3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S5-154

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S5-241777 get it Reply LS to SA2 on OAM input data for QoS Sustainability 2024-04-30
S5-241836 get it Reply LS on 3GPP Reservation of Edge Resources and Correlation information for API volume based charging 2024-04-30
S5-241920 get it Reply LS on LS on Creation of private branches on the GitLab ""5G_APIs"" repository 2024-04-30
S5-241924 get it LS Reply to SA4 on 3GPP work on energy efficiency 2024-04-30
S5-241925 get it Reply LS on area scope handling for QoE measurements 2024-04-30
S5-241927 get it Reply LS on MDT measurements collection in MR-DC 2024-04-30
S5-241930 get it Reply LS on ""Signalling and protocol for Digital Twin Network"" 2024-04-30
S5-242038 get it LS on MBS Communication Service Type 2024-04-30
S5-242198 get it LS reply on OAM requirements for UE location verification 2024-04-30
S5-242221 get it Reply LS on the user consent for trace reporting 2024-04-30
Number of outgoing LS documents: 10

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