3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R2-125

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R2-2401571 get it LS on SCPAC inter node agreements 2024-03-13
R2-2401629 get it Reply LS on coverage condition for Ranging/Sidelink Positioning 2024-03-13
R2-2401643 get it Reply LS on SL-PRS resource allocation 2024-03-13
R2-2401644 get it Questions on RAN1 parameter list 2024-03-13
R2-2401658 get it Reply LS on area scope handling for QoE measurements 2024-03-13
R2-2401661 get it Reply LS on UE Capability of Multicast Reception in RRC_INACTIVE 2024-03-13
R2-2401662 get it Reply LS on RedCap UE MBS Broadcast reception 2024-03-13
R2-2401676 get it Reply LS on issues with Packet Uu Loss Rate with delay threshold in the DL per DRB per UE 2024-03-13
R2-2401685 get it Reply LS on SPR 2024-03-13
R2-2401722 get it Reply LS on skipping UL transmission and R17 TBoMS 2024-03-13
R2-2401741 get it LS on Paralle Tx Capability 2024-03-13
R2-2401767 get it Reply LS on R17 DC location signaling 2024-03-13
R2-2401796 get it LS on IUC or DRX in co-channel co-existence 2024-03-13
R2-2401814 get it Reply LS on MAC CE to activate/deactivate semi-persistent PUCCH report for LTM 2024-03-13
R2-2401834 get it LS on questions and recommendations to Rel-18 RAN1 UE features list 2024-02-29
R2-2401885 get it Reply LS on inter-frequency neighbour cells supporting NR dedicated spectrum less than 5 MHz for FR1 2024-03-13
R2-2401888 get it Reply LS on Rel-18 RedCap enhancements to address remaining ENs in TS 23.502 2024-03-13
R2-2401890 get it LS on 2-step for eRedCap 2024-03-13
R2-2401912 get it LS on positioning MAC agreements 2024-03-13
R2-2401916 get it LS on U2U relay selection 2024-03-13
R2-2401918 get it Reply LS to SA2 on L2ID and user info 2024-03-13
R2-2401919 get it LS to RAN1 on decisions on SLPP 2024-03-13
R2-2401937 get it Reply LS on UE RACH-less handover for mobile IAB 2024-03-13
R2-2401958 get it Reply LS on n-TimingAdvanceOffset for PDCCH order RACH 2024-03-13
R2-2401969 get it Reply LS on Rel-18 UL Tx switching for parallel switching on four bands 2024-03-13
R2-2402045 get it LS on NCD-SSB time offset for non-(e)RedCap UEs in TDD 2024-03-14
Number of outgoing LS documents: 26

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