3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: C4-111-e

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C4-224401 get it Reply to LS on VoLTE Roaming GBR Handling 2022-09-05
C4-224408 get it LS on service operation used in AMF relocation in Inter PLMN handover procedure 2022-09-07
C4-224409 get it Reply LS on Nudm_UEContextManagement service for satellite NG-RAN 2022-09-05
C4-224417 get it LS on Multicast MBS session Deactivation and Reactivation 2022-09-05
C4-224418 get it LS on Authentication Result Removal 2022-09-05
C4-224444 get it Reply LS on PLMN ID used in Roaming Scenarios 2022-08-24
C4-224467 get it Reply LS on handling of the modification policy in the IPX and receiving SEPP 2022-09-05
C4-224626 get it LS on Indication of Network Assisted Positioning method 2022-09-05
C4-224636 get it LS on Packet Delay Failure Threshold 2022-09-05
Number of outgoing LS documents: 9

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