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CC: 5G-ACIA_ LS_3GPP_Exposure_29062020 get it 5G capabilities exposure for factories of the future 2020-06-30
CC: C3-203588 get it LS on Key Management procedure in SEAL 2020-06-17
TO: LSs_from_IETF_9June2020 get it Liaison from IETF 2020-06-09
CC: MCC-JTF-20-062r2 get it LS to 3GPP RAN5 on Requirement for Mission Critical Services (MCX) Testing and Certification 3GPP Release level 2020-06-25
TO: S1-202267 get it Reply to LS on Clarification of the definition of a UAS 2020-05-27
TO: S1-202269 get it LS on requirement for 5GMSG in broadcast scenario 2020-05-27
TO: S1-202270 get it Reply LS on Clarification of requirements for UAS application enablement 2020-05-27
CC: S1-202280 get it Reply LS on limiting the number of simultaneous log ins of an MCX user 2020-05-27
TO: S2-2004386 get it Reply LS on Application Architecture for enabling Edge Applications 2020-06-08
TO: S2-2004387 get it Reply LS on provisioning ""EDN connection info"" by Edge Configuration Server 2020-06-08
CC: S5-203370 get it LS on SA5 Rel-17 work on SLA 2020-06-15
Number of incoming LS documents: 11

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