3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R2-124

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R2-2313618 get it Reply LS on frequencyInfo for NR SL RSRP measurements 2023-11-27
R2-2313621 get it LS on Sidelink CSI Reporting MAC-CE for SL-CA 2023-11-15
R2-2313623 get it LS to SA2 on QoS to Carrier Mapping for SL CA 2023-11-27
R2-2313656 get it LS on Rel-18 RAN2 TP for TR 37.985 2023-11-27
R2-2313670 get it LS on RAN2 progress on CHO with candidate SCGs 2023-11-27
R2-2313689 get it Reply LS to SA2 on RedCap UE MBS Broadcast reception 2023-11-27
R2-2313745 get it LS on applicability of maximum aggregated bandwidth UE capabilities to intra-band FR1 CA. 2023-11-27
R2-2313796 get it LS on introduction of RAT-Dependent integrity 2023-11-27
R2-2313838 get it Reply LS on MRO for Fast MCG Recovery 2023-11-27
R2-2313869 get it Reply LS on flightpath information forwarding for UAV 2023-11-27
R2-2313879 get it LS to RAN1 on RAN2 addition to NTN Self Evaluation 2023-11-27
R2-2313892 get it LS to SA2 and RAN3 on IAB or mIAB operation 2023-11-27
R2-2313949 get it LS on UAV UE capabilities and NS values 2023-11-27
R2-2313951 get it Reply LS to RAN4 on BWP operation without restriction 2023-11-27
R2-2313955 get it LS on early RACH for LTM 2023-11-27
R2-2313959 get it LS on UL Tx switching 2023-11-27
Number of outgoing LS documents: 16

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