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Outgoing liaisons from: S2-152-e

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S2-2206999 get it Reply LS on TNAP mobility security aspect 2022-08-30
S2-2207015 get it Reply LS on Issues on Nadrf_DataManagement Service 2022-08-26
S2-2207016 get it Reply LS on eNA_Ph2 issues 2022-08-24
S2-2207023 get it Reply LS on TSN scenarios 2022-08-30
S2-2207029 get it Reply LS on NAS busy indication in RRC_INACTIVE 2022-08-30
S2-2207070 get it LS on FS_VMR solutions review 2022-08-30
S2-2207142 get it LS OUT to GSMA on the data and analytics exchange between two NWDAFs in different PLMNs 2022-08-30
S2-2207156 get it LS on how ML model integrity, confidentiality and availability is supported between NWDAFs from different vendors 2022-08-30
S2-2207388 get it Response LS on Parameter adding in UE Context to support NSSRG feature 2022-08-30
S2-2207389 get it Response LS on further outstanding issues in TS 23.247 2022-08-30
S2-2207390 get it Reply LS on Security architecture for 5G multicast/broadcast services 2022-08-30
S2-2207391 get it Reply LS On PLMN ID used in Roaming Scenarios 2022-08-30
S2-2207394 get it Reply LS on FS_eEDGEAPP Solution for Support of NAT deployed within the edge 2022-08-25
S2-2207399 get it LS Out on Support for managing slice for trusted third-party owned application 2022-08-30
S2-2207401 get it LS on Clarifications related to UE-Slice-MBR handling 2022-08-24
S2-2207406 get it LS on N5 clarification for MBS usage 2022-08-30
S2-2207407 get it Response to LS on Questions on PCC aspects related to 5MBS 2022-08-23
S2-2207409 get it LS on AS-NAS layer interactions for MBS 2022-08-30
S2-2207420 get it Reply LS on the deactivation of access stratum due to discontinuous coverage 2022-08-30
S2-2207432 get it LS on 3GPP 5G System acting as a Detnet node 2022-08-30
S2-2207435 get it LS Out on RAN dependency of FS_eNS_Ph3 2022-08-30
S2-2207470 get it LS on FS_5MBS_Ph2 progress 2022-08-30
S2-2207501 get it LS on protection of the URSP rules from HPLMN 2022-08-30
S2-2207518 get it LS on ProSe Authorization information related to UE-to-UE Relay operation to NG-RAN 2022-08-30
S2-2207691 get it LS response on GNSS integrity 2022-08-30
S2-2207693 get it LS on Inter-system handover to Home eNB 2022-08-30
S2-2207695 get it Reply to LS on AF session with required QoS procedures support for TSC traffic 2022-08-24
S2-2207696 get it Reply LS on response messages for UE assistance operation 2022-08-30
S2-2207697 get it Reply LS on Inter-PLMN Handover of VoLTE calls and idle mode mobility of IMS sessions 2022-08-24
S2-2207698 get it LS Out on LS on slice list and priority information for cell reselection and Random Access 2022-08-30
S2-2207700 get it Questions for SUCI protection requirements for non-3GPP (WLAN) access to SNPN 2022-08-30
S2-2207723 get it LS on Monitoring of network time synchronization and relevant parameters 2022-08-30
S2-2207761 get it LS on solutions for 5WWC_Ph2 Key Issue 1 2022-08-30
S2-2207838 get it Reply LS on 5G ProSe security open items 2022-08-30
S2-2207839 get it Reply to LS on UE capability signalling for IoT-NTN 2022-08-30
S2-2207882 get it LS on media negotiation for AR telephony communication 2022-08-30
S2-2207887 get it LS on further details on XR traffic. 2022-08-30
S2-2207888 get it LS on response to LS on parameters preconfigured in the UE to receive MBS service 2022-08-30
Number of outgoing LS documents: 38

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