3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: C1-ah-38162

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C1-203221 get it Reply LS on support of eCall over NR 2020-06-15
C1-203503 get it Reply LS on IANA assigned values for mission critical 2020-06-15
C1-203791 get it Reply to LS on PLMN selection solutions for satellite access 2020-06-08
C1-203895 get it LS on secure that a UE does not wait indefinitely for completion of NSSAA procedure 2020-06-15
C1-203949 get it Reply LS on the applicability of 5G NAS protocol for 5G-RG and FN-RG (LIAISE-397) 2020-06-15
C1-203971 get it Reply LS on specification of NAS COUNT for 5G 2020-06-15
C1-203992 get it Reply LS on 5G Steering of Roaming 2020-06-11
C1-204034 get it LS on mandate to provide ""any PLMN"" entry in the non-3GPP access node selection information 2020-06-15
C1-204046 get it LS on UE initiated Event Reporting Procedure for Low Power Event Reporting and Triggered 5GC-MT-LR 2020-06-15
C1-204083 get it LS on maximum number of UP resources supported by NB-N1 mode UEs 2020-06-15
C1-204194 get it Reply LS on Updated User Plane Integrity Protection advice 2020-06-15
Number of outgoing LS documents: 11

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