3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R1-111

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R1-2212715 get it Reply LS on Positioning Reference Units 2022-11-21
R1-2212725 get it Reply LS on LPHAP information delivery to RAN 2022-11-21
R1-2212728 get it Reply LS on SRS in multiple cells 2022-11-21
R1-2212822 get it LS on cast types for IUC scheme 1 2022-11-21
R1-2212830 get it LS to RAN4 and RAN2 on L3-RSSI measurement for NR up to 71GHz 2022-11-21
R1-2212897 get it LS on updated Rel-17 RAN1 UE features lists for NR after RAN1#111 2022-11-21
R1-2212910 get it Reply LS to RAN4 on NCR-MT transmission and Beam correspondence 2022-11-21
R1-2212917 get it LS to RAN4 for further information on RAN1 assumptions for LLS performance evaluation of MPR/PAR reduction solutions 2022-11-21
R1-2212919 get it LS on NR support for dedicated spectrum less than 5MHz for FR1 2022-11-21
R1-2212925 get it LS on feMIMO RRC parameters 2022-11-18
R1-2212926 get it Reply LS on RAN dependency for Ranging/Sidelink Positioning 2022-11-21
R1-2212948 get it LS on RAN1 agreements for L1/L2-based inter-cell mobility 2022-11-21
R1-2212963 get it LS on interference modelling for duplex evolution 2022-11-21
R1-2212965 get it LS to RAN2 on msg1/msgA transmission channel access control in SIB1 2022-11-21
R1-2212984 get it Reply LS on validity of assistance information 2022-11-21
R1-2212994 get it Draft reply LS on XR and Media Services 2022-11-21
R1-2212999 get it LS to RAN4 on low-power wake-up receiver architectures 2022-11-21
R1-2213001 get it Reply LS on RACH-less handover in NTN 2022-11-21
R1-2213004 get it LS on Multi-DCI Multi-TRP with two TAs 2022-11-21
R1-2213016 get it LS to capture Text Proposal for TR 38.835 2022-12-01
Number of outgoing LS documents: 20

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