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CC: 5G-ACIA_ LS_3GPP_Exposure_29062020 get it 5G capabilities exposure for factories of the future 2020-06-30
TO: 5GJA13_117r4 - LS to 3GPP SA2 SA5 on access networks in NG.116 get it LS on NG.116 support of different access types 2020-07-15
CC: C1-203221 get it Reply LS on support of eCall over NR 2020-06-15
TO: C4-203215 get it LS Reply on SNSSAI support in N4 Session Establishment 2020-06-16
TO: ENI(20)014_022r1 get it Proposed Liaison to 3GPP SA2/SA5 on mapping between ENI architecture and NWDAF/MDAF 2020-06-25
TO: LI(20)P53048r2_PSCell_ID_in_SGW_related_to_Retained_Data get it Making PSCELL ID available at the SGW of EPC 2020-02-07
TO: R2-2005778 get it Reply LS on QoE Measurement Collection 2020-06-19
CC: R2-2005911 get it Reply LS on MDT and SON decisions related to RAN3 LSs 2020-06-04
TO: R2-2006372 get it Reply LS on the status update of the SON support for NR works 2020-07-02
TO: R3-204110 get it Support for Streaming Based MDT and Trace report 2020-06-17
TO: R3-204115 get it limitation of Propagation of immediate MDT configuration in case of Xn inter-RAT HO 2020-06-17
CC: R3-204378 get it LS on propagation of user consent related information during Xn inter-PLMN handover 2020-06-17
CC: S2-2003468 get it Reply LS on QoS Monitoring for URLLC 2020-04-29
CC: S2-2004386 get it Reply LS on Application Architecture for enabling Edge Applications 2020-06-08
TO: S4-200962 get it LS Reply on QoE Measurement Collection 2020-06-04
TO: S6-200949 get it LS on Application Registration in relation to management aspects 2020-06-03
TO: SG2-LS155-TD1116R1 get it LS on M.resm-AI “Requirements for energy saving management of 5G RAN system with AI” 2020-06-10
TO: WG1-2019.12.18-O-RAN-WG1_LS_to_3GPP-SA5_network_slice get it LS on O-RAN – 3GPP Cooperation on Management Services 2020-04-06
CC: ZSM(19)000648r4 get it Liaison from ISG ZSM to IETF for TN coordination 2020-02-11
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