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TO: ISO-IECJTC1-SC29_N19096 get it Liaison Statement from SC 29/WG 1 to 3GPP SA WG 4 on JPEG Pleno Point Cloud Coding [SC 29/WG 1 N 88046] 2020-08-28
TO: R3-205724 get it New service type of NR QoE 2020-09-02
TO: S2-2006292 get it LS on method for collection of data from the UE 2020-09-04
TO: SG13-LS181 get it LS/o on the new work item on “Scenarios and Requirements of Intent-Based Network for network evolution (Y.IBN-reqts)” 2020-09-08
TO: sp16-sg12-oLS-00121 get it LS on new work regarding the extension of the E-model (G.107.1, G.107.2, P.833.2 and P.834.2) 2020-09-16
TO: SP-200888 get it LS on Rel-17 schedule 2020-09-21
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