3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R2-ah-38104

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R2-2003870 get it Reply LS on manual CAG selection 2020-05-15
R2-2003877 get it LS on positioning SRS during DRX inactive time 2020-05-15
R2-2003883 get it LS on NeedForGap capability 2020-05-18
R2-2003934 get it Reply LS on category M devices and NR 2020-05-07
R2-2003935 get it LS on early UE capability retrieval for eMTC 2020-05-15
R2-2003941 get it LS on UAC applicability to IABs 2020-05-15
R2-2003942 get it Reply LS on suspend indication 5G NAS 2020-05-15
R2-2003968 get it LS on NR SCG release for power saving 2020-04-29
R2-2003971 get it Reply LS on consistent Uplink LBT failure detection mechanism 2020-04-29
R2-2003973 get it Reply LS on UL LBT failure recovery for the target cell 2020-04-29
R2-2003989 get it Response LS on SRS and SSB configuration for NR Positioning 2020-04-23
R2-2004053 get it Reply LS on Rel-16 NB-IoT enhancements 2020-04-24
R2-2004054 get it LS on UE specific DRX in NB-IoT 2020-04-24
R2-2004057 get it LS on SIB indication for UE specific DRX 2020-05-07
R2-2004082 get it LS on Cast type indication and MAC agreements 2020-05-07
R2-2004083 get it LS response to SA3 on the security related issues for NR SL 2020-05-04
R2-2004084 get it LS to RAN1 to check the view on sidelink 2020-05-07
R2-2004086 get it LS on RLF Agreements 2020-05-07
R2-2004087 get it LS on UE capability 2020-05-07
R2-2004121 get it LS on Intra-UE Prioritization 2020-04-29
R2-2004127 get it LS to RAN1 on Guard Symbols in IAB 2020-04-27
R2-2004175 get it LS on RAN2 DCP Open Issues 2020-04-27
R2-2004188 get it LS to RAN1 on agreements related to 2-step RACH 2020-04-29
R2-2004196 get it LS reply on uplink power control for NR-NR Dual-Connectivity 2020-05-07
R2-2004242 get it LS on updated Inactive AS context 2020-05-07
R2-2004265 get it LS on Calculation of ShortResumeMAC-I 2020-05-07
R2-2004266 get it Response LS on the “LS OUT on Location of UEs and associated key issues” 2020-05-07
R2-2004267 get it Reply LS on Handling of Fallbacks for combined contiguous and non-contiguous CA or DC configurations in FR2 2020-05-07
R2-2004268 get it Reply LS on asymmetric channel bandwidths 2020-05-07
R2-2004271 get it LS on Conflicting configurations 2020-05-18
R2-2004276 get it LS on Support of inter-RAT HO for fast MCG recovery 2020-05-07
R2-2004282 get it LS on IAB supporting in NPN deployment 2020-05-15
R2-2004284 get it Response LS on the support for ECN in 5GS 2020-05-07
Number of outgoing LS documents: 33

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