3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S5-ah-38390

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S5-203016 get it Reply LS on energy efficiency 2020-06-09
S5-203166 get it LS to CT4 on MDT specific configuration parameters in NR 2020-06-09
S5-203262 get it LS on adding transport information in 3GPP NRM to facilitate Cross-domain OAM coordination 2020-06-15
S5-203313 get it Reply LS to ONAP LS reply to S5-202300 2020-06-09
S5-203314 get it Reply LS to ONAP LS reply to S5-197831 2020-06-15
S5-203360 get it LS on network data analysis energy saving 2020-06-04
S5-203361 get it LS on the clarification of handover and reselection parameters 2020-06-15
S5-203369 get it Reply LS to Reply LS on support for eCall over NR 2020-06-15
S5-203370 get it LS on SA5 Rel-17 work on SLA 2020-06-15
S5-203410 get it Reply LS to LS on removal of Management Based MDT Allowed IE for NR 2020-06-09
S5-203459 get it Reply LS on mapping with slices of different domains via Cross-domain OAM coordination 2020-06-15
Number of outgoing LS documents: 11

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