3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S2-154-AH-e

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S2-2301362 get it Reply to LS on PIN Management 2023-01-24
S2-2301378 get it Reply LS on PDU Set Handling 2023-01-24
S2-2301384 get it LS reply on reply LS on XR and Media Services 2023-01-24
S2-2301404 get it LS on Edge Configuration Server associated with or serves multiple PLMNs 2023-01-24
S2-2301420 get it LS Reply on UL scenario of reactive RAN feedback for burst sending time adjustment 2023-01-24
S2-2301437 get it LS on RAN impact for NPN enhancement in Rel-18 2023-01-24
S2-2301441 get it Regarding issues related to SNPN selection for Localized services 2023-01-24
S2-2301463 get it Proposed method for Time Synchronization status reporting to UE(s) 2023-01-24
S2-2301464 get it Reply LS on Reply LS on RAN dependency for Ranging/Sidelink Positioning 2023-01-24
S2-2301465 get it LS on secured and trusted access to the serving PLMN OAM server by a MBSR 2023-01-24
S2-2301466 get it LS on Support of Network Slices which have Area of Service not matching deployed Tracking Areas 2023-01-24
S2-2301467 get it LS on Partially allowed/rejected NSSAI 2023-01-24
S2-2301468 get it Reply LS on NSSRG restriction across different access types over different PLMNs 2023-01-24
S2-2301578 get it LS about KPIs for AI/ML model transfer in 5GS 2023-01-24
S2-2301634 get it LS about CHF Logic Realization wrt/ Spending Limits functionality 2023-01-24
S2-2301786 get it Reply LS on SL positioning groupcast and broadcast 2023-01-24
S2-2301789 get it LS on UE event reporting over a user plane connection to LCS client or AF 2023-01-24
S2-2301827 get it LS on PS Data Off for IMS Data Channel service 2023-01-24
S2-2301839 get it Reply LS on the slice-specific N3IWF prefix configuration in VPLMN 2023-01-24
S2-2301854 get it LS on PC5 based Detect and Avoid mechanism 2023-01-24
S2-2301857 get it LS on LPP message and supplementary service event report over a user plane connection between UE and LMF 2023-01-24
S2-2301858 get it Reply LS on long eDRX support for RRC_INACTIVE 2023-01-24
S2-2302061 get it Reply LS on Issues on historical analytics and Slice Load Level Analytics 2023-01-24
S2-2302062 get it LS Reply on V2X policy or ProSe policy request during registration procedure 2023-01-24
S2-2302063 get it Reply LS on dedicated DNN for 5G ProSe L3 UE-to-Network Relay connectivity 2023-01-24
S2-2302082 get it LS Response on TSCTSF usage determination in AF session with required QoS 2023-01-24
S2-2302087 get it Reply LS on mandating the NR Tx Profiles in broadcast mode and groupcast mode communication 2023-01-24
S2-2302094 get it Reply LS on shared NG-U Termination among gNBs 2023-01-24
S2-2302163 get it LS on the use of a non-network defined identifier for UE identification 2023-01-24
S2-2302164 get it Reply LS on FS_eEDGEAPP Solution for Support of NAT deployed within the edge data network 2023-01-24
S2-2302165 get it LS on Identifier availability for Lawful Interception during Inter-PLMN handover 2023-01-24
S2-2302168 get it LS on NSWO feature 2023-01-24
S2-2302171 get it LS on NAI format for 5G NSWO 2023-01-24
Number of outgoing LS documents: 33

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