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Meeting: S1-19 - 2003-02-24 to 2003-02-28, Sophia Antipolis

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TDoc Title Source Remarks
S1‑030032 New scenario input to TR22.800 Telia AB -
S1‑030033 Agenda for IMS SWG (only 22.800) at Paris TB Chairman -
S1‑030038 RESERVED for IMS SWG TBD -
S1‑030039 RESERVED for IMS SWG TBD -
S1‑030072 Correction to forwarding of DTMF digits for CPH calls Ericsson -
S1‑030096 Netshare CR to TS 21.905 Telia AB -
S1‑030102 - void - SIEMENS -
S1‑030109 - void - SIEMENS -
S1‑030111 CAMEL support for pre-paid SCUDIF calls Ericsson -

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