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Outgoing liaisons from: R4-104-e

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R4-2214215 get it LS on Rx beam sweeping factor for RRM measurements 2022-08-19
R4-2214217 get it LS on Rel-17 RAN4 UE feature list for NR 2022-08-22
R4-2214335 get it Reply LS on LocationMeasurementIndication contents and measurement gap parameters 2022-08-29
R4-2214337 get it LS on UE capability indicating the support of deriveSSB-IndexFromCell-inter 2022-08-29
R4-2214354 get it Reply LS on MTTD for multi-DCI multi-TRP with two TAs 2022-08-29
R4-2214355 get it LS on Feature Group 6-1a “bwp-WithoutRestriction” 2022-08-29
R4-2214362 get it LS on CRS-IM network assistance signalling 2022-08-25
R4-2214376 get it Reply LS on interference modelling for duplex evolution 2022-08-29
R4-2214419 get it LS on intra-band UL CA DC default location clarification 2022-08-29
R4-2214421 get it LS on Pemax,c of S-SSB transmission when multiple resource pool is configured in a carrier 2022-08-29
R4-2214464 get it Reply LS on UL Tx switching across 3 or 4 bands 2022-08-24
R4-2214472 get it LS to RAN2 on Network indication for applying enhanced cell reselection requirements 2022-08-29
R4-2214475 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on RLM/BFD relaxation 2022-08-29
R4-2214477 get it LS reply on TCI assumption for RSSI measurement for FR2-2 2022-08-29
R4-2214484 get it Reply LS on configuring margin for 1 Rx RedCap UEs 2022-08-29
R4-2214487 get it Reply LS on RRM relaxation for Redcap 2022-08-29
R4-2214488 get it Reply LS on introduction of an offset to transmit CD-SSB and NCD-SSB at different times 2022-08-29
R4-2214489 get it Reply LS on DL-PRS measurements with reduced samples capability 2022-08-29
R4-2214493 get it Reply LS on the UE/TRP TEG framework 2022-08-29
R4-2214737 get it LS on work towards two new recommendations ""Generic unwanted emission characteristics of base stations/mobile stations using the terrestrial radio interfaces of IMT-2020"" 2022-08-29
R4-2214797 get it Reply LS on TT work for NR FR1 TRP TRS 2022-08-29
R4-2214890 get it Reply LS for the minimum guard period between two SRS resources for antenna switching 2022-08-29
R4-2214924 get it Reply LS on clarification of dualPA-Architecture capability 2022-08-29
R4-2214953 get it LS on extending the maximum range for NS values 2022-08-29
R4-2214968 get it LS Reply on UE antenna gain for NR NTN coverage enhancement 2022-08-29
R4-2214972 get it LS on active TCI state list for UL TCI 2022-08-29
R4-2215029 get it Reply LS on SSB measurement for L1-RSRP on inter-cell beam management 2022-08-29
R4-2215091 get it Reply LS on ModifiedMPR-Behaviour clarification for different power classes 2022-08-29
R4-2215132 get it LS on priority for legacy gaps 2022-08-29
R4-2215144 get it LS on Rel-17 RAN4 UE feature list for NR 2022-08-29
R4-2215160 get it LS on new contiguous BW classes for legacy networks 2022-08-29
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