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CC: C3-225510 get it Reply to LS on VoLTE Roaming GBR Handling 2022-11-21
TO: CP-223275 get it LS on Tracking IANA assignment requests 2022-12-14
CC: R1-2212994 get it Draft reply LS on XR and Media Services 2022-11-21
TO: R2-2209213 get it LS on Pose Information for XR 2022-09-13
TO: R2-2213054 get it LS on QoE measurements in RRC IDLE/INACTIVE states 2022-12-12
TO: R2-2213228 get it Further reply LS on RAN visible QoE 2022-11-24
TO: R2-2213351 get it LS on PDU Set Handling 2022-11-24
TO: R3-226778 get it Reply LS on questions on RAN visible QoE 2022-11-21
TO: R3-226916 get it LS to SA4 on ID of MBS session in MBS QoE configuration 2022-11-21
TO: S2-2211127 get it Reply LS on Traffic Identification within 5G Media Streaming 2022-11-22
CC: S2-2301378 get it Reply LS on PDU Set Handling 2023-01-24
CC: S2-2301384 get it LS reply on reply LS on XR and Media Services 2023-01-24
CC: S3-223919 get it Reply LS on Security architecture for 5G multicast/broadcast services 2022-11-22
CC: S6-223587 get it Clarification on the deployment of bundle EAS 2022-11-21
TO: SG13-LS37 get it LS on the initiation of the new work item Y.AN-Arch-fw: ""Architecture Framework for Autonomous Networks"" 2022-12-02
TO: SG13-LS43 get it LS on the new work item Y.Arch_NGNe_ncp ""Architectural evolution of NGN control plane by applying SDN technology"" 2022-12-07
TO: sp17-sg11-oLS-00044 get it LS on proposed new draft Recommendation ""Requirements and framework of disaster mitigation and personnel rescue for sudden natural disasters in network"" 2023-01-11
TO: TSG50_013 LS to SA4 on Operational DCMTSI client in terminalDefinition_v3 get it LS to 3GPP SA4 on Operational Aspects of DCMTSI Client in Terminal Definition 2023-01-09
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