3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S5-145-e

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S5-225321 get it Reply LS on User Consent Updating 2022-08-29
S5-225599 get it LS on Reply on initiation new work item M.fidtom Framework of intent driven telecom operation and management 2022-08-29
S5-225602 get it Reply LS on UML models and tools to be used by 3GPP SA5 2022-08-29
S5-225604 get it LS reply to TM Forum, MEF and GSMA on overall architecture for network slice ordering, provisioning and assurance 2022-08-29
S5-225615 get it Reply LS on LS/r on methodology harmonization update 2022-08-29
S5-225761 get it Reply LS on LS in Enhancement on Charging Identifier Uniqueness Mechanism 2022-08-29
S5-225775 get it LS on Reference point allocation to support charging services 2022-08-29
Number of outgoing LS documents: 7

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