3GPP Liaison Statements

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R3-240998 get it Reply LS on the NG-RAN Energy Saving Energy Cost index 2024-03-04
R3-241066 get it Reply LS on Trace functionality extension in N3IWF for non-3GPP access scenarios 2024-03-04
R3-241115 get it Reply LS on user consent for trace reporting 2024-03-04
R3-241122 get it Response LS on NG-RAN receiving a GTP-U Error Indication 2024-03-04
R3-241144 get it LS on restoration of N3mb Failure for MBS broadcast 2024-03-04
R3-241145 get it Reply LS on providing MBS assistance information from SMF towards NG-RAN node during Xn handover 2024-03-04
R3-241183 get it Reply LS on the progress update of AI/ML Management specifications in SA5 2024-03-04
R3-241204 get it Reply LS on the service requirement of restricting satellite access RAT type 2024-03-04
Number of outgoing LS documents: 8

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