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CC: C1-203221 get it Reply LS on support of eCall over NR 2020-06-15
TO: C3-203662 get it LS Reply on QoS mapping procedure 2020-06-17
TO: Common Media Client Data - RC1 get it WAVE Common Media Client Data specification for final SA4 review 2020-06-16
CC: ls209-16 get it LS/r on video codec evaluation (3GPP SA4-200958)^^^^ 2020-07-15
TO: ls212-16 get it LS on versatile video coding (VVC) 2020-07-23
TO: ls213-16 get it LS on new ITU-T Recommendation for reference models for ILE presentation environment [to various organizations] 2020-07-16
CC: R2-2005778 get it Reply LS on QoE Measurement Collection 2020-06-19
CC: S5-203369 get it Reply LS to Reply LS on support for eCall over NR 2020-06-15
Number of incoming LS documents: 8

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