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S3-233139 get it Reply LS on Security architecture for 5G multicast/broadcast services 2023-06-01
S3-233140 get it Reply LS on AFId parameter value in EES invocation of Nnef_UEId_Get service 2023-06-01
S3-233142 get it Reply LS on ETSI MEC discussion on possible new requirements for AKMA framework 2023-06-01
S3-233143 get it Reply LS on Authorization of NF service consumers for data access via DCCF 2023-05-24
S3-233145 get it LS on UPU enhancement 2023-06-01
S3-233200 get it LS on Security Solution for Selective SCG 2023-06-01
S3-233212 get it Reply LS on Specification of the 256-bit air algorithms 2023-06-01
S3-233308 get it LS on Further input to address GSMA LS on requirements for intermediaries in the roaming ecosystem (S3-232344) 2023-06-01
S3-233321 get it Reply LS on Research highlighting potential 5G and 4G Bidding Down Attacks 2023-06-01
S3-233322 get it LS on Clarification on Removal of the Indicator of UUAA result from AMF 2023-06-01
S3-233323 get it Reply LS on security for L2 UE-to-UE relay 2023-06-01
S3-233351 get it LS to SA5 on NFc registration using OAM 2023-06-01
S3-233355 get it Reply LS on SCTP-AUTH and DTLS 2023-06-01
S3-233410 get it Reply LS for Clarification on KMS provisioning 2023-06-01
S3-233438 get it Reply LS on security aspects for Ranging/Sidelink Positioning 2023-06-01
S3-233439 get it Reply LS on security architecture for 5G multicast–broadcast services 2023-06-01
Number of outgoing LS documents: 16

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