3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R1-116

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R1-2401552 get it Reply LS on MAC agreements for SL Positioning 2024-03-04
R1-2401627 get it Reply LS on UE capabilities for MPR reduction 2024-03-04
R1-2401708 get it LS on bandwidth aggregation for positioning 2024-03-04
R1-2401711 get it LS on Rel-18 RAN1 UE features list for NR after RAN1#116 2024-03-04
R1-2401716 get it LS on TS38.300 TP for Multi-cell scheduling in Rel-18 2024-03-04
R1-2401727 get it Reply to LS on Sidelink CSI Reporting MAC-CE for SL-CA 2024-03-04
R1-2401732 get it LS on separate CFR introduced in Rel-18 TEI of MBS for RedCap UE applied for eRedCap UE 2024-03-04
R1-2401743 get it LS on NCD-SSB time offset for non-RedCap UEs in TDD 2024-03-04
R1-2401748 get it Draft Reply LS on Satellite Switch with Resync 2024-03-04
R1-2401754 get it LS on improved GNSS operations in Rel-18 IoT NTN 2024-02-29
R1-2401756 get it LS on new higher layer parameter for intra-cell guard band 2024-03-04
R1-2401776 get it Reply LS on UL Tx switching 2024-03-04
R1-2401785 get it LS on TCI state after cell switch command for LTM 2024-03-04
R1-2401801 get it Draft LS on the bandwidth used in measurements for positioning of RedCap UEs 2024-03-04
R1-2401810 get it LS on Network Energy Savings 2024-03-04
R1-2401824 get it LS on Rel-18 RAN1 UE features list for LTE after RAN1#116 2024-03-04
R1-2401827 get it LS on higher layer parameters for SL Positioning 2024-03-04
Number of outgoing LS documents: 17

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