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Outgoing liaisons from: S5-149

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S5-234452 get it LS on Enhancement on Charging Identifier Uniqueness Mechanism 2023-06-01
S5-234453 get it LS on Slice based (wholesale) differentiation and charging in roaming 2023-06-01
S5-234547 get it Reply LS to LS on Information and request of advice on the SG13 plan to initiate a new work item on ""Requirements and framework of network function enhancements of IMT-2020 networks and beyond from the energy efficiency perspective"" 2023-06-01
S5-234594 get it Reply LS to LS on Information on ETSI EE monitoring standard and support from 3GPP SA5 2023-06-01
S5-234651 get it Reply LS to LS on Y.3159 “Framework for classifying network slice level in future networks including IMT-2020” 2023-06-01
S5-234776 get it Security for AI ML management capabilities 2023-06-01
S5-234824 get it LS on LS Reply on O-RAN – Transport Network Slicing Enhancement IM/DM TS28.541 2023-06-01
S5-234839 get it Reply LS on introduction of a new attribute “Only Resource Coordination” to support source coordination between LTE and NR SA 2023-06-01
Number of outgoing LS documents: 8

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