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TO: 2022_09_06_5G-ACIA-LS_05_3GPP_Service_Exposure get it 5G capabilities exposure for factories of the future - identified gaps 2022-10-10
TO: S2-2302094 get it Reply LS on shared NG-U Termination among gNBs 2023-01-24
CC: S6-230294 get it CAPIF extensibility 2023-01-23
TO: S6-230446 get it LS on the consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.3647 ""Signalling requirements for emergency service in IMS roaming environment"" 2023-01-23
TO: SG13-LS51 get it LS on the consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.3119 (ex.Y.IMT2020-DN-CCF) ""Future networks including IMT-2020: capability classification framework for dedicated networks"" 2023-01-18
TO: sp17-sg11-oLS-00044 get it LS on proposed new draft Recommendation ""Requirements and framework of disaster mitigation and personnel rescue for sudden natural disasters in network"" 2023-01-11
TO: sp17-tsag-oLS-00012 get it LS on new ITU-T Focus Group on metaverse (FG-MV) [to all ITU-T SGs, ITU-R SG5 and various external organizations] 2023-01-12

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