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TO: C1-242675 get it LS on the stage 2 aspects of MINT_Ph2 2024-04-24
TO: C4-241522 get it Reply LS on the Modified PRINS solution 2024-04-24
TO: LIAISE-654_MTFWA get it Multi-Tenant FWA 2024-04-30
TO: LS_2024-03-12 get it LS on Next Generation eCal 2024-03-28
TO: ls41-attach-FGMV-O-235 get it LS on vocabulary for metaverse 2024-04-05
CC: MEC(24)000158r2 get it ETSI ISG MEC publication of MEC Phase 3 specifications related to MEC federation 2024-04-17
TO: OGWTS_03_Doc04 get it Reply LS on collaboration and alignment of 3GPP defined application enablers with GSMA Open Gateway 2024-05-16
CC: OPG_172_Doc_03_LS_to_ETSI.3GPP_on_PRDs_publication_MWCBC24 get it LS on GSMA OPG PRDs publication 2024-04-05
CC: OPG_173_Doc_04 get it on Statement Title: 2024-04-24
TO: S2-2405815 get it Reply LS on data plane control by roaming hubs 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405816 get it Reply LS from SA2 on Updated AECC Publications for Future Connected Vehicle Services 2024-04-25
CC: S2-2405824 get it LS on limited MSISDN exposure 2024-04-25
CC: S3-241567 get it LS to SA2 and RAN2 on selected satellite architecture for Store and Forward 2024-04-25
CC: S3-241649 get it LS on Security of ML Model Sharing 2024-04-25
CC: S4-240850 get it LS on 3GPP 6G Timeline and MPEG meeting planning 2024-04-24
CC: S5-241836 get it Reply LS on 3GPP Reservation of Edge Resources and Correlation information for API volume based charging 2024-04-30
CC: S5-241920 get it Reply LS on LS on Creation of private branches on the GitLab ""5G_APIs"" repository 2024-04-30
CC: S5-241924 get it LS Reply to SA4 on 3GPP work on energy efficiency 2024-04-30
CC: S5-241930 get it Reply LS on ""Signalling and protocol for Digital Twin Network"" 2024-04-30
TO: SG13-LS154 get it LS on initiation of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.KNO ""Requirements and framework for knowledge-based network optimization in IMT-2020 networks and beyond"" 2024-04-08
TO: SG13-LS160 get it LS on the new Technical Report ITU-T TR.GenAI-Telecom Networks ""Requirements and methodology for deploying and assessing Generative AI models in telecom networks"" 2024-03-15
TO: SG13-LS161 get it LS on initiation of new Supplement to ITU-T Y.2345 (Y.Suppl.UC-NRS-DLT) ""Use cases of network resource sharing based on distributed ledger technology (NRS-DLT) for supporting large-scale deep learning models"" 2024-04-10
TO: sp17-fg-mv-oLS-00041 get it LS on vocabulary for metaverse^^^^ 2024-03-27
TO: sp17-jca-imt2020-oLS-00015 get it LS on Invitation to update the information in the IMT-2020 and beyond roadmap 2024-04-10
TO: sp17-sg12-oLS-00066 get it LS on consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T G.1052 (ex. Y.TestBed) ""Testbed framework for mobile application QoS and QoE evaluation"" 2024-04-30
TO: sp17-sg17-oLS-00119 get it LS on new work item X.ztmc: Guidelines for high-level zero trust model and its security capabilities in telecommunication networks 2024-03-25
TO: sp17-sg20-oLS-00119 get it LS on progress of draft Technical Report ITU-T YSTR.Ambient-IoT ""Analysis on requirements and use cases of ambient power-enabled IoT"" 2024-04-30
CC: TCCE(24)000026r2 get it LS on development of Server Side Conformance for Mission Critical Services by ETSI TTF: 2024-04-11

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