3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R3-117-e

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R3-225119 get it Reply LS on FS_REDCAP_Ph2 option feasibility 2022-08-26
R3-225165 get it Response LS on Support of Broadcast and Multicast MBS sessions with AMF Set 2022-08-26
R3-225203 get it LS on skeleton of TR 38.864 for NR network energy savings 2022-08-26
R3-225206 get it LS on introduction of a new attribute “Only Resource Coordination” to support source coordination between LTE and NR SA 2022-08-26
R3-225227 get it LS to SA4 on Rel-18 enhancement of NR QoE 2022-08-26
R3-225229 get it LS on the scope of resource efficiency for MBS reception in RAN sharing scenario 2022-08-26
R3-225238 get it LS on the scope for the support of SON/MDT enhancements 2022-08-26
R3-225241 get it LS on NR-U support for MRO 2022-08-26
R3-225247 get it LS on shared NG-U Termination among gNBs 2022-08-26
R3-225248 get it Reply LS on Flexible Global RAN Node ID 2022-08-26
R3-225250 get it Reply LS on the user consent for trace reporting 2022-08-26
R3-225253 get it LS on NCR Solutions 2022-08-26
R3-225254 get it Progress on NCR identification and authorization 2022-08-26
R3-225255 get it LS on new service types for NR QoE 2022-08-26
R3-225256 get it LS to RAN2 on RAN3 agreement of QoE reporting in NR-DC 2022-08-26
R3-225268 get it LS on SRS-PosRRC-InactiveConfig configuration signalling 2022-08-26
Number of outgoing LS documents: 16

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