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CC: AECC_3GPP_LS_Mar2024 get it LS on Updated AECC Publications for Future Connected Vehicle Services 2024-03-14
TO: C3-235524 get it LS on the implementation of the SS_VALServiceData API 2023-11-20
TO: C3-240241 get it LS on Application traffic influence trigger from EAS 2024-01-29
TO: C3-241577 get it LS on Clarification related to the predictive slice modification in Inter-PLMN based slice service continuity. 2024-03-06
TO: C3-241709 get it Reply LS on CAPIF extensibility 2024-03-04
CC: OPG_172_Doc_03_LS_to_ETSI.3GPP_on_PRDs_publication_MWCBC24 get it LS on GSMA OPG PRDs publication 2024-04-05
CC: S2-2403703 get it LS Reply on Clarification related to the information exposed by the 5GC to NSCE server. 2024-03-04
TO: S3-240828 get it Reply LS on evaluating security aspects for MC services over MC gateway UE 2024-03-06
CC: S3-240834 get it Reply LS on MSISDN exposure 2024-02-29
CC: S3-240836 get it Reply LS on Ranging/SL Positioning service exposure security and privacy check 2024-03-06
TO: S3-240947 get it Reply LS on service authorization for/to partner MC system 2024-03-01
TO: S5-240794 get it LS on alignment of 3GPP EDGEAPP, ETSI MEC and GSMA OP architectures 2024-02-13
Number of incoming LS documents: 12

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