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Outgoing liaisons from: S2-160

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S2-2313274 get it LS Response on EAC Mode Subscription Optimization 2023-11-20
S2-2313514 get it Reply LS on Preparation of NG-RAN resources to serve the alternative S-NSSAI 2023-11-20
S2-2313515 get it Reply LS on Clarification related to Network Slicing enhancement 2023-11-20
S2-2313517 get it Reply LS on Clarifications related to Network Slice Replacement feature 2023-11-20
S2-2313557 get it Reply LS on PDN connection selection for URSP provisioning in EPS 2023-11-20
S2-2313605 get it Reply LS on charging aspects of AI/ML traffic 2023-11-20
S2-2313635 get it LS on KPIs granularity of the end-to-end data volume transfer time analytics 2023-11-20
S2-2313671 get it LS reply on Issues on QoS Monitoring parameters for XR service 2023-11-20
S2-2313689 get it Reply LS on provisioning separate DL and UL PDU Set QoS Parameters to NG-RAN 2023-11-20
S2-2313718 get it Reply LS on SNPN Identifier based N3IWF FQDN (Tdoc: S2-2311962/C4-234369) 2023-11-20
S2-2313734 get it LS regarding the endorsed CRs that were part of S2-2311886 2023-11-20
S2-2313760 get it Reply LS on UPSI handling at the UE 2023-11-20
S2-2313776 get it LS on Ranging/SL Positioning service exposure security and privacy check 2023-11-20
S2-2313777 get it Reply LS on QMC support in RRC_IDLE and RRC_INACTIVE 2023-11-20
S2-2313778 get it Reply LS on URSP signalling improvement for recurrent events 2023-11-20
S2-2313793 get it Reply LS on DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) 2023-11-20
S2-2313795 get it Reply LS on misalignment between PTW and Coverage Window 2023-11-20
S2-2313796 get it Reply LS on L2ID and User Info for L2 based U2U 2023-11-20
S2-2313799 get it Reply LS on Ethernet MAC address conflict in 5G ProSe Communication via 5G ProSe Layer-3 UE-to-UE Relay 2023-11-20
S2-2313800 get it Reply LS on handling of location information in multi-path operation 2023-11-20
S2-2313809 get it Reply LS on Trigger for secure user plane establishment via user plane 2023-11-20
S2-2313821 get it Further reply LS on NSACF Role and NSAC Service Area 2023-11-21
S2-2313862 get it Reply LS on clarification for list of UEs parameter handling 2023-11-21
S2-2313887 get it Reply LS on Clarification on Correlation ID in UP Notification 2023-11-21
S2-2313889 get it LS to RAN2/CT WGs on RAN&CT alignment issues 2023-11-21
S2-2313901 get it Reply LS on Proposed method for AMF discovery and subscription by the TSCTSF 2023-11-21
S2-2313911 get it Reply LS on INACTIVE eDRX above 10.24sec and SDT 2023-11-21
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