3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S5-152

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S5-237440 get it Reply LS to ETSI NFV on LS out about PIM specification development by ETSI NFV 2023-11-21
S5-237698 get it Reply LS on Multi-SDO Autonomous Networks (AN) Formal Liaison: Call for Candidate Proposals for AN SDO Information Sharing 2023-11-27
S5-237941 get it LS on issues with Packet Uu Loss Rate with delay threshold in the DL per DRB per UE 2023-11-21
S5-238096 get it LS reply on inputs for mapping GSMA OPG architecture roles with 3GPP defined Edge architectures 2023-11-21
S5-238098 get it Reply LS on area scope for QoE measurements 2023-11-21
S5-238099 get it Further Reply LS on Enhancement on the attribute for 5GLAN management 2023-11-21
S5-238101 get it Reply LS on MDT for NPN 2023-11-21
S5-238102 get it Reply LS on user consent for SON/MDT for NB-IoT UEs 2023-11-21
S5-238103 get it LS on QoE measurement collection for application sessions delivered via MBS broadcast or multicast 2023-11-21
S5-238106 get it LS on network energy related information exposure 2023-11-21
S5-238107 get it LS on the progress update of AI/ML Management specifications in SA5 2023-11-21
S5-238140 get it Reply LS to LS to 3GPP re Monitoring of Encrypted 5GS Signalling Traffic 2023-11-21
S5-238162 get it Reply LS to ETSI NFV on publication of ETSI NFV specification on Intent Management Service Interface and Intent Information Model 2023-11-28
Number of outgoing LS documents: 13

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