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CC: C1-234390 get it Reply LS on having OpenAPI changes only in GitLab 2023-05-30
TO: C3-232410 get it Reply LS on MBS service area update clarification 2023-05-31
TO: C3-232461 get it LS on having OpenAPI changes only in GitLab 2023-05-31
CC: C4-232464 get it LS on having OpenAPI changes only in GitLab 2023-05-25
TO: C4-232465 get it Reply LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-05-30
TO: Lsout to 3GPP SA5 about status of FEAT24 get it LSout to 3GPP SA5 about status of FEAT24 ^^^^""VNF-OAM"" development by ETSI NFV 2023-05-22
TO: R2-2304401 get it Reply LS on Approval of eQoE CRs for NR 2023-05-03
TO: R2-2306569 get it LS on area scope for QoE measurements 2023-06-02
TO: R3-232047 get it LS on the feasibility of introducing assistance information for handling of QoE reporting during RAN overload 2023-04-28
TO: R3-232070 get it LS on MDT measurements collection in MR-DC 2023-04-28
TO: R3-232079 get it LS on collecting QoE measurements per MBS service area and MBS session ID 2023-04-28
CC: R3-233432 get it Response to Reply LS on Support of network slices which have area of service not matching deployed tracking areas 2023-05-30
TO: R3-233457 get it LS on QoE measurement collection for application sessions delivered via MBS broadcast or multicast 2023-05-30
TO: R3-233476 get it Reply LS on RAN UE Id optionality 2023-05-30
TO: R3-233481 get it LS on Multiple Trace/MDT configurations 2023-05-30
TO: R3-233515 get it LS on AI/ML for NG-RAN Energy Saving Energy Cost index 2023-05-30
TO: R3-233516 get it LS on cell ID (re)configuration for mobile IAB cell 2023-05-30
TO: S1-231468 get it Reply LS on customer acceptance of limited QoS degradation to save energy in the network 2023-06-01
TO: S1-231469 get it Reply LS on Reply LS on DN energy efficiency 2023-06-01
TO: S1-231805 get it Reply LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-06-01
TO: S2-2304067 get it LS for improved KPIs involving end-to-end data volume transfer time analytics 2023-04-25
TO: S2-2305426 get it LS on charging aspects of AI/ML traffic 2023-04-25
TO: S2-2306095 get it LS on OAM input data for QoS Sustainability Analytics 2023-04-25
TO: S2-2308078 get it LS on MDAF discovery mechanisms 2023-05-30
TO: S3-233351 get it LS to SA5 on NFc registration using OAM 2023-06-01
TO: S4-231111 get it LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-06-01
CC: S6-232145 get it LS to GSMA on publication of GSMA OPG and OPAG documents 2023-05-30
TO: S6-232197 get it LS on REl-18 work on architecture for enabling Edge Applications 2023-05-30
TO: S6-232198 get it LS for clarification on EAS instantiation duration time 2023-05-30
TO: SG11-LS67 get it LS/r on initiation of new work item ITU-T Q.PMEE ""Protocol for managing energy efficiency with AI-assisted analysis in IMT-2020 networks and beyond"" (SG5-LS54) [to ITU-T SG5, SG13, and 3GPP SA5] 2023-05-24
TO: SG13-LS87 get it LS on initiation of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.IMT2020-MEVE-req-frame ""Future networks including IMT-2020: requirements and framework for measurement of effectiveness and value evaluation of autonomous networks"" 2023-05-09
TO: ZSM(23)000073r1 get it ZSM work on AI enablers and intent-driven autonomous networks 2023-04-25
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