The 5G Standard

IEEE RAC registration request tracking


The table below tracks registration requests to be made to IEEE RAC (Registration Authority Technical Review Committee). Applications for new entries must be made by the specifications rapporteur via email to the 3GPP Specifications manager.

Applicant/Working group   


Registration type

Compact name




Date of inclusion in this registry

Request sent

Final outcome

 RAN3  ETSI EtherType value  LWAAP  LTE-WLAN Aggregation Adaptation Protocol (LWAAP), used by LTE-WLAN Aggregation (LWA) as defined in 3GPP TS 36.300 TS 36.300 18/10/2023 EtherType 9E65 allocated to LWAAP 
--- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --  
 CT1 ETSI EtherType value 3GPP IEEE MAC based protocol family  The 3GPP IEEE MAC based protocol family envelope is defined in 3GPP TS 24.193 as the MAC client data field of a MAC frame as specified in IEEE 802.3. The first octet of the 3GPP IEEE MAC based protocol family envelope contains the protocol subtype field TS 24.193  18/10/2023


When requesting a new registration type the following information has to be provided in the new request to IEEE RAC:

  1. Has the new protocol been developed and tested in accordance with clause 9 and especially clause 9.2.3 and Figure 12 of IEEE Std 802-2014, IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture?
  2. Does ETSI have any existing Ethertype assignments?
    1. Does the existing use of the original assignment support sub-typing?
    2. Does the current applicant/working group know who is currently responsible for maintenance of the previously assigned Ethertype?
    3. Has the current applicant/working group considered using sub-typing of the older Ethertype for the new use under application?
    4. Given the above, why is a new Ethertype needed?
  3. Have the full provisions of Figure 12 for the “Protocol identification field” in the prototype protocol been preserved in the final version of the protocol for which the new EtherType is being requested?
  4. What provisions have been made for maintaining and assigning sub-types going forward within ETSI? Please provide an example of the first 10 bytes/octets as an example.