3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: C4-116

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C4-232181 get it Reply LS on Object Acquisition Method 2023-05-25
C4-232359 get it LS OUT on NSACF Role and NSAC Service Area 2023-05-30
C4-232397 get it Reply LS on Network Triggered Service Request for a UE in Suspend State 2023-05-30
C4-232462 get it LS on Security Context Transfer between MBSF and MBSTF 2023-05-25
C4-232464 get it LS on having OpenAPI changes only in GitLab 2023-05-25
C4-232465 get it Reply LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-05-30
C4-232466 get it Reply LS on MBS service area update clarification 2023-05-30
C4-232530 get it LS on Clarification on NSAC procedure for counting of UEs with at least one PDU session or PDN connection 2023-05-30
C4-232623 get it Reply LS on the maximum length of Routing ID 2023-05-30
C4-232628 get it LS on clarification on IMS media services and media capabilities 2023-05-30
Number of outgoing LS documents: 10

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