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Outgoing liaisons from: R3-118

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R3-226774 get it Reply LS on Time Synchronization Status notification towards UE(s) 2022-11-21
R3-226776 get it Reply LS on long eDRX support for RRC_INACTIVE 2022-11-21
R3-226778 get it Reply LS on questions on RAN visible QoE 2022-11-21
R3-226781 get it LS on RB set configuration 2022-11-21
R3-226809 get it Response LS on Possibility on LBT-FailureRecoveryConfig 2022-11-21
R3-226822 get it Reply LS on ProSe Authorization information related to UE-to-UE Relay operation to NG-RAN 2022-11-21
R3-226829 get it Reply LS on L1 intra- and inter- frequency measurement and configurations for L1/L2-based inter-cell mobility 2022-11-21
R3-226831 get it LS on static and dynamic TAC solutions for mobile IAB node 2022-11-21
R3-226873 get it LS on Excess Packet Delay for MDT 2022-11-18
R3-226885 get it Reply LS on XR and Media Services 2022-11-21
R3-226889 get it LS on Study on expanded and improved NR positioning 2022-11-21
R3-226898 get it LS on network energy saving techniques 2022-11-21
R3-226903 get it LS on potential de-synchronisation of a multicast MRBís PDCP HFN and SN 2022-11-21
R3-226916 get it LS to SA4 on ID of MBS session in MBS QoE configuration 2022-11-21
R3-226922 get it Reply LS on the re-establishment of the MBS context during mobility registration update or service request procedure 2022-11-21
Number of outgoing LS documents: 15

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