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TO: CP-241308 get it LS on Registering JWT claims at IANA 2024-06-19
TO: CTA WAVE to 3GPP SA4 on Streaming Media Test Suite for Devices 2024-06-14 get it Announcing the Release of the WAVE Streaming Media Test Suite - Devices 2024-06-17
TO: DECT(24)000181r2_LS_on_next_revision_of_LC3plus__TS_103_634_V1_5_1_ get it Updates on TS 103 634 V1.5.1 (LC3plus) 2024-06-25
CC: R2-2405779 get it Reply LS to SA2 on FS_XRM PH2 2024-05-24
CC: R2-2405781 get it Reply LS on Application-Layer FEC Awareness at RAN 2024-05-24
CC: R2-2405782 get it LS on multi-modality awareness at RAN 2024-05-24
CC: R3-243958 get it Response LS on FS_XRM Ph2 2024-05-24
CC: S1-241351 get it Reply LS on clarification on mobile metaverse services 2024-06-04
TO: S2-2405454 get it LS on Binding information 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405602 get it LS on Clarification of DC Binding Information 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2407156 get it reply LS on Clarification related to NR RedCap UE Information 2024-06-03
TO: S2-2407351 get it LS on FS_XRM Ph2 2024-06-03
CC: S3-241497 get it LS to request clarification on mobile metaverse services 2024-04-25
TO: s3i240475 get it Reply LS on enhancement to the protocol stack of IMS Data Channel 2024-07-17
CC: S6-242734 get it Reply LS on request clarification on mobile metaverse services 2024-05-24
TO: SG16-LS199 get it LS on commencement of three new work items H.ILE-3DIT, H.ILE-AR, and H.ILE-3DINR [to ITU-T SGs 9, 11, 12, and 13, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29, 3GPP SA4, ETSI ISG ARF and ISG F5G, W3C, DVB, EBU, VRIF] 2024-05-21
TO: sp17-fg-mv-oLS-00051 get it LS on Results of the seventh and final meeting of the FG-MV 2024-06-25
TO: sp17-sg16-oLS-00168 get it LS on initiation of new work item ITU-T F.3DCS-reqts""Requirements and functional architecture for 3D collaborative design services"" [to 3GPP, ISO/IEC, IEC TC110, IEEE Metaverse Standards Committee] 2024-05-21
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