3GPP Liaison Statements

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C1-202617 get it LS on manipulation of CAG Information element by a VPLMN 2020-04-27
C1-202663 get it Reply LS on Non-UE N2 Message Services Operations 2020-04-27
C1-202666 get it LS on security context for 5GC to EPC mobility 2020-04-27
C1-202668 get it Reply LS on 5G Steering of Roaming 2020-04-27
C1-202819 get it LS on limiting the number of simultaneous log ins of an MCX user 2020-04-27
C1-202826 get it LS on selected EPS NAS algorithms for unauthenticated emergency sessions in 5GS 2020-04-27
C1-202846 get it Reply LS on Manual CAG ID selection and granularity of UAC parameters for PNI-NPNs 2020-04-27
C1-202916 get it LS on Concurrent Broadcasting for CMAS 2020-04-27
C1-202927 get it LS on manual CAG selection 2020-04-27
C1-202933 get it PAP/CHAP and other point-to-point protocols usage in 5GS 2020-04-27
Number of outgoing LS documents: 10

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