3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S2-161

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S2-2403027 get it Reply LS to GSMA on Monitoring of Encrypted 5GS Signalling Traffic 2024-03-04
S2-2403444 get it LS Reply to SA5 on LS on new definitions of energy efficiency and energy consumption 2024-03-04
S2-2403670 get it LS on traffic steering and/or switching of user data across two 3GPP access networks 2024-03-04
S2-2403679 get it Reply LS on network initiated IMS Data Channel 2024-03-04
S2-2403682 get it Reply LS on UE selection for Ranging_SL 2024-03-04
S2-2403703 get it LS Reply on Clarification related to the information exposed by the 5GC to NSCE server. 2024-03-04
S2-2403709 get it Reply LS on Handling of regulatory prioritized services in Non-allowed areas 2024-03-04
S2-2403712 get it Reply LS on RAN3 agreements on mobile IAB 2024-03-06
S2-2403733 get it LS on per UE energy consumption in RAN 2024-03-04
S2-2403843 get it Reply LS on Robust Notification Alert 2024-03-04
S2-2403844 get it Reply LS on Support of interworking between SA4 RTC and IMS 2024-03-04
S2-2403851 get it Reply LS on UE Location Information for NB-IoT NTN 2024-03-04
S2-2403859 get it Clarification on the requirements for NTZ 2024-03-04
Number of outgoing LS documents: 13

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