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TO: C3-224556 get it Reply LS on Traffic Identification within 5G Media Streaming 2022-09-05
TO: C3-224655 get it Reply LS on 5MBS User Services 2022-09-07
CC: C4-224401 get it Reply to LS on VoLTE Roaming GBR Handling 2022-09-05
TO: R2-2208885 get it Reply LS on the MBS broadcast service continuity and MBS session identification 2022-08-26
TO: R2-2209213 get it LS on Pose Information for XR 2022-09-13
TO: R3-225227 get it LS to SA4 on Rel-18 enhancement of NR QoE 2022-08-26
TO: R3-225255 get it LS on new service types for NR QoE 2022-08-26
CC: S2-2207390 get it Reply LS on Security architecture for 5G multicast/broadcast services 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207882 get it LS on media negotiation for AR telephony communication 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207887 get it LS on further details on XR traffic. 2022-08-30
CC: S2-2207888 get it LS on response to LS on parameters preconfigured in the UE to receive MBS service 2022-08-30
TO: S3-222391 get it Reply LS on the impact of MSK update on MBS multicast session update procedure 2022-08-31
Number of incoming LS documents: 12

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