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CC: 5G-ACIA_ LS_3GPP_Exposure_29062020 get it 5G capabilities exposure for factories of the future 2020-06-30
TO: 5GJA12_115r3 get it LS reply to SA2 on PLMN Selection 2020-04-02
TO: 5GJA13_117r4 - LS to 3GPP SA2 SA5 on access networks in NG.116 get it LS on NG.116 support of different access types 2020-07-15
CC: C1-203221 get it Reply LS on support of eCall over NR 2020-06-15
TO: C1-203895 get it LS on secure that a UE does not wait indefinitely for completion of NSSAA procedure 2020-06-15
CC: C1-203949 get it Reply LS on the applicability of 5G NAS protocol for 5G-RG and FN-RG (LIAISE-397) 2020-06-15
TO: C1-204034 get it LS on mandate to provide ""any PLMN"" entry in the non-3GPP access node selection information 2020-06-15
TO: C1-204046 get it LS on UE initiated Event Reporting Procedure for Low Power Event Reporting and Triggered 5GC-MT-LR 2020-06-15
TO: C1-204083 get it LS on maximum number of UP resources supported by NB-N1 mode UEs 2020-06-15
CC: C1-204194 get it Reply LS on Updated User Plane Integrity Protection advice 2020-06-15
CC: C3-203609 get it Reply LS on PAP/CHAP and other point-to-point protocols usage in 5GS 2020-06-17
TO: C4-201165 get it LS on End Marker Indication 2020-03-16
CC: C4-203215 get it LS Reply on SNSSAI support in N4 Session Establishment 2020-06-16
TO: C4-203425 get it LS on Clarifications on UE Reachability event 2020-06-16
TO: C4-203429 get it LS on Clarifications on SCP registration and discovery procedures 2020-06-16
TO: C4-203452 get it LS on Clarification on AAA-Server address 2020-06-09
TO: C4-203629 get it LS on Bulk operation of LCS-service 2020-06-16
TO: CP-201312 get it Reply LS on S1/NG DAPS handover 2020-07-02
TO: CP-201361 get it LS on human-readable network name (HRNN) 2020-07-02
TO: ENI(20)014_022r1 get it Proposed Liaison to 3GPP SA2/SA5 on mapping between ENI architecture and NWDAF/MDAF 2020-06-25
TO: ETI(20)000009r1 get it Announcement of ISG ETI 2020-06-22
TO: LIAISE-394-in IPV6 LLA Assignment-00-02 get it Issue with FN-RG IPv6 support 2020-05-18
TO: LIAISE-407-02-PEI Uniqueness for LFI get it Uniqueness of FN-RG PEI for Lawful Interception purposes 2020-06-26
TO: liaison-response-TSN-support-in-3GPP-Release-16-0520 get it Response to LS on TSN support in 3GPP Release-16 stage 2 completion 2020-06-03
TO: LS_from__IETF get it Re: LS on need for Multi-Path QUIC for ATSSS Submission Date: 2020-05-13 URL of the IETF 2020-05-14
TO: LSs_from_IETF_9June2020 get it Liaison from IETF 2020-06-09
TO: R2-2004057 get it LS on SIB indication for UE specific DRX 2020-05-07
TO: R2-2005839 get it LS on AS RAI and optimization of release 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2005939 get it Reply LS on assistance indication for WUS 2020-06-03
TO: R2-2005985 get it LS on system support for WUS 2020-07-02
TO: R3-202833 get it LS on AS rekeying handling 2020-05-05
TO: R3-204147 get it LS reply on RACS multiple radio capability formats 2020-06-17
TO: R3-204152 get it LS on addition of the Pending Data Indication to 5GS 2020-06-23
TO: R3-204175 get it Reply LS on assistance indication for WUS 2020-06-17
TO: R3-204324 get it LS on NG-RAN behaviour upon AMF triggered changes of the MRL for PNI-NPN 2020-06-17
TO: R3-204325 get it LS on QoS Parameters Update at Xn Handover 2020-06-17
TO: S1-202220 get it Reply LS on CMAS/ETWS and emergency services for SNPNs 2020-05-27
TO: S1-202264 get it LS on 5GC assisted cell selection for accessing network slice 2020-05-27
TO: S1-202266 get it Reply LS on Questions on onboarding requirements 2020-05-27
TO: S1-202267 get it Reply to LS on Clarification of the definition of a UAS 2020-05-27
TO: S3-201487 get it LS on Updated User Plane Integrity Protection advice 2020-05-26
TO: S3i200161 get it LS on Location information for SMS over IMS 2020-04-27
CC: S5-201472 get it Reply LS on analytics support for energy saving 2020-03-09
TO: S5-202458 get it LS to SA2 on QoS requirements for OAM traffic on IAB 2020-05-11
TO: S5-203360 get it LS on network data analysis energy saving 2020-06-04
CC: S5-203369 get it Reply LS to Reply LS on support for eCall over NR 2020-06-15
TO: S5-203370 get it LS on SA5 Rel-17 work on SLA 2020-06-15
TO: S6-200947 get it LS on IP address to GPSI translation 2020-06-03
TO: SP-200617 get it LS on mandatory support of full rate user plane integrity protection for 5G 2020-07-06
CC: SP-200631 get it LS on HO to congested cells 2020-07-06
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