3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R3-ah-38074

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R3-202553 get it LS on port allocation 2020-05-05
R3-202557 get it Reply LS on TDD pattern exchange for NR-DC power control 2020-05-05
R3-202558 get it Response to 5GC assisted cell selection for accessing network slice 2020-05-05
R3-202630 get it Reply LS on the status update of the SON support for NR works 2020-05-05
R3-202646 get it LS on support for UL NR E-CID 2020-05-05
R3-202749 get it LS on support for Area Scope in Assistance Information metadata 2020-05-05
R3-202818 get it LS on information needed for MRO in UE RLF Report 2020-05-05
R3-202824 get it Response LS on the “LS out on Location of UEs and associated key issues” 2020-05-05
R3-202831 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on Sidelink UE Information 2020-05-05
R3-202832 get it Reply LS on handover without SN configuration query 2020-05-05
R3-202833 get it LS on AS rekeying handling 2020-05-05
R3-202851 get it LS on UL F1-C traffic mapping for intra-CU migration scenario 2020-05-05
R3-202856 get it LS on Stage 3 for V2X QoS 2020-05-12
R3-202859 get it LS on cell-specific signals/channel configurations 2020-05-12
R3-202868 get it Propagation of immediate MDT configuration in case of Xn inter-RAT HO 2020-05-05
R3-202869 get it LS on Logged MDT Status 2020-05-05
R3-202926 get it RRC Message Design for IAB IP Address Allocation 2020-05-05
R3-202932 get it LS on S1/NG DAPS handover 2020-05-12
Number of outgoing LS documents: 18

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