3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S3-ah-38163

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S3-201300 get it Reply LS on selected EPS NAS algorithms for unauthenticated emergency sessions in 5GS 2020-05-26
S3-201350 get it LS reply to CT4 LS on Multiple Kausf upon registering via multiple SNs 2020-05-26
S3-201365 get it Reply LS on towards post-quantum symmetric and asymmetric cryptography in 5G 2020-05-26
S3-201380 get it Reply-LS on FN-RG authentication and related questions 2020-05-20
S3-201414 get it LS on protection of allowed CAG list against MITM Attack 2020-05-26
S3-201432 get it Reply LS on SUCI computation from an NSI 2020-05-26
S3-201453 get it LS reply on security context for 5GC to EPC mobility 2020-05-26
S3-201464 get it LS Reply to LS on Misalignment on HTTP connections for N32-c and on N32-f contexts termination 2020-05-25
S3-201471 get it Reply LS on ARPF in UDICOM 2020-05-25
S3-201479 get it Reply LS on Misalignments on N32-f context Id 2020-05-26
S3-201483 get it LS reply to RAN WG2 LS on the security related issues for NR SL 2020-05-26
S3-201484 get it LS reply to RAN WG3 LS on AS rekeying handling 2020-05-26
S3-201487 get it LS on Updated User Plane Integrity Protection advice 2020-05-26
S3-201489 get it Reply LS on Calculation of ShortResumeMAC-I 2020-05-26
S3-201490 get it LS on security consideration of performance measurement function protocol 2020-05-26
Number of outgoing LS documents: 15

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