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S2-2004335 get it Reply LS on manual CAG ID selection and granularity of UAC parameters for PNI-NPNs 2020-06-03
S2-2004385 get it LS on architectures for access to SNPNs using credentials owned by an entity separate from the SNPN 2020-06-08
S2-2004386 get it Reply LS on Application Architecture for enabling Edge Applications 2020-06-08
S2-2004387 get it Reply LS on provisioning ""EDN connection info"" by Edge Configuration Server 2020-06-08
S2-2004440 get it Reply LS on service area restriction for CIoT 5GS optimization 2020-06-08
S2-2004443 get it LS Response on which features cannot interwork with ETSUN 2020-06-08
S2-2004445 get it Reply LS on Stage 3 for V2X QoS 2020-06-08
S2-2004446 get it Reply LS on early UE capability retrieval for eMTC 2020-06-08
S2-2004451 get it Reply LS on Service on I-NEF Event Exposure 2020-06-08
S2-2004452 get it Reply LS on NAS Non delivery for RRC Inactive state 2020-06-08
S2-2004453 get it Reply LS on manipulation of CAG Information element by a VPLMN 2020-06-08
S2-2004455 get it Reply LS on protection of allowed CAG list against MITM Attack 2020-06-08
S2-2004456 get it Reply LS on Clarification of the support of the Frame Routing Feature 2020-06-08
S2-2004460 get it LS Reply to LS on Network Area Information in BDT Policy 2020-06-08
S2-2004462 get it LS Reply on clarification on TSN for Vertical_LAN 2020-06-08
S2-2004464 get it Reply LS on Presence of PEI in Nudm_UECM_Registration Requests 2020-06-08
S2-2004467 get it Reply LS on “LS on Network Configuration Parameters in Monitoring Events” 2020-06-08
S2-2004469 get it Reply LS on IAB supporting in NPN deployment 2020-06-08
S2-2004474 get it Reply LS on S1/NG DAPS handover 2020-06-08
S2-2004475 get it Reply LS on subscription to V2X services 2020-06-08
S2-2004476 get it Reply LS on NSSAAF in slice specific authentication 2020-06-08
S2-2004478 get it Reply LS on the applicability of LADN in an SNPN 2020-06-08
S2-2004479 get it Reply LS on uniqueness of PEI in certain FN-RG configurations 2020-06-08
S2-2004481 get it Reply PAP/CHAP and other point-to-point protocols usage in 5GS 2020-06-08
S2-2004482 get it Reply LS on Clarification on eNA 2020-06-08
S2-2004483 get it Reply LS on Access Type Report for a MA PDU session 2020-06-08
S2-2004560 get it LS on user consent requirements for analytics 2020-06-08
S2-2004653 get it LS on need for survival time for IEEE TSN 2020-06-16
S2-2004663 get it Reply LS on Statement on UAV Remote ID Priority in Release 17 2020-06-16
S2-2004688 get it LS on SA WG2 assumptions from conclusion of study on architecture aspects for using satellite access in 5G 2020-06-16
S2-2004750 get it LS on Security Requirements for Sidelink/PC5 Relays 2020-06-16
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