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Outgoing liaisons from: S2-157

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S2-2307511 get it Reply LS on IMS Data Channel 2023-05-30
S2-2307533 get it LS on UICC configuration for IMS Data Channel 2023-05-30
S2-2307553 get it LS on assistance information provided to UE 2023-05-30
S2-2307686 get it Reply LS on clarifications related to the NEF's role in MBS group message data delivery 2023-05-30
S2-2307707 get it Reply LS to SA2 on authorization for multi-path Scenario 2 2023-05-30
S2-2307730 get it LS reply to RAN3 progress on Rel-18 RedCap enhancements to address remaining ENs in TS 23.502 2023-05-30
S2-2307736 get it LS on DCCF subscriptions to UPF 2023-05-30
S2-2307737 get it Reply to LS on Clarifications on location validity information 2023-05-30
S2-2307742 get it LS on Support of wireline access and FWA for accessing Stand-alone private network 2023-05-30
S2-2307743 get it Reply LS on ProSe Secondary Authentication 2023-05-30
S2-2307781 get it Reply LS on BRID and DAA broadcast over LTE and NR PC5 2023-05-30
S2-2307787 get it Reply LS on enforcement of AF specific identifier 2023-05-30
S2-2307789 get it Reply LS on management of AS by AF 2023-05-30
S2-2307790 get it Reply LS on Handling of the Allowed PDU session status IE in Non-allowed service area 2023-05-30
S2-2307792 get it Reply LS on applicability of IWK to mixture of control plane only PDU session and non-control plane only PDU session 2023-05-30
S2-2307793 get it LS on UE memory available for SMS 2023-05-30
S2-2307794 get it Reply LS on carrier mapping for unicast SL CA 2023-05-30
S2-2307898 get it LS reply on Voice over WiFi Handover 2023-05-30
S2-2307974 get it Reply LS on the use of PEI during an emergency PDU session 2023-05-30
S2-2307982 get it Reply to LS on addressing packet loss during multicast MBS delivery 2023-05-30
S2-2307983 get it LS on GSMA requirements regarding intermediaries in the roaming ecosystem and related LSs 2023-05-30
S2-2307984 get it Reply LS on the enhancements to restricting paging in a limited area 2023-05-30
S2-2308078 get it LS on MDAF discovery mechanisms 2023-05-30
S2-2308086 get it LS on provisioning list of tuples to UE 2023-05-30
S2-2308158 get it LS On IAB-node De-authorization handling 2023-05-30
S2-2308197 get it LS reply on TSCAI for XR 2023-05-30
S2-2308199 get it Reply LS on the N6 PDU Set Identification 2023-05-30
S2-2308200 get it Reply LS on RAN information exposure for XRM 2023-05-30
S2-2308224 get it Reply LS on LS on API enhancement for GMEC services and AIMLSys services 2023-05-30
S2-2308233 get it Proposed method for AMF discovery and subscription by the TSCTSF 2023-05-30
S2-2308248 get it LS Reply on Design of RTP Header Extension for PDU Set handling 2023-05-30
S2-2308252 get it Non-homogeneous deployment of PDU Set based handling 2023-05-30
Number of outgoing LS documents: 32

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