3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: C1-137-e

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C1-225089 get it Reply LS on video call upgrade when preconditions are not used 2022-08-31
C1-225154 get it Reply to LS on Satellite E-UTRAN on PLMN selector with Access Technology 2022-08-25
C1-225160 get it LS on UE selecting a non-allowed TAI in satellite access broadcasting multiple TACs per cell 2022-08-31
C1-225229 get it LS on 5G DDNMF discovery 2022-08-31
C1-225230 get it LS on handling of PDU sessions for emergency services when registering via both 3GPP and non-3GPP accesses 2022-08-31
C1-225249 get it Reply LS on AS-NAS layer interactions for MBS 2022-08-31
C1-225319 get it LS on starting a timer in RRC-inactive state 2022-08-31
C1-225338 get it LS on SENSE feature 2022-08-31
C1-225386 get it Reply LS on system information extensions for minimization of service interruption (MINT) 2022-08-31
C1-225450 get it Reply LS on the maximum PTW length of IDLE eDRX 2022-08-31
C1-225451 get it LS on V2X policy or ProSe policy request during registration procedure 2022-08-31
C1-225453 get it LS on setting RRC establishment cause value when relay UE has its own service 2022-08-31
Number of outgoing LS documents: 12

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