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TO: 5GMRR Doc 47_14r1 LS to 3GPP on data plane control by roaming hubs get it LS to 3GPP on data plane control by roaming hubs 2024-01-25
TO: C1-241787 get it LS on identifiers of 5G ProSe end UEs for 5G ProSe UE-to-UE relay discovery 2024-03-04
TO: C1-241809 get it LS on Rel-18 RedCap enhancements work 2024-03-04
TO: C1-242674 get it LS on ECS Configuration Information 2024-04-24
CC: C1-242675 get it LS on the stage 2 aspects of MINT_Ph2 2024-04-24
TO: C1-242708 get it Reply LS on Handling of regulatory prioritized services in Non-allowed areas 2024-04-24
TO: C1-242934 get it LS on Indicating the support of slice based N3IWF/TNGF selection from the UE to the network 2024-04-24
CC: C1-242936 get it LS on the condition for provisioning of the ePDG identity to the UE 2024-04-24
TO: C1-242955 get it LS affirming CT1's responsibilities for PLMN selection 2024-04-24
TO: C3-241301 get it LS on Alternative S-NSSAI related Policy control 2024-03-06
CC: C3-242466 get it LS on Clarification related to NSI and Target Service Area. 2024-04-24
TO: C3-242616 get it Question on GPSI and Application Layer ID Mapping 2024-04-24
CC: C3-242623 get it LS on Clarification related to NR RedCap UE Information 2024-04-24
CC: C4-241366 get it Reply LS on Restoration of N3mb Failure for MBS broadcast 2024-04-24
CC: C4-241522 get it Reply LS on the Modified PRINS solution 2024-04-24
TO: C4-241527 get it LS on MPS PDU Session Handling for Non-MPS Subscriber 2024-04-24
CC: C4-241547 get it LS on Clarification on Dual Registration Indication 2024-04-24
TO: CableLabs LS on Rel-19 ATSSS_Ph4 get it Requirements for potential ATSSS Phase 4 solutions 2024-04-08
TO: LIAISE-653-5WWCPh2_reply-02 get it BBF answer to your liaison S2-2311801 on ‘LS on the progress of 5WWC_Ph2 normative work’ 2024-04-30
TO: LIAISE-654_MTFWA get it Multi-Tenant FWA 2024-04-30
TO: MEC(24)000156r2 get it ETSI ISG MEC publication of MEC Phase 3 deliverables 2024-04-17
CC: MEC(24)000158r2 get it ETSI ISG MEC publication of MEC Phase 3 specifications related to MEC federation 2024-04-17
CC: OGWTS_03_Doc04 get it Reply LS on collaboration and alignment of 3GPP defined application enablers with GSMA Open Gateway 2024-05-16
CC: OPG_173_Doc_04 get it on Statement Title: 2024-04-24
TO: R2-2403770 get it Reply LS on UE Location Information for NB-IoT NTN 2024-04-24
TO: R2-2403809 get it LS on application layer ID 2024-04-24
CC: R2-2403856 get it LS to RAN3 on MDT for NPN 2024-04-24
TO: R2-2403925 get it LS on interpretation when TX profile is not provided 2024-04-24
TO: R3-241204 get it Reply LS on the service requirement of restricting satellite access RAT type 2024-03-04
TO: RP-240825 get it Reply LS RP-240029 on per UE energy consumption in RAN  2024-03-21
TO: S1-240301 get it Reply LS to clarify PS Data Off exemption for services over IMS DC 2024-03-04
TO: S3-240912 get it LS on Issues related Analytics context transfer between AnLF(s) 2024-03-06
CC: S3-241497 get it LS to request clarification on mobile metaverse services 2024-04-25
TO: S3-241567 get it LS to SA2 and RAN2 on selected satellite architecture for Store and Forward 2024-04-25
TO: S3-241588 get it LS to request clarification on the potential baseline system architecture of 5G NR Femto 2024-04-25
TO: S3-241649 get it LS on Security of ML Model Sharing 2024-04-25
TO: s3i240294 get it LI considerations for TR 33.757 (""Study on security for PLMN hosting a NPN"") 2024-04-24
TO: s3i240295 get it LI considerations for UE-Satellite-UE communications 2024-04-24
TO: s3i240296 get it LS on LI considerations for Store and Forward NT operation 2024-04-24
TO: S5-241777 get it Reply LS to SA2 on OAM input data for QoS Sustainability 2024-04-30
CC: S5-241836 get it Reply LS on 3GPP Reservation of Edge Resources and Correlation information for API volume based charging 2024-04-30
CC: S5-241924 get it LS Reply to SA4 on 3GPP work on energy efficiency 2024-04-30
CC: S5-242198 get it LS reply on OAM requirements for UE location verification 2024-04-30
CC: S5-242221 get it Reply LS on the user consent for trace reporting 2024-04-30
CC: S6-241627 get it Reply LS on Clarification related to the predictive slice modification in Inter-PLMN based slice service continuity 2024-04-25
TO: S6-241644 get it LS on data channel application related capability exposure 2024-04-25
TO: SG13-LS170 get it LS on consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.3186 (ex Y.IMT2020-DJLML) ""Requirements and framework for distributed joint learning to enable machine learning in future networks including IMT-2020"" 2024-04-17
TO: SG13-LS176 get it LS on initiation of new work item ITU-T Y.IMT2020-DDP ""Future networks including IMT-2020: requirements and framework of distributed data plane"" 2024-04-17
TO: SG13-LS177 get it LS on initiation of new work item ITU-T Y.ESBN ""Enhanced service-based network in IMT-2020 networks and beyond"" 2024-04-17
TO: sp17-sg11-oLS-00173 get it LS on initiation of new work item ITU-T Q.IEM_arch_req ""Reference architecture and signalling requirements for interactive emergency messaging through mobile network"" [to ITU-T SG2, 3GPP SA1, 3GPP SA2, ETSI-EMTEL, GSMA] 2024-05-22
TO: sp17-sg12-oLS-00065 get it LS on contribution about the 'impact of 5G Home Base Routing on conversational Voice Quality' 2024-05-06
TO: SP-240497 get it LS on removing Ranging/SL Positioning service exposure to Client UE through 5GC 2024-04-05
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