3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S6-55

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S6-231939 get it Reply LS on clarifications on V2X, UAS and SEAL entities acting as EAS 2023-05-30
S6-231999 get it Reply LS on Edge Configuration Server associated with or serves multiple PLMNs 2023-05-30
S6-232001 get it Reply LS on the reuse of EVEX as specified in TS 26.531 2023-05-22
S6-232076 get it Reply LS on Alignment of SA3 security aspects for Personal IoT Networks 2023-05-30
S6-232127 get it LS on Reply LS on 3GPP TR 23.700-98 V1.2.0 Analysis 2023-05-30
S6-232145 get it LS to GSMA on publication of GSMA OPG and OPAG documents 2023-05-30
S6-232146 get it LS for clarification on Federation Identifier 2023-05-30
S6-232197 get it LS on REl-18 work on architecture for enabling Edge Applications 2023-05-30
S6-232198 get it LS for clarification on EAS instantiation duration time 2023-05-30
Number of outgoing LS documents: 9

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