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CC: C4-213451 get it Reply LS on Clarification on the API design principles 2021-06-01
TO: ISO-IECJTC1-SC29_N19851 get it Liaison Statement from SC 29/WG 03 to 3GPP SA4 on encoder and packager synchronization [SC 29/WG 03 N 275] 2021-06-10
TO: ISO-IECJTC1-SC29_N19852 get it Liaison Statement from SC 29/WG 03 to 3GPP SA4 on New HEVC CMAF Media Profiles [SC 29/WG 03 N 276] 2021-06-10
TO: ls248-16 get it LS on new work item on draft Recommendation ITU-T F.VG-V 2021-06-03
TO: MSDO_AN_Liasion LoI review 20210624 get it Liaison Multi-SDO Autonomous Networks (AN) Formal Liaison: Request for review of Letter of Intent and report on the 21st of June Formal meeting Ref AN-SDO2021-08 2021-06-25
TO: R1-2106149 get it LS response on New Standardized 5QIs for 5G-AIS (Advanced Interactive Services) 2021-06-01
TO: R2-2106775 get it LS on QoE report handling at QoE pause 2021-06-01
TO: R2-2106776 get it LS on QoE configuration and reporting related issues 2021-06-01
CC: R3-212800 get it Reply LS to CT4 on Information on the port number allocation solutions 2021-06-01
TO: R3-212904 get it LS on the mapping between service types and slice at application 2021-06-01
TO: R3-212953 get it LS on requirement for configuration changes of ongoing QMC sessions 2021-06-01
TO: R3-212976 get it LS on the area handling for QoE during mobility 2021-06-01
TO: S2-2104864 get it Reply LS to SA4 on UE Data Collection 2021-06-01
TO: S2-2104962 get it Reply LS on work split for MBSF and MBSTF definition 2021-06-01
TO: SG11-LS200 get it LS on the new work item Q.DC-SA ""Signalling architecture of data channel enhanced IMS network"" 2021-07-20
TO: SLC04-smpte-to-3GPP-PCD-RP2059-15-2021-04-28 get it PTP device monitoring Public Committee Draft 2021-04-28
TO: sp16-sg12-oLS-00136 get it LS on new Supplement related to ITU-T Rec P.800 use cases^^^^ 2021-05-18
TO: WAVE Liaison on Alignment on CMAF Media Profiles 2021-07-01 get it WAVE Project liaison regarding alignment on CMAF Media Profiles 2021-07-02
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