3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R3-ah-38106

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R3-204110 get it Support for Streaming Based MDT and Trace report 2020-06-17
R3-204115 get it limitation of Propagation of immediate MDT configuration in case of Xn inter-RAT HO 2020-06-17
R3-204147 get it LS reply on RACS multiple radio capability formats 2020-06-17
R3-204152 get it LS on addition of the Pending Data Indication to 5GS 2020-06-23
R3-204165 get it LS on IAB F1-C traffic transfer for NSA IAB 2020-06-17
R3-204168 get it Response LS on Network Coordination for UL PDCP Duplication 2020-06-17
R3-204175 get it Reply LS on assistance indication for WUS 2020-06-17
R3-204324 get it LS on NG-RAN behaviour upon AMF triggered changes of the MRL for PNI-NPN 2020-06-17
R3-204325 get it LS on QoS Parameters Update at Xn Handover 2020-06-17
R3-204327 get it LS Reply on UL RTOA reference time (R3-203103/R1- 2003054) 2020-06-17
R3-204345 get it LS on multiple UL BH mapping for F1-C 2020-06-17
R3-204378 get it LS on propagation of user consent related information during Xn inter-PLMN handover 2020-06-17
R3-204379 get it Reply LS on Aperiodic SRS 2020-06-17
R3-204380 get it LS on mapping of PosSIB(s) to Area(s) 2020-06-17
R3-204399 get it Response LS on Exchange of information related to SRS-RSRP measurement resource configuration for UE-CLI 2020-06-25
Number of outgoing LS documents: 15

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