3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R4-107

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R4-2309742 get it LS on EVM for shorter transient period capability in FR1 2023-06-01
R4-2309797 get it LS on UE features for NR ATG 2023-06-01
R4-2309813 get it Reply LS to GSMA TSGAP on NR Bandwidth for OTA TRS testing 2023-06-01
R4-2309895 get it LS on required DCI signalling for advanced receiver on MU-MIMO scenario 2023-05-30
R4-2310058 get it Reply LS on applicability of SIB19 for NR ATG 2023-06-01
R4-2310076 get it Reply LS on measurement definitions for positioning with bandwidth aggregation 2023-06-01
R4-2310083 get it LS on FR2 SCell activation enhancements 2023-06-01
R4-2310152 get it LS on signaling for NR ATG 2023-06-01
R4-2310158 get it LS on inter-RAT measurements without gaps 2023-06-01
R4-2310166 get it LS on reporting granularity for timing related positioning measurements 2023-06-01
R4-2310170 get it LS on update for “interBandMRDC-WithOverlapDL-Bands-r16” in 38.306 2023-06-01
R4-2310174 get it LS on MTTD for multi-DCI mult-TRP with two TAs 2023-06-01
R4-2310177 get it LS on L3 measurements for the options for BWP operation without restriction 2023-06-01
R4-2310271 get it Reply LS on report of switching periods in Rel-18 uplink Tx switching 2023-06-01
R4-2310276 get it LS on lower MSD capability 2023-06-01
R4-2310305 get it Draft reply LS on switching time for DL PRS or UL SRS frequency hopping for RedCap UEs 2023-06-01
R4-2310306 get it Reply LS on PSFCH and S-SSB transmissions over non-contiguous RB sets 2023-05-25
R4-2310394 get it LS on support of UE configured with two serving cells, each with SUL 2023-06-01
R4-2310438 get it LS on Rel-17 DC location signaling enhancement 2023-06-01
R4-2310474 get it Response LS on extending the maximum range for NS values 2023-06-01
R4-2310495 get it LS on multi-carrier enhancement 2023-06-01
R4-2310500 get it Reply LS on enhancements to realize increasing UE power high limit for CA and DC 2023-06-01
R4-2310501 get it [Draft] Reply LS on intraBandENDC-Support 2023-06-01
Number of outgoing LS documents: 23

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