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Outgoing liaisons from: R4-ah-38107

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R4-2005192 get it LS on Rel-16 RAN4 UE features lists for LTE and NR 2020-05-11
R4-2005205 get it LS to RAN5 on NR DL RMC configuration for UE ACS tests 2020-05-11
R4-2005265 get it LS on UE reporting criteria 2020-05-11
R4-2005296 get it Reply LS on secondary DRX group for FR1+FR2 CA 2020-05-11
R4-2005297 get it Reply LS on CLI measurement and reporting 2020-05-11
R4-2005331 get it Reply LS on RRM relaxation in power saving 2020-05-11
R4-2005350 get it LS on inter-frequency measurement requirement without MG 2020-05-11
R4-2005356 get it LS on pre-emption on CSI-RS for L3 measurement 2020-05-11
R4-2005359 get it LS on the UE capability and network assistance signalling on inter-RAT measurement for Rel-16 NR HST RRM 2020-05-11
R4-2005365 get it LS on UE declaring beam failure due to LBT failures during active TCI switching 2020-05-11
R4-2005373 get it LS on timing reference cell adjustment under NR-U 2020-05-11
R4-2005377 get it LS on transmit power of CSI-RS across different occasions 2020-05-11
R4-2005418 get it LS on NR-U SSB monitoring capabilities 2020-05-11
R4-2005424 get it LS on SCell dormancy requirement scope 2020-05-11
R4-2005533 get it LS on supporting Rel-16 NR HST from Rel-15 UEs 2020-05-11
R4-2005608 get it LS on RAN4 IAB-MT feature list agreement 2020-05-11
R4-2005646 get it Reply LS on Sidelink UE capability for (NG)EN-DC and NE-DC 2020-05-11
R4-2005665 get it LS on UE capability on DL interruption for UL Tx switching 2020-05-11
R4-2005670 get it LS on MPE enhancements 2020-04-29
R4-2005841 get it LS on NR Positioning gNB measurement report range and granularity 2020-05-11
R4-2005845 get it LS on report mapping for UE positioning measurement 2020-05-11
R4-2005846 get it LS on mandatory of measurement gap patterns 2020-05-11
Number of outgoing LS documents: 22

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