworking -
TP‑030031 - - WID
TP‑030032 3GPP TS 34.131 Test Specification for ‘C’-language binding to (U)SIM API T3 -
TP‑030033 LS on (U)SIM Toolkit originated emergency calls TSG T3 -
TP‑030034 LS : RE: SIM Application Toolkit Test Specification TSG-T-WG3 -
TP‑030035 - - -
TP‑030036 - - -
TP‑030037 Cat Title:Change Requests to AT +W46 -
TP‑030038 Cat Title:Change Requests on Cell Broadcast Service -
TP‑030039 Cat Title:Change Requests on MMS -
TP‑030040 - - -
TP‑030041 Draft report from T1#18 ETSI MCC -
TP‑030042 - - -
TP‑030043 CR's to TS 34.108 v3.10.0 for approval T1 -
TP‑030044 CR's to TS 34.108 v4.5.0 for approval T1 -
TP‑030045 CR's to TS 34.121 v3.11.0 for approval T1 -
TP‑030046 CR's to TS 34.122 v3.10.0 and v4.6.0 for approval T1 -
TP‑030047 CR's to TS 34.123-1 v5.2.0 related to Idle mode, Layer 2, RABs and TDD test cases T1 -
TP‑030048 CR's to TS 34.123-1 v5.2.0 related to RRC test cases T1 -
TP‑030049 CR's to TS 34.123-1 v5.2.0 related to NAS test cases T1 -
TP‑030050 CR's to TS 34.123-2 v5.2.0 for approval T1 -
TP‑030051 CR's to TS 34.123-3 v3.0.0 for approval T1 -
TP‑030052 Revision of T1 work items T1 WID
TP‑030053 - - -
TP‑030054 Reply LS on Alignment of MMS Message Size definition SA5 -
TP‑030055 Reply LS on OMA Device Management Requirements document SA5 -
TP‑030056 LS on T2 GUP Co-ordination Progress Report to SA2 SA2 -
TP‑030057 - - -
TP‑030058 - - -
TP‑030062 - - -
TP‑030063 - - -
TP‑030064 Discussion on IPv6 utilisation within IMS mmO2 -
TP‑030065 - - -
TP‑030066 - T2 -
TP‑030067 - - -
TP‑030068 Improving Cooperation Between 3GPP and OMA Nortel Networks -
TP‑030069 - - -
TP‑030070 - - -
TP‑030071 - - -

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