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TO: ISO-IECJTC1-SC29_N20201 get it Liaison statement to 3GPP SA4 on MPEG Green Metadata 2021-10-29
TO: R2-2108914 get it LS on the MBS broadcast service continuity and MBS session identification 2021-09-20
CC: R2-2111603 get it LS on RAN visible QoE 2021-11-23
TO: R3-214471 get it Reply LS on QoE configuration and reporting related issues 2021-08-31
TO: S2-2109171 get it Reply LS on maximum number of MBS sessions that can be associated to a PDU session 2021-11-23
TO: S5-214519 get it Reply LS on QoE report handling at QoE pause 2021-09-03
Number of incoming LS documents: 6

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