3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R2-ah-38105

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R2- 2006362 get it LS on NR SRS carrier switching 2020-06-29
R2-2005778 get it Reply LS on QoE Measurement Collection 2020-06-19
R2-2005811 get it LS on Detail MIMO MAC CE operations 2020-06-29
R2-2005839 get it LS on AS RAI and optimization of release 2020-06-29
R2-2005851 get it LS reply to RAN4 on UE declaring beam failure due to LBT failures during active TCI switching 2020-06-02
R2-2005852 get it Reply LS on RVID selection for CG-PUSCH 2020-06-02
R2-2005858 get it LS to RAN4 on RRM relaxation in power saving 2020-06-03
R2-2005865 get it LS to RAN1 on signalling SFN bits for random access response 2020-06-29
R2-2005911 get it Reply LS on MDT and SON decisions related to RAN3 LSs 2020-06-04
R2-2005939 get it Reply LS on assistance indication for WUS 2020-06-03
R2-2005946 get it LS reply on PUR transmission for NB-IoT/eMTC 2020-06-29
R2-2005964 get it Reply LS on sidelink HARQ operations 2020-06-08
R2-2005975 get it LS on RAN2 NR V2X cell (re-)selection related agreements 2020-06-29
R2-2005977 get it LS to RAN1 on physical layer related agreements 2020-06-29
R2-2005978 get it LS on the re-keying procedure for NR SL 2020-06-29
R2-2005985 get it LS on system support for WUS 2020-07-02
R2-2006028 get it LS Reply to RAN1 on UL PC for NR-DC 2020-06-02
R2-2006030 get it Reply LS on Rel-16 UE feature lists 2020-06-02
R2-2006085 get it Reply LS on updated Rel-16 LTE and NR parameter lists 2020-06-08
R2-2006179 get it LS on capability bits for E-CID measurements 2020-06-29
R2-2006192 get it Reply LS on supporting Rel-16 NR HST from Rel-15 UEs 2020-06-29
R2-2006264 get it Reply LS on inter-frequency measurement without gap 2020-06-29
R2-2006287 get it Reply LS RAN4 on RRM Enhanced Measurement Reporting 2020-06-29
R2-2006318 get it Reply LS on SCell dormancy requirement scope 2020-06-29
R2-2006322 get it LS on UE capability xDD differentiation for SUL/SDL bands 2020-06-29
R2-2006352 get it LS on Clarification on RAN4 features of NE-DC 2020-06-29
R2-200636 get it LS on NR SRS carrier switching 2020-06-29
R2-2006372 get it Reply LS on the status update of the SON support for NR works 2020-07-02
R2-2006375 get it Reply LS on DCP 2020-06-29
R2-2006377 get it LS on power sharing for LTE Mobility Enhancements 2020-06-29
R2-2006448 get it Reply LS on XDD-FRX Differentiation 2020-06-29
Number of outgoing LS documents: 31

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