3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: C3-128

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C3-232192 get it Reply LS on removal of unspecified QoS monitoring control option 2023-05-31
C3-232410 get it Reply LS on MBS service area update clarification 2023-05-31
C3-232461 get it LS on having OpenAPI changes only in GitLab 2023-05-31
C3-232465 get it LS on SS_IdmParameterProvisioning API service operations 2023-06-01
C3-232469 get it LS on Issues on QoS monitoring for satellite backhaul 2023-06-01
C3-232510 get it LS on Support of multiple UEs in Northbound APIs 2023-05-31
C3-232563 get it LS on AKMA service restrictions in Rel-17 2023-05-31
C3-232578 get it LS on Issues on SMF event exposure and muting enhancements 2023-05-31
C3-232686 get it Reply LS on CAPIF extensibility 2023-05-31
Number of outgoing LS documents: 9

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