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<<Updated 2021-11-10>> Mr. Xu Xia (China Telecom/CCSA) re-elected Vice Chair by acclamation and Mr. Yusuke NAKANO (KDDI Corporation/ARIB) elected new Vice Chair of SA WG1.

Within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Service and System Aspects (TSG SA), the main objective of 3GPP TSG SA WG1 (SA1) is to consider and study new and enhanced services, features, and capabilities and identify any corresponding stage 1 requirements to be met by 3GPP specifications. These service requirements are documented in normative specifications under SA1 responsibility.

In addition, SA1 considers the requirements for different services and their interworking as the system continues to evolve. Interworking aspects include both the interworking of services offered by 3GPP standards and the interworking with networks and standards external to 3GPP. SA WG1 also considers service operation, charging and accounting aspects.

3GPP Organizational Partners’ individual members who are stakeholders in market sectors (also termed ‘vertical markets’) participate in the work of SA1 to investigate opportunities for their market through use of 3GPP services. SA1 identifies specific requirements on the 3GPP System to support these vertical markets’ justified objectives.

SA1 is currently responsible for service requirements for the 5G System, with emphasis on the following: diverse new and evolved 5G services and their enablers including support for new 5G access related services, mission critical service aspects, regulatory aspects, and support for vertical markets.

Terms of reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at SA#91-e in document SP-210268

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The success of 3GPP Working Groups is driven by documents contributed by member companies. An idea is transformed in to a Technical Specification or a Technical Report as a result of a work flow that starts by contributions, in the form of documents. The process of submitting documents, and handling them, is very important to the success of the group. The 3GPP SA1 Guidelines for Delegates (...)
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